Best excuses for spouses when they tell you....Enough already!

I’m running out of new reasons to get more gear.

The mrs is onto me, I’m now off the ciggies but addicted to vape mail.

A saying that I use on her “3 excuses equals a reason”.

So I need help desperately… Enough is not enough!





Tell her you really need a hobby and you’re going to have one and she gets to choose it. Give her a choice of girlfriend, booze, drugs or vaping.


Might leave the girlfriend part out… might get an answer you won’t like…


I’m really glad you feel that way to, I also want a new hobby to play with… you can have a new girlfriend as a hobby and I’ll get a boyfriend hobby, can you pleas not come home on Friday and sat since my boyfriend hobby will be over then.


Sounds fair enough, and a pretty popular arrangement. But probably not a good bluff :slight_smile:

That said, in hetrosexual couples it is often the guy gunning for it and the woman enjoying the proceeds.

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By far this is the best excuse that works for me…

I can get vape stuff or smoke cigs you choose…

So far that has worked .

Vape ingredients is considered a bill now

vape gear are luxury items purchased after bills

And she cleans my mixing equipment ( without any fussing now that I got her a dish washer)

She didn’t fuss to much before, unless I was mixing for friends around babies bed time


My wife is pretty cool with my vape purchasing. I just tell her I’m reordering flavors for low inventory. On the hardware side I tend to over react, if she’s present, when a mod malfunctions or atomizer isn’t wicking good. She becomes sympathetic and suggests maybe a new one is needed. :sunglasses:
I love my wife! :kissing_heart:


Shortened life of cigarettes, or vaping.

Expense of cigarettes, or vaping.

Stink of cigarettes, or vaping.

Your stress levels increasing (by being without a vape), thereby increasing her stress level, or vaping.

Etc… :wink:

Like has been said, there are FAR WORSE options out there for a “vice” or hobby. She’s getting off easy.

As long as it doesn’t cut into family/household needs, it’s a great outlet, that is not only saving you both money (she’ll love that approach!! Women LOVE sales/saving money), but making you healthier than you used to be!
Which leads to the last one off the top of my head:

Mixing your own is orders of magnitude cheaper than buying retail eliquid!!
“Show her the money!” (break down the savings, show her a recipe which shows the cost per 30ml bottle!)


Dayum, you’re lucky!


My hubby never smoked or vaped and has always been very supportive.

Wish I could help, but it’s all been said by my betters above.


I guess I’m pretty lucky. My wife never complains about anything vape related. The only thing she ever complains about is the lack of what she calls “girly” looking mods. She wants something with pink, purple, unicorns, and fairies that’ll put out 200watts.


I understand your wife’s complaints of not enough girly looking high-powered mods…rainbow is probably the best…I wish they had more girly mods also! I just ran across this while browsing and thought it looks awesome…its preorder, but she may like it…I know I do!



That display almost looks like a hologram. :yum:

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I didn’t even worry about excuses when I saw this one.

Thanks @woftam :hugs::heart_eyes:


You are most welcome brother, enjoy it


just tell you can either buy the gear / flavoring etc. you need to keep vaping and to stay off cigarettes or you can go buy a few cartons of cigarettes tell her she can decide
(worked for me)


MAN that’s a gorgeous mod!!!
And I don’t even squonk! lol

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I’m right there with her. I see all these cute looking mech mods that are absolute stunning and every time I get disappointed because nobody wants to make it regulated.

Every company that does regulated comes out with…right black, silver, maybe blue if we are lucky and maybe red or rainbow.

I wish I could get a super ultra neon pink mod with creative art drawn on it that glitters and sparkles with a good tc chip, but nope not today or anytime soon…

Tell your wife if she finds girly to give me a call lol


Will do. I was lucky enough to find her a White Rose that she really liked in teal, purple, and pink. I do wonder why the mod makers don’t come out with some schemes that cater more to women. I think that is a potential gold mine for someone.


Actually, the mod you just described can be found through our very own @Whiterose0818, with a DNA chip in it. You should contact him on here if you’re interested.