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so im new to making my own ejuice and was wondering what the best brand is to go to, ive been buying flavours from a local vape shop and it seems like i have to use alot of the concentrate to get a flavour, some of the reviews had said that they have a weak flavour. what are your thoughts?


Every brand has its strengths and weaknesses IMO.

Using the flavor list on this page to search for flavors and checking rating and reading notes is a good place to start.


best thing to do is spend a bit of time looking at these forums. There is a flavor testing section that is awesome and a wonderful place to start

Also a guide area with many many tips how to get started succesfully

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Sorry to hear you first flavour experience of DIY wasn’t as expected.

Taste differs from person to person , but if I may ask what flavors do you like.

We might be able to suggest a few flavour you might try…


You should define what you think is best. My feeling is that you’re looking for strength or what they call “super concentrates” (SC for short).
When talking about flavors it’s very hard to define “best” though since taste is so very subjective. Just know that every company makes flavors that you will like and dislike.
As others have said, you should spend some time reading people’s flavor notes, check the average or median % that they’re used in (both single flavor and mixes) but also what people say. Some flavors may be a lot stronger or weaker than the average flavor of the same company, or you may get floral notes, a wet sock flavor or just a chemical mess…
Lots of people here have experience with 100s of different flavors and can perfectly tell you which are the more popular fruits, creams, tobaccos and so on. But in the end, it will be decided by your taste buds and how you use your flavors.
To find the right flavor stash takes a lot of testing (same flavors, different brands), a lot of reading and this is all part of the fun with DIY.
Also, every day, new flavors are coming out. New flavor companies start up. It’s a never ending road, but it’s a fun road to ride.

I personally like FlavourArt as a company but some of their flavors are really gross to me. I’ll go to every other brand that is accessible to me and add to my stash bit by bit. Every company has good flavors, independent of strength. You just have to decide what is more important, a better tasting juice or a cheaper juice.
Whatever DIY you do, it’ll always be cheaper than the regular commercial juice.


Flavors expire. Get your flavors from someone large doing a large volume to insure the freshest flavors and most accurate RE-bottling (little 10 -13mls). My first flavor buy was from a small company and they were BAD …that company has since gone out of business …I won’t say who, thanks for not asking. That first batch of crap raw materials almost ended my DIY quest.


Aside from the threads mentioned, this one may also be a big help to ya:

Other mixers listing some of their favorite flavors, and its very current, like, happening right now.


i like fruity and creamy flacours, just bought strawberry and bavarian and wondering what a good percentage mix would be

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so more about this tpa and tfa, can i order those flavours straight from their website and mix them? are they considered super concentrates?

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TPA flavors are generally speaking rather weak. if you want stronger concentrates you’re better off with FA or RF.
This doesn’t mean that every flavor of TPA is weak or that every FA or RF flavors are super concentrates… it’s a rule of thumb but there are always exceptions. Always check other people’s notes and general % used for each flavor and people’s flavor notes

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If youre in the US, i usually use one of these 4 vendors:
nicotineriver .com

In europe im always seeing this one mentioned:

Just be aware, it doesnt seem like they differentiate concentrates from one shots there which can lead to lots of confusion.


Ha buddy I’m in aus, Brisbane I’ve only just started to make up decent adv not going to good thinkin prob didn’t get to correct flavours or thmaybe the brand was wondering were u would start maybe ten choices me and my partner like the fruity/sweet , we got about ten 30ml bottles of U4EA brand guessing I was silly cheers for any suggestions


Where did you get that idea? :slight_smile:


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Hi Anth! And welcome to ELF:) Same to you, @mountocean :slight_smile:
I 've been scouring the Earth fot the flavours I want, and I notice there’s not a lot of selection in Oz :frowning: . It might be worthwhile your ordering from the USA or Britain.

I’ll just add my two favourite British suppliers to @netweight 's excellent suggestions:

(has just about the full range of Real Flavors Super Concentrates, plus a lot more)

(notable for being the only stockist for Botanic Elixir (10% Dilutions of Medicine Flower in VG) .

As for the particular brands mentioned, tap Real Flavours or Medicine Flower into the search bar here to find plenty of info about mixing with them. They’re both highly regarded, but need quite a long steep, usually (3 weeks minimum) , and that often puts beginners off.


Yeah, but if you select the “concentrates” label, one shot brands still show up.
BLND by Colonel Booom and Bumblebee Oneshots show up before Capella. Confusing to me and im about 1 year in mixing, cant imagine for a just starting beginner.


There is plenty of selection in Australia.
Just near you

For harder to get flavours go to
£5 shipping to Au

While I occasionally buy from the States the shipping is extremely expensive.

Sorry for the derail please excuse.


Ah I misunderstood what you meant. Yes, one-shots are technically speaking concentrates as well so they are all listed under concentrates. I you just want to see a selection of the one shots, you can by clicking that 2nd link.
Most of the one shots are clearly advertised as one shots under the regular concentrates section though. I can’t say I ever had a problem with their site, even when I was new at it. They have a pretty decent search on the site that I regularly (ab)use instead of browsing for all products.

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Ha thanks for ur advice could I ask few prob dumb? What’s a one shot, a double, etc and could u steer me into ur choice of store for 5 must haves thinkin might b better to try get the flavours brands on here so that I can try the best adv or supposedly anyways cheers for any help

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Cheers mate assuming ur in oz is the super vap stores ok for concentrates was maybe thinkin I should try use the brands on here do they sell any here locally cap, tpa, fa or some crap like that tah for pointers to stores will look soon

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All of those stores stock flavours that are used here. Supervapestore has probably the smallest selection but since they are close to you I thought you could probably get going with the flavour art flavours they stock. I buy all my pg and vg from them.

Yup I am down south in Vic

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