Best single flavor juices

I’m looking for your favorite single flavor juices and what % is best. For example - TFA Pina Colada @ 8%. Tastes as good as the real thing! No mixing unless added PG/VG.



INW Lemon Cake 2%

INW Miss Cream 3%

INW Custard 3%

Also liking VTA Shisha Mango @ 2%

Off the top of my head…there’s bound to be more.

ETA - might be something in here


strawberry milkshake RFSC 3 to 4 pct

cinnamon crunch FLV 3 to 4 pct

guanabana FLV spelled wrong

wild melon Flv

blueberry muffin flv

the last three flavors were just tested as Sf and are very tasty but the BBM can use help still pretty good for something quick though


In no particular order:

FA Forest Fruit @ 3%
CAP Harvest Berry @ 4%
Cap Cinnamon Danish Swirl @ 4%
Ina Shisha Strawberry @ 3%
Ina Tiramisu @ 3%
FW coffee @ 1.5%
Cap Blueberry Cinnamon crumble @ 4%

I typically mix at 80vg or higher FWIW


Gooey Butter Cake (DIYFS) @ 3%
Creme Brulee (INW) @ 3%
Shisha Vanilla (INW) @ 3%
RY4 (Hangsen) @ 2,5%
Dark for Pipe (INW) @ 1,5%
Holy Vanilla (DIYFS) @ 2%

These are my usual suspects when I need a down and dirty juice mixed on the quick. Haven’t really played with single fruits too much as I tend to get flavor fatigue from fruits kinda quick.


Purilum watermelon cotton candy… but a little extra watermelon and sweetener only makes it better!


FLV Smoked Butterscotch 2%

TFA Double RY4 @ 9%

Vanilla Cream Tobacco - Liquid Barn 10%

Forest Fruit FA 6%

Monsoon FA 3%

CDS Cap 7%

Creamy Vanilla Molinberry 3%


Monkey Fart (Fw) @ 20%
Strawberry Cheesecake @ 10%
Sweet Mango @ 8%

My Top 3 that come to mind…


FA Soho at 12% is amazing.


ill crack the bottle open and try it


FLV Peanut Butter 1%


Soho @12??? I actually never went that far… I’ll have to try!

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At what % are you mixing this?
I didn’t have very good results with it yet. Before I vaped this, I only ever knew the flavor from the freshly picked fruit. I can’t remember what % I mixed it at but I remember it tasting very chemical.


i believe at 1 pct ill check though

actually 1.5 and i might pushbit to 1.75 or 2pct i got a very nice sweet then sour taste reall hard to explain


Thank you, that might explain a lot :smiley: I have it steeped for 2 months at 4%. I’ll just add some base to it and recheck around 2% (bottle is about half full) in a couple weeks.

EDIT: I actually just tested it again at 4% (just to be sure), I’m still getting a chemical flavor from it but the liquid really isn’t that flavorful (strong). I mixed it at my normal 70/30, 0 nic.
Does it really taste stronger if I’m going to dilute it or has it completely faded and left the chemicals behind? Or will I need to start from scratch and just use less flavor?


i personally would start from scratch , but that just me, with a two month steep a person would think any off taste would go away , thankfully i ddint get any of those and usually i only do a 10 to 15ml SF test and typically dont hold onto them that long . I want to know what a single fruit flave will do over that amount of time though lol i may try it


I test my flavors as a shake and vape, after a week, 2 weeks, 1 month, 2 months… it’s useful to know what a flavor does over time if you want to make a bit larger quantities. So I usually make about 20ml for testers. Better to have a little too much than not enough :slight_smile:

I was just going by the flavor notes but sometimes it’s a bit of a guess if one person says SF 1% and another says 6% or 10%. Oh well, I’ll just start over and see how it goes. I had high hopes for this one.


ya flavorah was fairly new to me so i used their website for recommendations , i forgot where exactly but i wanted to see how potent they were ELRs median usage is way different than theirs , i dont test many creams anymore , the fruits and bakeries are what i like to get an idea of , the biggest amount i make is 120ml unless its something one of my friends are heading up to alaska to fish then i make 1000ml of something bc i hat the post office


Does diy vapor supply carry that? Sounds amazing :wink:


And I thought I had a bad keyboard a couple years ago with only 4-5 keys going screwy after an iced tea spill… :crazy_face:

Either that, or the cat’s sending coded messages again… (it’s too structured to be a dog obviously!) :wink: lol