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Best 'OMG' taste moment and worst 'OMG I can't believe I paid for that cr@p' moment in you're whole vaping career!


yeah Kilo cereal milk was awesome, you know what it was really that pushed me into DIY, I subscribed to a couple of ‘mystery juice’ monthly boxes in the hope that I’d discover a new ADV to get me away from mothers milk or at the time, ‘Claim your throne’ which I was going through ridiculously quickly and after only a couple of months it soon became apparent that A. these subscription services were clearly just getting shut of juices that don’t sell very well, and B. there’s a LOT of crap out there, I had a similar rant about it on ECF and someone simply said the words…“why don’t you DIY?” …game changer, light bulb moment :smirk:


The Cleito with my own mix of Cranberry Cream (Santeria Clone) was my “oh wow, this is awesome” moment.

A wonderful hot dry hit with some raspberry bleck stuff from when I was using those old Kanger coils about 4 years ago… good lord I almost passed out. It took me about 2 days to get over it.


Haha, I remember my first dry hit on a kanger subtank, I’d just moved up from pens and the pre-made coil lasted less than a week before it stung me with a dry hit, turned my face inside out it did lol


Nothing like burned raspberry and 12mg of nicotine… my lungs hurt just thinking about it.


yep, I was on 24mg back then…24…TWENTY FOUR…
gives me a migraine just thinking about it.
I’m on 1mg now, pretty sure it’s just a placebo/token gesture lol


Those coils were the worst. It’s a wonder most of us didn’t quit vaping.


they’re still bad, couple of guys at work use the Kanger Nebox and it wasn’t long before the pre-made’s burnt out, I showed them how to use the RBA …I say showed them, they just looked at me like I’d just given a speech on quantum physics…I just do it for them…it’s much easier lol


Well it is quantum physics… duh. (Ha!)


to be fair it was probably the same face I pulled at Vapefest watching someone build complex coils lol


Noted! I’m gonna try adding that to my PMS recipe. (that sounds weird.)


Both my best and most disappointing moment in vaping has to do with The OB by Suicide Bunny. Shortly after I started vaping I bought a bottle and was blown away. I couldn’t believe eliquid could taste so good. After the bottle was empty I moved on to other stuff and eventually bought another bottle. This time it was nothing like I remember and never bought it again. I think a 15 ml bottle was around $12 so that didn’t help me feel any better about it.

I’ll +1 that. Marshmallow and Fresh Cream are a great addition especially to fruit mixes. Each different marshmallow has their own characteristics too. FA seems to be the one I use the most because I like the texture the best, but TPA is a little sweeter. Typically 1% is all that’s needed to add the mouth feel without adding too much flavor.


@Pugs1970 maybe dragonfruit at 1% is too high, it’s really just to compliment the strawberry so maybe .5% would be better…

I think the whole recipe could do with a percentage reduction, saying that, this is only a 2 day steep and I know it will change dramatically in a week or 2.

Still a very tasty vape and I just got more custard v2… :wink:


My first OMG experience was when I tried Miss Pennysworth’s Orchard’s Essence. I was out and about, trying to sell some kid clothes to Once Upon A Child and they were taking forfreakingever to get to me, so I decided to check out a new vape shop that some friends had recommended. This place was awesome. It was in an old house on Grand Ave in St Paul, seriously the most quaint, adorable little vape shop you could ever imagine. I asked if they had any good apple vapes that didn’t have cinnamon or apple pie, just a nice crisp apple. I tried that juice and fell in love. I ordered way to too much of that stuff from then on and blew way too much money on it. I think it’s the only juice I honestly miss now that I’ve been diying.

My worst was when I was out on a date with the hubby and we stopped at a 24 hour tobacco/head shop. I think it was called mega berries or something. It was probably one in the morning and I was way past three sheets at that point. That’s my only excuse for vaping any of it. The next day I woke up and grabbed my ecig and I couldn’t even do it. Blech! I took my hungover ass straight to the vape shop and picked up something tolerable.


lol that reminds me of the time I bought zig zag clove flavor liquid from an Admiral gas station because I was out of liquid and everything else was closed… big mistake. that was years ago and i think the bottle is still sitting here somewhere.


I dumped that berry shit straight down the drain! I couldn’t even look it in the eye I hated it so much.


A dash of Cranberry helps strawberry too but just a little.


I think my first OMG taste moment was when I took my first rip off of a subohm tank, 45w oh how I coughed. I knew right away I could easily ditch smoking, that was Dec 2015.

Worst moment wasn’t really e juice related, it was at the practices of my local B&M. I was about 2 months in and realized my knowledge surpassed every employee in the place. 2 salesman set a new vaper up with a SMPL mod and a Kanger subtank. Told him if he planned on using the RBA base (which he was excited to try) he’d need to know the Ohm’s law. When he asked for an explanation the guys both agreed that since they always build the same resistance they can’t remember the formulas and to Google it. I caught the guy outside, told him they sold him a dangerous setup. He went for a refund, which they denied. I haven’t stepped foot in there again.


oh they all change daily, I test them regularly and a couple of the ones I have tried in the past actually dropped off pretty quickly after a month where as some can take 2 to really shine, I’ve never made one that is good after 2 days though so respect for that :+1:


its true, i put them both in my ‘Blue Velvet’ , a blueberry cream, very smooth vape, works well with lime too :+1:


Best OMG!
Bird Brains by Cuttwood. I love Fruit Loops and Cuttwood nailed it…to my palate anyway.
I have tried so many times to clone it I gave up. Still no joy. Not even close.

Worst money ever spent on retail e-liquid…
Space Jam’s Andromeda.
I find it to be somewhere in between the “hack and the jourke”. You know, the noise you make right before you puke.
Gasoline flavored green apple. WTF.