Best newbie rda for flavor

considering my first rda, am wondering, if single post rda is best for flavor? also, do i attach to my mod or is it time to invest in a squonker, and do squoks have wattage and ohm readings? do i need one of those kits if i want to use prebuilt coils? i rarely go above 50 watts, any help much appreciated


If you are new to rdas and building in general, I would get one of the kits - to find out if dripping / squonking is for you.

You should definatly stick to regulated devices (the ones you mention, that do read ohms, watts and the whole schwang).

I dont know any kit to recommend, since I dont have any of them. But vandy vape has a pulse kit. (the kit is named pulse, not a term). There are probably other kits out there that can match the vandy vape ones. Do a search here to find regulated squonkers.

Most rdas have a bottom feeding pin (BF pin for short), so if you go for separate mod and rda you might have more options.

Good luck on your venture :smiley:


Ok I’m just as new to this as you seem to be …But here is what I have learned …Yes you need a Coil Jig even if your going to use premade Coils. You will also need a good organic cotton and I have been told that Koh Gen Do is one of the better brands to get. You will also need wire if you plan on making your own coils as well as a good ohms meter, but sorry I know nothing about wire or ohms. Well, at least not enough to speak of.

Now I don’t know if your a tank or a dripper but I have been told that if you’re just starting out learning how to do the whole coil thing that it’s best to start on a single coil build till you get the hang of what your doing then branch out. If you’re a tank person then I have been told that one of the best tanks to get is the Wotofo Serpent SMM RTA and I have found it here at a good price.

Just don’t forget to use your discount code for that you can find under the resource tab at the top of the ELR page and then click on resources.

Good luck and keep it fun :us::v: :rainbow:


Sounds as tho this will be your first rebuildable so yes i think most agree that a single coil rda will be the easiest route. I woud suggest an affordable single rda to start in order to see if u like the whole process of rebuilding. You do normally get better flavor from small chamber rdas such as the wasp or entheon, while they are only 22 but there are 24mm ones that are ‘chambered down’ for flavor such as the wotofo recurve. Before investing in a squonker which simply adds the convenience of a tank, id get the feel of rebuilding and then move on. Normally squonk rdas will come w/ both pins so u will have that option later on. Thinking for the $ i would suggest the wasp for 10-14usd or the recurve for 25usd but there are so many now…Gl to u!


Single coil RDA’s aren’t necessarily better for flavour than dual coil, that depends entirely on the individual RDA, they are however a bit easier to learn to build on. But you will most likely pick up on either quickly, as it really isn’t very complicated to build an RDA.

The wasp is a good single coil RDA, and also very cheap, but I would say that 50w is the absolute max you can use it at as it otherwise get way too hot (also buy a 510 drip tip for it). The Recoil X RDA is a dual coil that I can highly recommend, the original is however very expensive, but there are some cheap Chinese clones of it that also work just fine.

I would recommend that you wait with buying a squonk mod, until you have a bit of experience with building, and also know for certain that you actually like using a dripper. For now you can just use it with your normal mod and drip instead of squonk.

I would also strongly recommend that you watch some youtube tutorials on how to build and what tools you need. Even if you are only using prebuild coils you still need to understand all the basics and how to calculate the coil size you need. This series of videos is probably the best place to start as he goes through all the basics, including how to use steam engine to calculate you coils.


What Makes this worth the Price Tag? I’ve been looking for a new one to use for FLAVOR. Would prefer to stay at lower wattages but also optimise flavor rather than clouds!!

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That is a good price, seems to be a popular one since after a quick search most places are out of stock.
How does this RDA do as far as flavor? I like @viva prefer to stay at lower wattages but want the best flavor possible.


Is it worth the price tag?
I personally bought a clone because the original cost more than what I’m willing to pay for a dripper, especially one that might turn out to be over-hyped.

What I can say is that it does have excellent flavour, the big selling point however is that it has leak-proof bottom airflow where the air intake is at the top and then channelled down under the coil. Bottom airflow without the risk of leaks is not something seen often in RDA’s.

Personally I love it, but if you don’t like clones then it is also a high price to pay.

Edit: I also vape at <50w, so it is not a high wattage RDA, though you can probably use it up to around 100w.


I would go for the Drop RDA, super easy to build, drop your coils in, cut the leads, add your cotton and your done, cheap too, not to mention great flavor.


I will gve a few suggestions for a flavor RDA…If your in no hurry get a few of the clones from Fast Tech or efvape to start with…then if u like them u can purchase the real deal…

Fist off as for intense flavors…I would suggest the Entheon RDA…

this a real flavor machine next would be the hadaly clone…another great flavor RDA
another good on is the HAKU Phenom …great rda,

now all of the above are clones…and work very well… also all are 22mm so small but get u the intense flavors…

now for originals rda no clones… The WASP…for cheap money they are great,I have 5 of them…flavors just yell out at u…use a 510 drip tip on it well on most that I have mentioned use one

the next one is Gas Mods GSR 1 another great RDA…

the last one would be the drop solo another good rda…

I own all of the above an some I have multibles of also…I am more into getting the full flavors of a juice than chucking clouds…they are all easy to build on also…and with these you dont need to vape at 100+ watts…I use 50 watts an i am happy with results…it will all depend on your build…I personaly have tried exotics an claptons…but have found that plain round wire does it best for me…or flat ribbon wire…but thats just me…

have fun getting what u think will work for u…and good luck


Never used Fasttech but after reviewing all of the above recommendations I went ahead and placed my first order. I ended up with
Recoil X
Wasp Nano
Ought to keep me busy!!


unless u wanna collect :grinning: You could skip the Hadaly as the Entheon does its job and adds a deeper well. little tip tho wasp caps fit entheon so if u dont like the heat of the s.s or like the look of wasp’s resin caps.


Too late! Started a collection! They will look good next to my tank collection! Figured if I was going to wait on them I would get a selection to try out and for the money why not! Spent more last week on 6 bottles of MF flavorings! lmao, and have to wait a couple months to play with them!!


i was watching a youtube on the dead rabbit, there’s a 2 prong 24 mm and a 1 prong 22 mm, the lady on the youtube said the 1 prong , using 1 coil will give more flavor, (is this true?) if so, can’t i just use 1 prong in 2 prong system to create a 1 coil " build to recreate ? Also thanks for your help , have lots more ideas to reseach, and my delivery of goodies from bullcity went from “to be delivered by mon 8 pm” to now " enroute to next destination’ both bullcity and the usps are looking into this and i am impatiently waiting…

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Some dual coil rdas u can close off one side of the airflow holes but that doesnt always work for flavor.


You can often use a single coil in in a dual coil RDA, but it is not something that I can recommend. Dual coil RDA always work much better with two coils and aren’t really designed to be use with only one coil.

As for dual vs. single coil Dead Rabbit then I don’t have either, so I can’t really comment on that.


Lol, that is of course also a way to do it. Instead of trying to decide on a single RDA, buy a bunch and try them all for yourself. It would be interesting to hear which one you will end up liking the most.


This is absolutely true! Recently was taught that while doing flavor testing. I had been using a dual coil rda with a single coil to do sft as well as sampling new recipes before filling my tank. Found a good majority of flavors and recipes just didn’t have any flavor! I was using a single .88 ohm coil at 25 to 30 watts @Chrispdx had me try a couple simple coils rather than the single, ended up with dual coils at .33 ohm same wattages and it was like the flavor exploded in my mouth! It’s a real game changer. That piece of advice is priceless!
Is this because of airflow issue or the fact that I now had twice the surface area heating the juice?


I hate when that happens! Hope they arrive soon!


This is mainly because the rda has too much airflow for a single coil and yes more surface area. It’s true that if you fit something like a flat fused Clapton wire as a single coil the vape may be better but it will still be better with a dual.

Now if you want to rock a single coil you need to use an rda that is designed for single coil. But for me I typically just stick with dual coil rdas. I find the flavor for me to be better unless I use a some sort of Clapton in a single coil rda.