Best method to 'Save For Later'

When I see a recipe I would like to save and make later.
Ive tried adding to ‘favorites’ but this proves unuseful because I cant sort by when I faved it. So i dont know whats what in the list as it only sorts alphabetically.
I am now choosing ‘Adapt’ and saving with an asterix in name but this uses my defaults which isnt to bad but it is really starting to crowd my own recipes.

Just wondering if anyone had a better method or if Im missing something obvious.

PS. Is there a main reason we cant sort all the ‘tables’ on the site. I am a bit ocd and would love to sort recipes by percentages or my favorites by date/user/rating.

Thank you for any insights )

On my to-do list is to add the date/time when you favorited it. I am aware of the problem, and I agree it needs fixing :smile: The only other solution I can think of, is as you wrote yourself, adapting it (and making it private) :smile:

Sorting is useful, but there are limits :smiley: You should be able to sort by anything visible on the list…

If you have suggestions on new ways of sorting, you’re welcome to describe them :smiley:


Great thanks for response. I am able to sort everything on the main recipes list (front page and my recipes) but not in favorites or individual recipes. Is that correct?

Anyway mainly it would be great to sort by percentage or ml in individual recipes. Thanks Again. :innocent:

Correct. Favorites are missing sort functionality, and recipes (flavors) are sorted alphabetically - I might add sorting to the recipe page though :slight_smile:

How hard do you feel like working on this project. I sure would like to see being able to save your sort preferences in one’s profile. That would be nice! Course that means writing a routine to read one profile at page load and then implementing the sort as preferred. Having a profile read routine (You must already have one to edit the profile) could come in handy for user customization thru out the site…

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I already save a lot of preferences - Saving the (current) sort as a preference isn’t that hard - I could even separate the preference for the general list and the list on “My page” :smile: In fact I will add that to the list right now!


That’s fantastic! Don’t know if you remember but I was the one that originally asked for a sort. After you added it I thought of this back then but for some reason didn’t mention it. Probably didn’t want to bitch and and make it look like I didn’t appreciate what you already did. Anyway, again, FANTASTIC, and heck of a good job Dude!


daath … you freaking ROCK!!!

Thank you Daath

Love this, I always want to ''pin" or save a recipe to look at for later as well. Also it would be nice to be able to delete some favorites since I also used this fx. to look at recipes and they don’t go away after Un faving them.

They don’t go away if you un-heart them? That’s new to me! I will try to remember to look at that, when I get back!


Thank you your brilliant! Duh un heart them ! Got it ! It works fine.


k so i think u r saying that if I heart a recipe it saves it somewhere…where? I have 15 pages double sided in a note book, very time consuming!!

found in favorites

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But the caveat to that is if for some reason the poster decides to delete the post it will be gone even if you mark it as favorite. So, I go t my vape journal and I write it down !

You could just choose to adapt it and save it as a private recipe :smile:


Tis true, that is another option !

Or take a screenshot. That’s what I do since I don’t really like having a million recipes I haven’t made yet.

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I use Evernote with the browser extension for this. This gives me folders to organize any way I choose and 1-click access to save and organize them.


I use Linux Libre Office Writer (LOW) with 3 columns divided into (each of the 3 columns) expandable cells.Groups of recipes may be creams, cinnamon, nuts, tobaccos, peanut butter, cheesecake etc. .
LOW has a find feature so if I want to find all the recipes that use FA Cookie or just Cookie, it will highlight the flavor on each page.
I can copy and paste right off to ECR site right into LOW/computer.
This method is an advantage if someone messes with recipe on line.
I’m sure Window’s may have something like this also. You might be able to download LOW to Windows. Linux is free open source.

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