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Best 'OMG' taste moment and worst 'OMG I can't believe I paid for that cr@p' moment in you're whole vaping career!


I had one batch of that version by FPSpy that was spot on, I vaped it side by side with the original but i could never recreate it, the cinnamon was too much.

The DF and strawberry together is what i can taste in the original, the custard is pretty simple, my version is more vibrant imo, DIY rocks…


yeah it does! lol :clap:


@Pro_Vapes Most of my recipes are lower percentages i think max is 15%


I’ve been run out of likes all day lol


I think DIY is a process that we all will go through. The sooner you expand your stash, the more you will enjoy mixing and vaping… JMO

By no means am I saying you can’t get a good vape from the BIG 3, it seems easier from more concentrated flavors.


@Pugs1970 Just out of interest, do you mind PMing me your recipes for MM that you have steeping, would be interesting to see what you have done.

I wont share / post etc


most of my recipes were always 20%…then I did 100ml of Diyordie Rhodanite which is what…10%?..that was a real ‘oh’ moment for me…


@Pro_Vapes Not JYO…Thats Fact :wink:


I tried a 60 ml batch… made to spec… tested over 4-5 month… hated it.
I dumped over 50 mls down the drain. Mix of the year on Reddit… less than average for my taste.


absolutely, I don’t mind at all, I’m actually in Wales on holiday right now so some of my notes are back at home but I’ve got 3 on this laptop…


my GF loves it, I was just surprised at the flavour with such small amounts in it, it’s not an ADV for me but its nice its in rotation now, subjective indeed lol


@Pugs1970 I appreciate it, dont be mad at my observations… :wink:

First one looks ok minus the strawberry shisha and bavarian cream, neither will bring anything extra to what you already have imo

Second one, Wow, VBIC at 4% are you insane?! That sweet lychee though, i had considered that… yum

third one, thats what i have seen also, some people think it really is orange cream, whatever it is, it boosts the strawberry note, gives it a kick, makes it tangy…

Let me know if any of those make it…


ha, dude, I’d never be mad at other people’s opinions, it’s all the fun of DIY!

I’d read in a few places that Strawb sweet and Strawb Shisha go well together but this is a first so who knows, it didn’t smell great after a week tho…

I just laughed out loud at that haha, man I love the stuff, and yes I am probably :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


and just to add, I can’t say with 100% certainty which of these are mine and which aren’t Ive tried so many from different sources, they’re prob all adaptions…the VBIC is more than likely mine tho haha


@Pugs1970 I can honestly say i have tried 4 different clones and the one i linked to was the closest.

I am one of those that gets the peppery taste from VBIC, i do love it though, just needs to be smaller %'s


I’m def gonna give your’s a whirl, I like how you’ve gone down the ‘sweet’ route instead of ‘ripe’ like most people, I tend to get a vomit taste off ripe sometimes,


I agree that strawberry sweet sometimes needs another strawberry to keep it alive during steeping but for MM… The original’s strawberry is very subtle, i think thats why i liked it so much it had that exhale that kept you wanting more.


I have been waiting all day for more likes lol please give me more :joy:


just totally don’t understand this limit on likes lol…we need to stop being so nice to everyone :joy:


I have a few omg moments and a couple omg bad times that all lead to my stroll down DIY lane.
First time going sub ohm. Omg. First time trying a ‘premium’ ejuice (kilo cereal milk). Omg. First time making my own ejuice and it being awesome first try. Omg.
The countless $ wasted on cigalikes and ego pen types… Omg (imagining all the awesome stuff i could have just had instead!).
This this ejuice from the b&m i prefer here and they have some house blend juice, some cheap priced 50/50vg stuff. Papa smurf. Supposed to be a cereal. So i buy it and get home notice the liquid is practically black. It taste like burnt toast and chemicals. Horrible. Got sick of paying $20+ for decent juices and so i got in to diy and now i know what they did wrong with that crap juice lol wayyyyyy too much captian berry crunch… Like wayyyy too much. I eventually made my own how i thought it was supposed to be lol