Best Flavor set up

I am looking to find the best coils and wattage to run for flavor chasing. I get good flavor with the set up I have but always looking for more flavor. I currently a Velosity RDA that I run with dual 24ga Kanthal 5-7 wrap coils that usually ohm out at
around .25. I also have an Avacadoo 24 that I run with a single coil set up. I use same Kanthal 5-7 wrap 24ga coils.
Any advise would be great.

In general, the more surface area your coil has, the more flavor (and vapor) youll get. Try some twisted or clapton coil builds, maybe. when creating your coil on there, below in the list of info it gives for the coil you input it will tell you the surface area also, the higher that is the more flavor you can expect from it usually.


Where is the best place to get some premade claptons?

I have used the 316 Stainless Steel clapton wire this seller has , very pleased with the quality and the price.


I just got in a bunch of ss316 Clapton wires, weave, fused Clapton and so on from advanced vapor supply from Utah.

Shipping/processing was quick.

I havnt used them yet…I’ll build today with them.

Overall, I do agree. Clapton, staple blah blah blah does give good flavor😜 But it my be time to try some ni or ti or ss wire and see if you like the flavor.

To be honest I do like simple round ss316 26g dual coil 6 wrap in my rda. Ohms out around 0.7 but I have a neutral post…say yeah I get to do crazy builds like that in my uwell rda.

I’d recommend claptons, too. A little advice, I found the more fancy / freaky builds don’t really offer any more flavour than a simple clapton, like in 26gx32g for instance.
Apart from that, maybe give mesh a shot, if you’re vaping below 40W. Opened my eyes to creams and tobaccos, really.



What is mesh ? Where can I find it?

If I’m correct. Imagine the screen from your window. Made I think of stainless steel. The holes are a lot smaller. And it somehow manages to pull the liquid just like cotton sorta.

On YouTube search for mesh and vaping and you’ll see videos on how to do it.

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I second what Chrispdx said, watch some videos on it first. Don’t be intimidated, though, it looks a lot more challenging than it actually is. :slight_smile:

Mesh is sorta like a net, but made of fine steel strands. It draws juice by capillary action. The challenge with mesh is that - as it’s steel - you need to prevent it from carrying current that should go through your coil, you do this by oxidizing it. There are a few ways to do it, I found it easiest to just torch it till it glows and then hold for five secs before you move onto the next spot. Once done, drop it in water and see if the wick is black already or still shimmers. If it shimmers, next round of torching.

Although unconfirmed, I suspect the differences in taste stem from the fact that the wick heats up (to some extent) together with your coil.

I use 500 mesh, mixing at 50/50 pg/vg ratio. If you mix with more vg, you should drop the number to 420, 380 maybe. For thick juice you might want to make a straw-like wick with mesh, with a hole in the middle about 1mm wide, if memory serves me. Personally I prefer solid, but that might cause trouble with too much vg in the mix. :smiley:

I’d love to provide links, but they wouldn’t be useful for you - no Youtube or Western vendors for me.


Hmm ill have to look them up, i live in utah… Wonder if they are near me!

Had to look them up myself…Hopefully I’ve got the right link here (as the name’s a bit different than noted above):

But this is the physical addy for the above site:

Out Of This World Technologies, LLC
369 E 900 S #132
Salt Lake City
Utah, 84111

Do ya’ll really note a difference in SS vs Kanthal wire flavor-wise??

I can understand the differences (on a scientific level) in varying the amount/manner that the liquid gets diffused by the changing of wrap style (clapton, fused, etc)…but assuming that both SS and Kanthal are ‘safe’ (I know I know… lol) and given that Ni and Ti are ‘questionable’ in several circles…and also assuming that no metal particulates are being degraded into the vapor, how else could it ‘color the taste’??

(Speaking strictly as a technician here, not a ‘preacher’ or ‘proclaimer’ IE: The geek in me wants to know!)

Well I will certainly vouch for twisted. I normally run dual 7-wrap 24g on my Lush RDA. The other day I decided to try twisting some 26g wire, 3 strands. Unfortunately, dual coils ohmed out too low for my IPV D2, so I just ran it single. Wowza! Even a mix I previously thought was too bland came to life. I can’t wait to try it in my ZephV2 RTA.

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Some of us do and swear it makes a big difference, others (like me) do not. I guess it depends on how sensitive your tastebuds are. It is like smell, some people smell the faintest odour, while others have to literally fall face down into :poop: before they smell anything.


Josephine pretty much hit it on the head. Some can taste it. Some will say it holds up maybe alittle not better. It’s alittle easier to dry burn ss and clean up the coil if desired.

But your right, in some circles and the level of positivity towards one or the other the answer will be slightly different. So, you gotta try it yourself.

What I can say is you need to be careful where you get your wire from. Check the grade of wire, reaearch the resellers reputation. For example, you will see some issues with Ti and complaints about funky tastes and generally its due to recieving low grade wire marked as high grade.


My venture into buying pre-made Stainless Clapton wire didn’t work out as the core was SS but the wrap was Kanthal which I think is pretty much how it goes for commercially available pre-made Stainless Clapton spools. My next attempt will be buying single SS (like 26/36 ga) and wrapping my own. They make less springy annealed 36 ga SS for this purpose, which I have to guess is the problem when trying to wrap standard stiff SS wire tightly around the SS core. If anybody has a source for pre-made 100% 316L Claptons please share


The link for advanced vape supply above. :nerd_face:

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Ha! @Chrispdx I blame @Sprkslfly :sunglasses:


Advanced vape supply per Reddit. I have not used them yet because I get them made at my local B&M

You didn’t really say the kinda mod your rocking so not sure if it’ll handle it. But one of the better pre-made coils ive seen is

If that’s to much for ya there’s also this

Also there’s a smaller fused clapton here:
I’ve bought this one myself and it’s quality stuff and has more flavor than 26/32 clapton (not by alot). It only comes in rolls though so you’d still have to coil it.