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Best place to buy CBD for DIY?

I was wondering if anyone knows the best place to buy CBD as powder ( and what to mix it with ) or as a mix with VG/PG/Hemp Seed Oil? I am tired of paying way too much for this stuff. I just want to try and mix my own and see how it turns out. If I have to even buy the flower and press my own I am willing to give that a shot. What are y’alls thoughts? Where would you recommend I purchase it? Thanks in advance. Mike in ATX



This is something that I’ve been interested in also. I want to do drops under the tongue.

Hard to find good info on what to buy, how to mix and how strong to mix.

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Hey TinMan, this is what I use.

I do four drops under the tongue, twice a day.
A trusted friend of mine has tried a lot of different brands and this is the one she recommends. https://www.cbdbiocare.com/deals/Jarias/


$99 for a 30ml bottle!

How long does a bottle last you?


I think I posted this in another CDB thread a while back, but this is the brand I use. Lingual drops and if you subscribe for autoship (two bottles every two months) the price drops significantly.



I was getting samples of 1.5ml of 750mg. 4 drops a day, which would last me about 2 weeks. Give or take a drop or two. But really it all depends on what your taking it for. Someone fighting a illness will probably be taking a lot more. I use it for anxiety and reap the natural benefits as well. Another thing I’ll add is, if it’s cheap, it’s probably junk.


I buy isolate from this place: https://www.thecbdistillery.com/product/99-cbd-isolate-powder-from-hemp/

Ive purchased around 10 grams so far and havent had an issue.

There are a couple CBD threads where we discuss how an oral, sublingual solution differs from vaping isolate. For me personally under the tongue has worked the best for my pains due to swelling, it takes longer to kick in but lasts longer too.

I use CBD isolate as a touch up, in case i over stress my hurty parts. Or for anxiety. It activates more quickly and doesnt last as long as the oral solution.

You can mix it like any other ejuice. I see a lot of people making high % CBD mixes for vaping but i prefer mine to be quite low %. The thing is it all depends on the person taking it, while someone might be able to give you suggestions its pretty much up to each individual to find the right amount for them. CBD vape mixes have to be pretty high on the PG side, its kinda hates VG a bit.

For the sublingual oral solution i buy this:

When it arrives i add 1 gram of isolate that i buy from CBDistillery to double its strength. This end up being pretty damn cheap, much more so than the other stuff ive seen. They do sell more potent products but this is what i found to work best for me. I just need a few drops under the tongue twice a day.


Been awhile hope all’s well with you. I’m a MMJ “Registered Patient in/under FLA Law” High CBD Low THC rules.
I can’t even get a straight answer from the Dispensaries/Highly Educated"not" People. When I’ve asked something simple as "What extraction methods do you use ? As far as Decarbing, he had to go to there “Boss”
Come to find out there using Co2 extraction. Unfortunately it seems that the only method we can’t Medicate using any Flower ( in the laws agreed and voted on and won with a 71 or 72 % vote) States the Delivery from smoking Flower is a Delivery Method,too make a long story short the DOC(Dept. Of Health) & our State Government is totally breaking the law under the “Rules” set into play as of November 2018. So, we’re fighting,picketing etc…suing the state for breaking the Law/Rules. Just wanted to lay some of our Laws out there.
Under the Rules to Qualify I am diagnosed PTSD with all the great Health/Mental issue that come along with it, I’ll stop there. So I’m technically on the highest dosage right now. Also my PCP & My MMJ Dr. (Same Dr.) Put in for his recommendation to the DOH that I can get all methods of Delivery (of course couldn’t recommend Flower) Sublingual, Tincture & Vape only not even subdermal (unless I go back to Doc and he adds as a Delivery recommendation method) We have 10mg, 20mg & 45mg with only some of those mgs.(Not all) are available in higher concentration. (So we’re limited there too) the laws are just pure ridiculous on a Plant and access to (The whole plant, is not permitted here) so we’re missing out on hundreds of other Canabinoids & Terpines seeing that the Federal Government has a
patent #6630507 not on The plant, but lots of other healing compounds of Marijuana/Cannabis/Hemp plant etc…
For me the high CBD & THC Sublingual Drops or any other method, I’m allowed to Buy the 20mg. 4200 max Mgs.per 70 days, ( 70 day refills are for all 130,000++ qualified Patients of Floridians) every 70 days requires a Refill) Until I go back to my Dr. once again to suggest that I go up to 45mg. Then and only then can that happen.
So I was using (for daytime dosing)120 mg CBD/480 mg THC neither to me are High enough to get much relief, I am a smoker (Weed) to also go along with my “Prescription” to intensify the relief I need. The weed itself isn’t regulated so as far as CBD to THC ratios I have no idea. So I can’t use a specific strain to isolate a specific area. And I must admit I do enjoy THC for it’s euphoric effects too.
I’ve used CBD,CBN, THCa etc…and I due get much better effects once THCa is turned into THC (this works for me) as far as getting debilitating chronic pain relief goes, and sleeping/Staying asleep.
So, if I wanted to go with the highest CBD lowest THC 30 ml bottles at 45 mg instaed of 20 mgs. @ .33mg per dosage 3x daily 1250 mg CBD 100 mg THC they call it a 1 to 9 ratio. would last 30 days at $150.00 per 30 ml. Of course you adjust your self acourdingly. Tried micro dosing, less is more sometimes. Sorry on a Rant but I wanted to give more details. I’m about at my wits end !! I just want to get better, like us all. Now I’m feeling that I’m growing a tolerance, up 3:30am again every morning for the last week.
One very important thing is I’m also trying to slowly ween myself off of all Opioids and other garbage. Which is Hell itself among trying to keep my sicknesses under control.
I’m sorry I’m just reaching out for answers, helpful hints, recomendations, Anything !! Or anybody that can answer the questions that my State Government or there minions that unfortunately don’t have the knowledge of Shit, due to improper training in the field. Guess that happens when you pay minimum wage to the kids behind the counter.
Ken, I didn’t mean to tag you specifically, but then again for some reason I did.
Thanks for listening and or giving any advice that you may have. BTW I just Vaped 20mls of Strawnana while typing. LoL


Wow, they have really buried a persons relief in bureaucracy, eh? What ever happened to “Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”? I understand why you are frustrated, i would be too. For me it is all illegal, my state is always one of the last states change, it is annoying.

And there is no need to apologize, your post just highlights what happens nonsensical laws are imposed, and exposes the idiots behind them.

Have you looked into kratom at all? I dont know much about it from any kind of experience but i have read that it has helped many people get off of opioids. At one point the DEA either tried to ban it or did ban it but changed its decision after a very vocal community came forth.


This is one of the companies, that i buy in bulk from. They have great customer service and their prices are really competitive.


Ken, thanks man for listening to me rant.
Your in one of the back assward States too I see. I called our state capital office in 2017 when the MMJ laws were slowly getting implemented into place and I mean slowly, I actually spoke to one of the governors secretaries/minions. I believe it was a call center located in far far away country, at least it seemed to be with the chitter chatter you could here in the background. I was told in so many words that if I wanted full access I should consider moving to a state that has laws that would suit my needs. WTF, LoL I had to laugh over the phone to the response I got and ask her if that’s what her professional opinion to my question or was that what the script read ?! Really made me confident in our system, my wife said why don’t you just send an email or write a real professional letter telling them how I really felt. So I did both and never got a response from either. At that point I really started to loose what confidence I had in our state regulated laws in general. We’re still living about 100 yrs behind the times here In just about every aspect. I thought we were living in a compassionate State. I guess not ! Compassion & Greed with the latter of the 2 being the most accurate, how sad.
I have read about some great results using Kratom. I figured it would be a bit less expensive compared to moving across country lol.
I’ve seen some in a B & M vape shop which I thought was kinda strange along with a section that resembled a head shop. We live in a county run by a hard core Sheriff that’s really made a name for himself over the last 10 or so yrs. That’s banned so many items from being sold in our county. That you have to go to the next county over. Oh, I forgot to mention that he and our fearless leader Governor Rick Scott are riding in the same horse drawn buggy with the bag that covers the horses asses so they don’t shit on the clay or sugar sand roads LMAO. Our Sheriff even stated on TV on several occasions in his office building that literally has media parking spots. And was asked " Why did your deputies shoot that guy so many times ?" His response was “Because we ran out of bullets” he stated his remark on TV, he’s hard core bro ! Hard to believe but it’s the truth. Unfortunately he’s a TV mogul just loves the spot light on him. But other than that he has really made a name for himself.
He’ll lock you up in a heartbeat and make an example outta you. Even as far as if you wanted to out with guys and go to a strip joint for example, you won’t find one in Polk County, Florida. Even Kratom it’s not allowed to be sold here. Why ?! God only knows. If you were to Google his name Sheriff Grady Judd you’d see a picture of Satan haha. My wife and myself are actually going to Tampa a couple of counties over today and I’m going to go into one of the stores over there and just inquire about there knowledge on Kratom, just to talk to a real person. Hopefully talk to one that uses or has used Kratom especially for opioid withdrawal and maybe even Pain relief. I’ll let you know how it goes, hopefully I’ll walk out with a small amount just to sample for maybe a month and see how it goes. Hell, I’ve really got nothing to loose. Thanks for giving a shit to take the time to give a brother some advice on another alternative that may help. Means alot !! Especially coming from someone that can relate to wanting nothing more than to just lead a somewhat normal life again and not being judgemental. Respect goes a long way and you definitely got mine @Ken_O_Where. If you ever need a friend to just listen (you never know) or give a personal opinion on anything, I gotcha covered Brother.
I’m actually excited to go shopping now, instead of sitting in the car while the wife shops for hours on end in 100 F car. That’s cool, now I’ve got a goal to set out for. :+1::v:️:facepunch:


I havent been there in a couple years but reddit used to have a pretty big kratom community. They researched places to buy it online, strain info and person dosage information.


Id probably start by doing some research there, i hate reddit but there is a lot of good information there.


That’s cool Ken 'O thank you sir. We did make it so I could inquire some info but I see the Read is much more informative.


I usually buy my stuff from CBD Vape Genius as their products are manually tested and reviewed that’s why i love quality of their products.


Ken_O_Where, this was seriously helpful, thank you! I’ve been having a difficult time finding strong enough CBD to help w my severe pain issues, at a price I can swing. Love the idea of doubling strength with the isolate. Big thanks for the share.


I know a couple medicinal users who make there own. It’s all about the decarb!