Best flavour BRAND

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Maybe I was a bit vague with my question…

Do newly created flavor concentrates (in a lab) need to steep to reach peak flavor before it can be used in a mix or are they ready to go as soon as they are created (in the lab)?


Most are ready to go upon creation.
It takes 65 people to create just one batch, and depending on how some labs are run, if one person does not show up, everyone goes home. Once the ingredients are added thru process, then yes, it is ready. Fresh is so much better than flavors that have been sitting around. Flavors age, just like juice, and it’s why you will notice some visibly change colors (just like juice) and loose aroma molecules. It’s why I am soo against “breathing” or airing out flavors, as the liquids do need the gasses to become mature, or you will never get the full benefit of that flavor.
Not to mention if you have animals, dust etc in your air, it can effect your juices too, no matter if you think your air is clean or not.

Let me add too… when you have older bottles of flavor and are using them in recipes you use often, some people are so sensitive to change, when you buy another new bottle, the flavors can appear to have changed ingredients… they haven’t, one is just fresher than the other.

It is also why I make my shots by request, I do not enjoy having a million tubes sitting around ageing out. It will effect the taste of the final juice.


But how many does it take to screw in a light bulb? :crazy_face:


That’s good to know! I was wondering why my new flavorah banana seemed stronger, more full bodied. Well my other one was over a year old. It wasn’t bad by any means, but some potency was obvoiusly lost. Thank you for clearing that up! :grinning:


Shelf life of regular standard flavor companies: 2-3 yrs
Ultras have a shelf life of 6mo to maybe 1.5yrs

Why the difference? because with ultras, all the junk is not added, and the flavor is not as diluted.
I have had some ultras last 2 and almost 3 yrs, but very visible color and taste changes…


Is flavorah considered ultra?



I know there are other companies that do fall in this, however I can not talk on them due to my work :smile:

There are other companies here, atm I can not list them.
@TorturedZen If I get time I can drop a list and add to what you have for the database.

VTA, Perhaps… I have only had their orange marmalade, 2-3% and I will leave off my comments about it.
SC [Super concentrates] ie BCF/ECX - China version of Russian BF -
VZ vaping Zone - Mixture of China and BF -
Bakers Flavors

And there are differences between the 3 categories.
Standards range from .5% and 13-18%
Supers are used between .25% and 5-7%
Ultras are used between .04% and 1-2%

Note… the combo of rate of use and dilution is what places flavor manufactures into different categories.

(and I did not put in a few independent labs, ditto here TZ)


I agree with your summation of these categories.

Although some standards and supers have a few ultras in them and can be quite confusing for some mixers.


@anon84779643 this stuff fascinates me. What is the extraction or creation method for each i heard someone say mf is extracted using carbon dioxide is thats what makes a flavour ultra, and standard is alcohol. Could you clarify and elaborate on this for me?


I do not work with the mf flavor company, @Benoz, so no, I will not be able to go into detail on how they create their flavors. I do know I am under contract thru my lab, and there are things I am not allowed to say. I can say there are various methods to flavor creations. Sorry I am not much help for you on this.


From my experience is more than just a few the ultras from TPA for example. If we concider that the ultras have a range of 0.04 to 1-2%.

:slightly_smiling_face: Sorry I don’t get it, if a flavor from lets say TPA needs 0.15% to 1-2% is Standars but from other company is Ultras? Just doesn’t make sense to my mind. It will make more sense if you say
Ultras are used between .04% and 1-2%
Supers are used between 2% and 5-7%
Standards range from 7% and 13-18%
Don’t you agree?

My conclusion, almost any company has his Standards his Supers and his Ultras flavors and you can’t put all of them in same categore just because they make more standards flavors than ultras.


When a company has more than 95% ultra flavors, then they are an ultra concentrated company.
I am not paid to debate, what ever you wish to think, that is up to you :wink:

Back on topic… best flavor BRAND. :slight_smile:


Oh yea I forgot we talk about brands. :+1:


hmmmm tough question my answer would have to be …

All around best - Flavour Art

Most accurate flavors Medicine Flower

My New #1 the last year Flavorah

So for me ive used Flavour Art a lot and have most of their flavors , i enjoy them and know them well , i dont like the North America thing and i dont appreciate them making it hard to get one of my favorite flavors .
Medicine Flower is a great company that has killer flavors but they lack things to make them the " best " brand for flavors. Missing creams, marshmallow , VIC , custards etc make it hard to consider them best all around .
Flavorah may take the number one spot from FA over time , I just recently in the last year started to really dive in to their flavors but the last couple big order have come directly from FLV and ive been happy with most of the results , if FA and FLV were tied FLV customer service would break that tie easily …


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