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Best 'OMG' taste moment and worst 'OMG I can't believe I paid for that cr@p' moment in you're whole vaping career!


Ok so, during an in-depth debate (10 minutes tops) with a couple of vaping buddy’s we told stories of the best taste moment in our whole vaping ‘career’ coupled with the worst/most disappointing ’ I can’t believe I spent a week and waited a month for this liquid to be released’ experience to date, I’d be very interested to hear similar stories from the ELR family about their best & worst taste moments so far.
for the record mine was Suicide Bunnies Mother’s Milk the first time I tasted it and was the reason my vaping intrigue grew beyond ‘pens’ , My worst was Phillip Rocke Grand Reserve which I hunted down relentlessly and when I finally found some my high hopes hit the floor with disappointment (still have the remainder of the bottle somewhere) but hey, taste is totally subjective which Is why I am intrigued about other people’s views :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::+1:


My best OMG Moment was when I got my 22g Ti and used it in TC mode. IMO it’s the best vape on the planet.


I have some on the way to put into my Tsunami, I have 24 in there at the moment but I kept hearing about these 22 spaced coils giving immense flavour so I am looking forward to sorting that out :grin::+1:


The day i got the kit that actually got me to quit smoking was my OMG moment. I had played around with some cigalikes for around a year and half before that and continued to dual use. The day i got my kit was the day of my last smoke.

Now i didnt pay for the last few branded liquids that i vaped, i won them on reddit. They were all total and complete crap, i honestly couldnt believe just how bad they were as making something vapable and tasty is not all that hard. They both came from some big named vendors.


Best moment:


Kangertech K-Box mini with a Kangertech Subtank Nano, SSOCC @ .5ohm and a bottle of Suicide Bunnys Mothers Milk. (i just made a clone v2 that is almost spot on, in fact its more flavorful)

Worst / Second Best Moment:

Cheap Milk and Honey liquid from a local guy, made me vomit pretty bad, glad i only got a 10ml sample.
(it was the second best because it made me take the plunge into DIY :wink: )


Worst OMG moment was buying ejuice at a tobacco shop. It was Orange Dreamsickle and if an ass had an ass, it would taste like this juice.

Best OMG…tough one, but I’d have to say it was hitting my TFV4 tank on my Hohm Wrecker G2.mod. That momentary burst at 151W was sooo delicious. Ruined all the other mods for me (for now).


I had one of those from a vendor’s juice. I didn’t know then, but it was a nic overdose.

That was the last vendor’s juice I bought. I started a mad search and came across ELR. I’ve been making my own every since…


this…I just went to Vapefest last weekend and tried a whole bunch of Liquids, not a single one was I even remotely tempted to buy, I had my GF with me and she even said, I haven’t tasted anything here as good as the ones you make, and she would probably get a kick out of finding one that was better than mine haha,


DIY was my second OMG moment. Just a month after getting my kit i needed more so i bought the most powerful regulated mod sold at the time, SVD, and an IGO-W. Month later i was into DIY and was blown away how easy and how much better it was.

Not sure how some vendors can get it some completely wrong.


I have tried probably …8 or 9? different MM clones, some vaguely close but nothing that gave me the same WOW that the original did, care to share your recipe or is it closely guarded? lol…would totally understand if it was lol, which route did you take? cake batter?..orange cream?..dragonfruit?..apparently the original has like 4 ingredients but I’m starting to think one of them is actual witchcraft :laughing:


im going to have to say the first thing i remember saying oh wow to was LOOPER and the biggest disappointment was Mothers Milk suicide bunny , i heard people rave about this and i looked for it everywhere couldnt get it bc it was sold out and finally i popped into this little store and they actually had a few commercial premium vape brands and mothers milk was one of them so my fiance jamie and i with excitement opened it up and after a few puffs she looked at me and i looked at her and before i said anything she was like whats so special about this , that was my biggest disappoint my second biggest disappointment was a juice i was creating called CAVITY butterscotch AND CARAMEL with some other sweet flavors turned out to taste like NOTHING i was like wtf


see taste really is subjective, and that’s exactly what I was like with Phillipe rocks grand reserve, EVERYWHERE had sold out and it was only released in small batches, when I finally got it ordered I was like a giddy kid at xmas unitl it came, and then I hated it haha


@Pugs1970 - This is a take on http://e-liquid-recipes.com/recipe/397089/Mothers+Milk+supposed+Internal+Leak+-+Dom

The cinnamon is just TOO much, ruined all my batches, so i made this today, yep, you guessed it, dragonfruit! Still need to steep it but first impressions tell me this is gonna be a good vape, a little more fruity then the original MM but i find that better.

I have some MM thats steeped from bought for about 3 weeks and it is dark, thick and the flavors coming through match this recipe almost exact minus the percentages, only SB knows those.

Grubbys MM Clone v2

Ingredient %
Cake Batter (CAP) 2
Cream Fresh (FA) 1.5
Dragonfruit (TPA) 1
Ethyl Vanillin 10% (TPA) 1
Graham Cracker (Clear) (TPA) 3.5
Marshmallow (TPA) 1
Sweet Strawberry (CAP) 6.5
Vanilla Custard v2 (CAP) 6
Flavor total: 22.5%


FYI: The marshmallow and Cream Fresh give you an amazing “Mouth Feel” i use it in other recipes


hmm, I’ve done one with Dragonfruit and cake batter together but I never thought of the 1% Vanillin, that could very well be the difference, I currently have 4 x 100ml of different MM recipes steeping, if they don’t measure up I might give this a try if you don’t mind too much…?


Whats mine is yours, i try not to make my “adapts” public to stop confusion.


The dragonfruit gives the strawberry that “pop” & “tang” it has in the original


JMO (just my opinion)… I turned a corner when I moved to more concentrated flavors. But as they say… (taste is subjective). I’ve probably had 4-5 recipes using the big 3 exclusively (CAP, TPA, FW) that satisfied what I like in a vape. Now I only use them as compliment flavors.


yeah I discovered the same thing when I did one without, orange cream kinda does too but not to the same degree, what’s really annoying is once I filled a tank up with one recipe and it was SPOT ON, however, it was the orange popsicle I had in the tank before I filled it, I haven’t been able to replicate it since haha…:rage:


you mean like INW, Flavora etc?..I have just started to use INW and I do like what I’ve tasted so far, and like you said, at much lower percentages