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Best Mountain Dew

Trying to find a sincere try at Mountain Dew/Mountain Dew Pitch Black flavor percentage mix. I heard TPA Citrus Punch used to be mountain dew, but just wanted to get your guys opinions. I see a lot of positive feedback from here for other flavor, so I figured I’d like to try it with this one.

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I ordered TPA’s and I honestly dont like it as much as I thought, I am a big pitch black and baja blast fan and I hate the baja blast recipes I have seen because I dont think most come close…I would also be interested in hearing on a better suggestion than TPA’s dew because it has warnings I believe and tends to be a bit of a steeper. I think it has a bit of an odd flavor to it if not done right and just makes me want to use it less. I have been avoiding warnings because I really believe it makes steeping and rounding off of the flavors a bit easier for me. The fact you cant search for the name “Mountain Dew” flavoring makes it a tad harder to find others too so if anyone knows another good dew please share!!

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most def Hollywood, I tried a mt dew flavor when I got into vaping but I wanna make it myself, not depend on a pre made concentrate of it. I was usin delosi mt dew but it doesn’t taste right, I just switched to tpa and startin at 10%… I’ve seen so many variables of it, with sour, and sweetner, key lime, koolada, champagne… nothing seems to match and no one!!! leaves feedback haha. i’m goin back down to basics!!! whos with me! haha

Ecig express has max dew. That may possibly be what you are after.

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I use TFA Citrus Punch ALOT. It’s part of my regular rotation, and I widely vary what I mix with it. It’s great all around. But I don’t get anything remotely like actual Mt Dew from it. In fact it tastes a bit more like 7up to me than Mt Dew. That being said it is a wonderful citrus soda base and it plays well with nearly every fruit I’ve ever tried it with. It does need a bit of steeping or the citrus notes can be a bit harsh.

it says that the Max Dew is a tfa. I know a couple of years ago they switch the mt dew flavor to citrus punch, (legal reasons I suppose), something to look into… especially at 1.49…five mins later… and its out of stock haha… which one of ya bought it!! haha jk

RealFlavors (aka NorthWest VG flavors at ECX) has a flavor called Baja Soda. I have it, testing it, but can’t tell you much at the moment.

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Thank you Jo-Jo, … :frowning: the baja is unfornately my least favorite dew flavor haha… My pilgrimage continues. It’d be interesting to see what the senior mixers would come up with if they threw the dice.

Northwest VG also has a dew with good reviews on ECX I think
They say you are supposed to mix the two apparently

I was looking at the wrong website… more to ponder… mix several MT Dew flavors… hmm, this is gonna fun
key lime
citrus punch
mountain dew VG
i’ll get my labcoat
-key the thunder and lightning and crazy mad scientist hair-

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Liquid Barn also sells a Dew flavor, sadly i cannot tell you much about it as i am unable to vape Dew flavors in general. They all make me cough horribly, the very first flavor i bought was a Dew flavor, it was 36mg and nearly killed me. Ever since that day, around 4 years ago, i have been unable to vape the stuff. Sad as it is my all time favorite soda.

Dew Mountain

BTW, LB makes some incredible cream flavorings and some good tobaccos as well. @LiquidBarn


Well, it has been some time, but has anyone had any success with a good Mountain Dew? Whether it be a combination of flavors or a flavor concentrate, this elusive concoction is hard to mistake.

Getting the base down as once a good Mountain Dew base is created/ found, flavors can easily be added to make it Code Red, Baja Blast, Livewire, etc.

Are any of the concentrates good? Or has someone had better luck making it from scratch?

Lol, I think I found it :joy::joy::joy::joy:

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As an update, they have a lot of baja blasts, but the citrus punch by itself isn’t very convincing to me. I had settled on a citrus freeze, a neon green slushie.

I tried Citrus Punch from 5% to every level to 15%, I couldn’t find the sweet spot and delved into other juices. Thanks for bringing me back to this.

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Yeah, I was wondering if anyone had had luck. All Pepsi gives us for a hint is the word “citrus” and that is super vague. Every time I make a Mountain Dew attempt, it’s always lemon, lime, and a tiny bit of orange which comes out tasting like Sprite.

Maybe I’ll give some of the other concentrates a try, I know LB is now at BCF so that’s one that may be worth a go.

Add TFA Lemon Lime for a true MDew taste. I would say 75% to 25% Of your flavor base.


By what brand Is Max Dew? Flavor express?

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Max Dew was the name of the concentrates by both FW and TPA, but they have both since, been renamed. TPA has Citrus Punch and FW has Citrus soda. I am very close to ordering both as well as Dew Mountain by LB.

I have to get to the bottom of this Mountain Dew investigation; as soon as I have a good base, I can make any flavor of Mountain Dew.

I have made ALL my recipes from scratch. Example, a coconut cream pie has no coconut cream pie flavoring. I have drank Mt. Dew for over 40 yrs. the past 20 yrs. Diet Dew. My Wife HATES the taste of it! Now to My point… I mixed RF SC MTN Juice @ 4%, 1% Super Sweet (PUR) and had her try it. She spit and sputtered for 30 seconds, she said this tastes just like Mt. Dew… and it does. So far of the 39 RF SC I have, I’m not real impressed yet, but the MTN Juice is really good.


I might have to try this on my next real flavors order. I have the Baja Blast SC, but it failed to impress so I assumed it was using the MTN Juice as a base with a bit of Blue Raspberry. Perhaps it is better than the Baja Blast…

Every attempt at making Mt. Dew from scratch just turns into Sprite, lol.