BEST MOD question

I want to know what the best all around mod would be. I am talking about the mod to end all mods for you…untill it no longer functions, of course. You can only have one mod and no more.

For me, Sigelei 150W TC


I agree with @Pro_Vapes. I talked to my guy at my local vape shop and he told me the Sigelei isn’t as good at TC.

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Subjective but I like my sx mini m class but for decent price, no worries, ease of use and upgrade ability along with day to day use I have to say my evic Vtc mini wither the ole dark horse rda.

I believe the Sigelei 150w TC still does not support any wire other than Nickel for TC. That pretty much turns me off to that mod. The Sigelei Fuchai 200w TC mod supports titanium in TC mode. Never tried one but who knows, may be good…

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I love my Sig 150TC (have one brand new one stashed just in case and at the 55 bucks each I paid for them was a no brainer)…Being that I don’t use TC and won’t until they have SS refined (and or NiCr) as and on the wish list for Kanthal too down the road the TC isn’t a determining factor in my own purchases. I am not that electronically savvy or knowledgeable to have the value for dollar need for an evolve chip and have heard a lot of excellent feedback regarding the RX200 in terms of build solidity and bang for the buck. I sure hope that the industry isn’t killed here in the US in the near future because just about every month there is a new latetest and greatest; the innovations keep coming and it is awesome!

I use NiCr and SS on my Sig 150 TC in power mode all day long…works like a champ.

I was at this stage about 5-6 months ago. I’m guessing this is a personal choice. Vapers kinda go through stages… Some vape what they can handle. Some are satisfied where there at… (vape wise). Me, I like vaping on the edge… and it’s waaaay better than it use to be.

This has been done for a while on several mods… just not the 150.


I personally will not use anything to do with nickel. I just plain do not trust it. They will not use nickel in cookware for the fear of leeching into the food. I won’t use it for fear of leeching into the juice. I personally feel like the Chinese are trying to slowly bump us off with nickel…


Nickel wire is just plain not good for ya.

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My top 5 mods in order:

  1. Wismec Reuleaux DNA200 - Performance and battery is incredible
  2. Hcigar Vt200 - Perfomance and size!
  3. eVic VTC Mini - Great performing mod on the go - Fairly surprised about battery life!
  4. IPV 4S - Just a good, stable TC mod!
  5. SMOK Xcube Mini - It’s better than the Xcube 2 and the Koopor Plus to me - Has a few kinks, but it’s OK!

The Xcube 2 (it seems my resistance problems are back?!) and Koopor Plus (same resistance problems) are in the back. I like my iStick 30W and iStick TC40W for the Naut and I still use my Siggy 150W now and then as well :slightly_smiling:

I’m contemplating another DNA200 :stuck_out_tongue:

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My Efusion DNA200. I love the size, the LiPo, it’s a great little traveling mod and it looks classy. That said, I think the Reuleaux DNA200 will be my new all around favorite, because the Efusion gets a hard workout twice a day.

The Ipv3 LI is a great mod, but once you have vaped a DNA200 device there really is no comparison. I LOVED my IPV3 Li compared to the Xcube II. I haven’t taken delivery of my second DNA200 yet and am planning to purchase a third. They are seriously nice.

cant agree more
and I want to add another two device :the snowwolf 200w ,snowwolf 75w mini and the wismec RX 200w

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I personally own the Sigelei 150TC and have used the tc and compared it to my friends iPV 3li and iPV4s and there is no difference at all. No disrespect to anyone as this is just my experience.

Reuleaux DNA 200 FTW. What is not to like?. After that, EVIC VTC Mini for its size, performance, feature set and decent battery life.
For bang for buck, it’s hard to beat the iStick 60wTC, it feels great in the hand and is small enough to pocket. Sigelei… I like my 75w TC fine, I had to send the first one back but the warranty covered a replacement without worry. No dedicated Ti or SS function, but Ti works fine by lowering the temp settings around 100 deg F. I suspect the same for the 150w TC.
All that being said, my next mod purchase will be a Wismec RX200. That level of performance at the $50 mark? No brainer.


My x cube is getting on my nerves in tc… It worked OK for a while with ss (adjusting ohms and lowering t coefficient to 93) but now it’s acting up again. I can’t wait for my new rx200 :+1::+1::grinning:

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I have had the Sig 150tc and did not like it due to the ability to only being able to build as low as .10 plus a few other personal thoughts of it. I went to the ipv3 li and love it. I can build down to .05 wich is easy to do with ni200 and battery life is better than the Sig 150. Also I like the ability to be able to update the firmware on the ipv3 li. As the technology grows (as with different types of wires progress) I would like to think that Pioneer 4 you would keep the firmware up to date with and would not be dead in the water having to buy yet another mod. Just my .02

Does anyone have any comments on the Cuboid? My IPV4 died and I want to replace it with a 2-battery mod or something with a lipo. I like small size. I should probably just go ahead and get a VaporShark. I like it because it is small in size. I got a HCigar Vt200 and I love it. Perhaps a second one? Hmmm. Trying to decide. The VaporShark is $199 and the HCigar is $119 almost half the price. If they were closer in price, there’d be no question. I am concerned about the finish on the VaporShark and then they try to charge you about $40 more to upgrade the finish. That is ridiculous in my opinion. They should make the finish the best they can and call it a day. Don’t you think so? The HCigar was the first mod I got with a built in battery and I like how it is very light in weight. I wish it was just a bit smaller in my hands. Well, maybe the list of top 5 mods should be updated… maybe not. Also… weird but I don’t like a clicky-button mod. My IPV mini 's button is too hard to press. Guess I’m really weak. I also like a larger screen. I can’t see the print on the screen on the IPVs. Even if I squint and try hard, I can’t see the resistance of my coil, and I must put glasses on to see it. I tried getting an SMY 60 watt with the large screen on it, and that is a piece of junk. Thanks for reading all this.

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The Vt200 is awesome - there is also a Vt133 now that uses 2 x 18650.

I like the Cuboid - It’s more or less like the eVic Mini and the RX200. Sometimes I have to cheat it to get a good vape. It detected my coil as 0.07o where it’s actually 0.08o - but once you can get it to read the correct ohms and lock it there, it’s an awesome vape. And it’s cheap! :slightly_smiling:

I really like my eVic VTC Mini and Crown tank combo. I was just looking at the Cuboid and might have to get one when I decide to move up to a two battery mod. Plus it can now do 200W with the v3.1 firmware update.

Well probably not really 200 watts with only two 186050s. Before you are disappointed, check out this video:

Here’s a good one on the Cuboid that I’m watching now. I worry is that the Cuboid is as heavy as a Wismec comparing both with batteries in them. The Cuboid is 300 grams or 10.5 oz empty. The Wismec is half that empty. I like everything about the Cuboid except the weight of it. Wish I could find something similar (even for more money) that is lighter and takes two batteries. I don’t want anything else with one battery cause I want it to run my TFV4s… I’d get an Evic mini if I did want a one-battery mod.
I’m going to keep looking and see if I can find something. Look at the Vaporshark again or maybe get a second HCigar Vt200. I wouldn’t go to the Vt133 because I like the lipo in the Vt200. Honestly it has been a lovely break not having to charge the batteries. I seem to have 3 or 4 batteries charging all the time. In all I’m running about 4 mods all the time. Yes, chain vaping.