Best regulated box mod

I got a Smok H-Prive that I’ve only on vaping for about a month today it stopped firing like it should it acts like the batteries are low but I tried 2 fully charged batteries no better. Then my other mod is a Fuchai 213 and on that the battery door keeps opening up and dumping the batteries a few times in my pocket where I have had things like keys and change in my pocket not good so… I think I’m going buy a new mod but there are so many out there I have no clue what to buy any suggestions out there?

I like squeeze boxes e.g. mods with firing bars. I have a Smok GX350, Somk Alien, and two Wis Mec Predators. The GX is bulky for some and the Predators have any annoying delay after they sit for awhile. The Alien has the fire bar located opposite the 510 mount which annoys me. Beyond that, I love all of them. All do their job.

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perhaps u changed a TC setting on the h-priv and wasnt aware of

that’s possible I’ll check it thanks Worm

Reinstalling the firmware can often fix things if you cannot find a stray setting

if you cannot find the issue then you could try an RMA.

If neither of them work and you are in the market for a new bit of kit I will say the ipv8 has impressed me as has the ipv6x.


Thanks I’ll check out them out appreciate the help

Reinstalling the firm ware dose not look easy! But I’ll figure it out

I’ve got the SMOK Alien and a Laisimo L1. Both are box mods but I prefer the Alien to runabout all day with. They, most places, have them on sale as a complete kit minus batteries as cheap asm $49.99 USD which comes with a Baby Beast tank. New colors out now as well. The Iron Man setup looks great imo,lol. Hope this helps.

I’m with @woftam on this one. The IPV8 is a fantastic mod, much better than an alien anyway.

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If the problem is in TC mode, try this:
Unscrew the atty, hit fire button [should say ‘no atty’]
Screw atty back on and vape.


When it comes to accuracy and control nothing compares to my DNA mods. I have an HCigar VT75nano and a VT250. They perform flawlessly with any atomizer that I put on them. I prefer the form factor of my Alien but it pales in comparrison to the quality of either of my HCigars. I had a Pioneer4You iPV4s that performed very well but the build quality was crap. My only issue with the DNA board is the small bland looking screen. Evolv just released the DNA75c with a larger color screen that looks promising and will eventually make it to the DNA250. I also like the Yihi G Class but I dont own one. Way too much money for me.


thats comparing apples and oranges lol Alien vs hcigar just giving you crap but they are in two wayyyy different classes

That’s my point. My HCigars will outlast all of my cheap mods and they weren’t that expensive. You can find the 75 on sale for around $70 and the 250 for around $125. I’ve been through 2 Aliens already and the second is falling apart.


At the price point, sure. But I’d say–not based on experience, mind you–that YiHi and Dicodes will definitely compare at least on the accuracy point. And accuracy is what most people are after in a temperature control experience. Most people couldn’t care less about setting up internal resistance, battery profiles, themes, etc. which many of the main DNA mod makers don’t take the time to set up for you. HCigar doesn’t even set up your internal resistance for you, so to get the most accurate TC experience possible with the mod you have to enter the internal resistance yourself. It’ll work well enough leaving it at 0, but you’ll sacrifice some amount of accuracy if you do.

That said, I own two DNA75s (Lavabox M, HCigar VT75 Nano) myself. Great devices, the best devices I’ve owned, and I wouldn’t want anything else at the price point. Especially my Lavabox M. Since I don’t see myself buying a $200 (YiHi) or $300 (Dicodes) mod, mods with DNA chips will probably be the best I’ll ever own and I’m fine with that.

that sucks i have two aliens have had them since August and they are in perfect shape no paint problems and at least one goes with me when i go out , never tried DNA type device i dont do Temp control and dont know if ill ever want to i thought they were much more than that but even so theyare still double the price of an alien so apples and oranges lol :wink:

Even though a few here poo-poo them, I say get a Slice while they are $30.

I use two all day long, and a G2. Lightning Vapes has the best price on 26650’s.

I bought 2 G2’s last black Friday, then two cases (24) of G2’s for Christmas presents,
and now 3 Slice, and never had a problem with any of them.

Only a couple of people have upgraded the firmware [presents], all the rest,
including my 5, are just like they came. FSK_G2_2.4.7 and FSK_S_1.2.3
[8 of the 24 did come with upgraded firmware]

The Think Vape Finder DNA250 is an awesome regulated device, I use mine daily, but the Woodyvapes x200 is a favourite of mine too, its just nice to use, well made and very reliable…and slightly pricey but worth every penny IMO is the Vape Cige VT250 lipo, such an amazing and well made device…but chunky 🖒

You get a 3rd vote for the IPV8… it’s one of my 3 daily carry devices. Good price and very reliable… as @woftam and @DrChud have stated :). Though I will say I’m always looking for my next mod… in my opinion I can never have too many :slight_smile:

@Steve-o_54, what’s your budget? What are you looking for in a mod? (eg. compact? how many batteries? how many watts are you vaping at? do you want something that works with temperature control? is aesthetics or form factor important? etc, etc)

“Best” is very subjective, so there is no “best” mod. It’s very difficult to make a recommendation without knowing your vaping style and some of your preferences.


Well, the title of this thread is “Best Regulated Mod” not “Best Low Budget Regulated Mod”.


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