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Best device for taste testing


Brand new noob here. I just placed my order today so I can start making my own juices (I told you I was brand new). I was just curios as to some of your thoughts for the best BEGINNER device to use for taste testing. I don’t know anything about building my own yet but that may be in the near future. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.


Welcome Kevin. What gear are you currently using?

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Are you talking about atomizers or mods…or both?


People will recommend building and ect…which yes is much better.

But I started my journey with a sub ohm tank. Vape the tank empty’ish, shake out the remaining liquid and add the new liquid.

Yes…people will say oh no there is carry over flavor…well duh. But it was fine for me…plus I learned what it would taste like with two flavors mixed together…and I would vape 1/2 tank and then another full tank.

The above is not perfect…and not highly recommended…especially when digging into single flavor testing, sft, but until you build this is what you are left with.


Exactly what I still do but with rta.


I’m new to the mix, too. The taste tests have always left me in doubt.
Because there is no standard (does it exist?). They are always giving different results.
I condemned a juice that later, by chance, I discovered that in another MOD / atomiser it was excellent.
From there I avoid rushing to evaluate, I always test each juice in at least two atomizers (only use MTL).
I rotate here at least two sirens and a kayfun lite to only come to some definitive conclusion.
With time, knowledge and experience I believe that the first impression will already be definitive …


I taste test on an RDA installed with a fat exotic SS coil without cotton/wick. I drip on it, test it, burn it off, try the next.


I started much this way, too, @Kevin_Scott. But, I would vape it empty and keep going until the flavor faded from the coil. Just stop immediately when you get flavor fade to avoid burning the cotton. Neither are truly optimal, but I recommend it since you’re not already building coils. Learning both at the same time would have been very frustrating.

I recommend the Aspire Cleito Pro. It is solid, with the exception of the liquid filling ring. It takes a bit of getting used to, but works great once you learn how to use it. An older Cleito with top fill is nice, too. Just not the Cleito Exo. No airflow control. Their coils are very good for flavor and vapor production.


I currently use an older model SMOK IPV6x sub-ohm and I just purchased a Voopoo DRAG 2 with the UFORCE T2 sub- ohm tank with with a 0.4 ohm dual coil.


For emptying a tank and drying the cotton, nothing better than light coil and good temp control.
Works for rda as well.


would it be best to use one of these mods and just buy a smaller tank and coil system just for taste testing.


A cheap rta is probably easiest as other have said before. I have a goon clone I used to use for it, paid less than a coffee at Starbucks for it a couple years back.
That said, I mostly wing it die to lack of time single flavour tasting. I do make a note when things work and don’t work though.


I use single coil rtas and occasionally single coil rdas so I want to know how the recipe works in those. I would suggest using a atty similar to what you predominantly use. Something smaller but with similar af and coil type. Maybe a 3ml tank?


Hi Kevin
I started a while back mixing my own juice and started flavor testing my mix’s on a sub ohm tank, I did as others mentioned, ran the tank down, dumped what little was in there and threw a few mil’s of my new mix in. So it can be done. Was it accurate? Not that bad, but it will give you an idea. The Tank you have is supposed to have above average flavor. so it might be ok.
For me, I did that for about a month, then I purchased an RDA and an RTA and learned to build (which I researched for about a week) . There was a big difference in flavor. Kind of like going from mono to stereo:
Anyways that’s what I did and worked out good for me.

Good luck !!


Have a look at bridgeless atomizers. No building, no flavor contamination and it’s cheap stuff.


But, then again ideally, you’ll taste the juice on the same kit you’ll be using to vape it, cos kit can make all the difference.

that’s what I do, usually, and yeah, it can get a bit pricey, if you’re using pre-made coils, and if, like me you do try to use a fresh coil every time (that said, they can, of course be recycled for your ADV, if the flavours are compatable). But when i think about all the time and money I put into mixing the test juices, well, then it seems worth it to me.


Just turn on the news, this world is far from ideal :frowning:
The OP said he doesn’t build (yet) and using prebuilt coils can become very expensive pretty quickly if you have a few flavors to taste. If you vape a couple flavors with the same wick / coil, your going to taste a big mix of flavors that may or may not go well together. Imagine you have a few cheesecakes steeped and you’re trying to figure out the nuances and differences of each… nearly impossible to do on the same coil and that’s far from ideal too if you ask me.

Bridgeless coils are a great way to avoid this mess and even though the experience won’t be exactly the same as his Uforce T2 tank, it’ll give a much better indication IMHO (and maybe some motivation to start building too).


Like @jay210 was saying above, the best way to actually judge what something is going to taste like is to use the setup that your going to be vaping it in… with the same setup that your going to be vaping. This is one of the advantages for those that use rda/rta setups, your not spending an arm and a leg on coils if you have a problem with mixing different juices (I don’t mind mixing different juices… if it is something totally different from each other, then vape it dry prior to adding the new flavor). BUT that was in the past (old, old past). If using rda’s the most you have to do is switch out cotton.


The Magma RDA was considered by some commercial e liquid labs as the gold standard in the past.
re: http://vapingunderground.com/threads/magma-build-ideas.15744/

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