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Best single flavor juices


My pocket was trying to tell you all that my favorite single flavor is Strawberry Shortcake (Organic) (NF) @ 4%, but it doesn’t speak English!

WHAT Has Made You Smile Today?

Did you ever give 12% Soho a try?


I have not … But I’ll mix it,up Asap ty for,the reminder …


complete sentence


Flavor West - Blackberry Mojito BOMB!


New phone space bar is smaller than usual I accidentally hit the comma instead .


I find FAs blackcurrant to be almost as good, many time better, than “premium” juices from other vendors. It’s fruity, juicy, sweet, sour, everything and still only exactly the flavour it says it is.
However, as I’m so fond of this flavour, I bought a large bottle (50ml, which you can’t get in germany) of this from a UK shop and I get the impression that it’s not half as good or intense. I lacked comparison because I ordered the large one after my small, german, one went out.
Got around to buying another small one from germany and I’m sure it tastes much better. I’m not sure whether they are selling different flavours in UK resp. Germany or whether it’s due to the UK vendor (flavour says “powered by flavour art”, maybe some of you recognise that).
The “german” one at least is perfect. 4% without anything else is a good vape that I could vape on permanently even if there was nothing else to vape.


No, I was waiting for you to tell us how you liked Soho at 12%


Just mixed it up yesterday or the day b4 … Letting it sit for a few days .


You don’t need to do that, just vape the fuck out of that fucking single flavour tester homie


I will lol , i like to let everything sit for a couple days …


Haven’t test Soho at 12% but for sure I like it at 20% single. (MTL user)
RY4 Double TFA from 5% to 12%.


No. Right meow. Lol.


The highest I’ve tested Soho is 7% and I couldn’t even vape it in my regular rta and rda.

It does work in my ammit rda @17 watts, higher and it taste extremely weird. Lol can’t even describe it.

Maybe because I’m not used to tobacco yet but I only use it between 3-5% and that’s already nearly too much for me :frowning: I’m also the weirdo that thinks (tfa) ry4 double above 3% is too much, or (flv) red burley above .18% yet I can vape 2-3% (tfa) black honey lol good single flavor btw.

Looking forward to your 12% test and result


Vaping Zone gourmet cake at 1%…