Best of 2016

What do you think ?


I have to go with

Kayfun V5

Dripbox 160 with velocity v2 RDA ( did not get my Hadaly clone yet )

Hohm Wrecker G2 with update 2.5.7


I havent tried a lot of new gear this year but i LOVE the Troll V2. Huge drip well, tons of airflow, easy to build and install huge coils and when coiled properly it provides some excellent flavor.

Also, i got a DNA 200 device this year, thanks to a friend. Infreakingcredible…


My opinions only …

Best RDA = 528 Customs Goon
Best RTA = Sigelei Moonshot 24
Best Clearomizer = Aspire Cleito
Best Regulated Device = Wismec RX200S
Best Mech = ??? I didnt try any mecks this year

Biggest dissapointment = Buying a Smok Alien from their booth at ECC and having it go bad after a week.


Best RDA = a tie for me. Troll V2 and Tsunami. Those are always wet with liquid and with me at all times.
Best Tank = Griffin and Griffin 25. Always with me and my go to tanks.
Best Mod= Wismec R200S. Great device and always with me.
Best Mech= have not dabbled in that.
Best OTC Eliquid = Flawless, Game Over. That has been a great experience and one that I have cloned. So good.

Overall company that I enjoy products from, Geekvape. They have produced in my opinion really quality gear.

Just my honest vape opinions.


My list looks amazingly like yours. Thanks for enabling me this year and turning me into a Geek Vape fan boi.

I don’t really have a favorite OTC ejuice. But he best vape I’ve had all year came from your house. Still stalking my mailbox! Lol.


Still have it. Need to put the plastic on and make that other thing.

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For me personally

Best new tank Kayfun V5

Best new mod hcigar VT133

Best new flavors RF Super Concentrates


Kayfun 5 , Avocado 22mm , Avocado 24mm

HohmWrecker G2 Limited Edition , DripBox 160 [w/Velocity V2] , DripBox 2 [w/Velocity V2]


I very much agree with both of these. The VT133 completely changed the way i vape and the RF SC’s have been fantastic so far, cant say that i am disappointed with any that i have tried and many are beginning to replace flavorings that i have used for a few years.


Best Tank: Griffin 25 Plus
Best RDA: Twisted Messes V2
Best mod: Joytech Cuboid 150w


Best Tank = Mage Rta,Gta and the Avocado 24 buttom air
Best Mod= Hcigar nano and Sigelei Supremo 213W
Best OTC Eliquid = What ever I mix … inspired by the great guys and girls here :-))


Aww … I forgot the Griffin 25 mini … when this one works and sing - I love the tune.


Best RDA - Goon 528 clone or Tsunami Plus 24
Best RTA Serpent Mini 25 or Aromamizer supreme
Best Mod - Whiterose PWM or Laisimo L3 or Hohm Wrecker G2 (love them all equally)
Best mech - Cricket II (when it works it’s awesome lol)

I think Smok have been a major player this year with some amazing products so they get my vote for best overall company.

Just my opinions obv :grin:


Best overall, in my oppinion, no doubth … CoilArt

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I do love the Mage GTA but it’s the only CoilArt I own so far, I aim to change that next year though, love the look of their tanks :ok_hand:

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Same here … I like the compact look and the small tanks, big tanks make me look like a weirdoes :slight_smile: My first one was the rta and today I have more than one, I like the taste, the way the work, the easy wick and … all in all 10/10. My next one will be the new Geekwape “Ammit”, think you maybe did a review of that, I look forward to that meeting :slight_smile:

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yeah I have been using it daily since that review, the flavour is immense for an RTA :ok_hand:

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Damn … you make it even harder to wait on the “Ammit”. Denmark is slow to present the news :slight_smile:

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and … I forgot to mention … I like your weird style and humor when you do this review :-))))