Real Flavors - Slimming down the line (with recipes for discontinued flavors)

As @Walt_RealFlavors mentioned the line is getting slimmed down with a lot of the more combined flavours being cut. I have gone through the site and copied the recipes that are available and included them in this post just so the reference is here.

Walt if you can fill in any gaps that would be awesome.

Here are they are:

Strawberries & Cream (Discontinued)
60% Strawberry
40% Vanilla

Strawberry Peach (Discontinued)
50% Peach
50% Strawberry

Strawberry Kiwi (Discontinued)
50% Kiwi
50% Strawberry

Apple Crumble (Discontinued)
40% Apple
20% Brown Sugar
20% Cinnamon Roll
20% Graham Cracker

Cherry Taffy (Discontinued)
50% Cherry
50% Taffy

Gingerbread Cookie (Discontinued)
50% Ginger
50% Shortbread Cookie

Apple Taffy (Discontinued)
66% Apple
33% Taffy

Banana Foster (Discontinued)
48.2% Banana
27.8% Caramel
24% Cinnamon Roll

French Vanilla Cappuccino (Discontinued)
66% Coffee
34% Vanilla

Strawberry Rhubarb (Discontinued)
60% Rhubarb
40% Strawberry

Apple Butter (Discontinued)
40% Butter Cream
30% Apple
25% Bavarian Cream
5% Cinnamon Roll

Cinnamon Toast (Discontinued)
75% Cinnamon Roll
25% Vanilla

Caramel Cappuccino (Discontinued)
51.2% Caramel
48.8% Coffee

Strawberry Pastry (Discontinued)
60% Strawberry
30% Cinnamon Roll
8% Vanilla
2% Super Sweet

Ice Cream Sandwich (Discontinued)
40% Sweet Cream
30% Cookies & Cream
30% Vanilla

Cherry Cola Type (Discontinued)
78% Cola Type
22% Cherry

Blue Energy (Discontinued)
50% Blueberry
50% Green Energy

Sweet Potato Pie (Discontinued)
44.8% Sweet Potato
33% Marshmallow
12% Vanilla
10.2% Graham Cracker

Yogurt Parfait (Discontinued)
60% Yogurt
20% Blueberry
10% Graham Craker
10% Strawberry

Orange Cream (Discontinued)
60% Vanilla
40% Orange

Pina Colada (Discontinued)
50% Coconut
50% Pineapple

Banana Taffy (Discontinued)
66% Taffy
34% Banana

Golden Cereal (Discontinued)
50% Graham Cracker
25% Honey
15% Vanilla
10% Cinnamon Roll

Red Soda (Discontinued)
60% Cream Soda
40% Strawberry

Coconut Spiced Rum (Discontinued)
39.4% Coconut
29.6% Bourbon
11.1% Vanilla
10.4% Cinnamon Roll
9.5% Pistachio

Warm Apple Cider (Discontinued)
98% Apple
2% Red Hot Cinnamon

Lemon Cookie (Discontinued)
82% Shortbread Cookie
18% Lemon

Super Ice Cream (Discontinued)
40% Custard
20% Blueberry
20% Cherry
20% Raspberry

Update Here are some more Walt has included on the RF site

Blueberry Jam with Toast (Discontinued)
Blueberry 30%
Marshmallow 20%
Pancake 15%
Brown Sugar 10%
Sweet Cream 10%
Green Energy 5%
Hazelnut 5%
Vanilla 5%

Creme Brulee (Discontinued)
Custard 50%
Vanilla 32%
Caramel 18%

Apple Pie (Discontinued)
Apple 51.4%
Cinnamon Roll 43.6%
Vanilla 5%

Bread Pudding (Discontinued)
Ginger Ale 65%
Pancake 25%
Vanilla 10%

Apple Jam with Toast (Discontinued)
Apple Cider 30%
Marshmallow 20%
Pancake 15%
Brown Sugar 10%
Sweet Cream 10%
Green Energy 5%
Hazelnut 5%
Vanilla 5%

Chocolate Milkshake (Discontinued)
Chocolate 68%
Custard 32%

Deep Fried Spongecake (Discontinued)
Fried Dough 40%
Marshmallow 20%
Vanilla 15%
Custard 7.5%
Sugar Cookie 7.5%

Black Raspberry (Discontinued)
Blackberry 50%
Raspberry 50%

Chocolate Chip Cookie (Discontinued)
Sugar Cookie 66%
Chocolate 34%

Peanut Butter Cookie (Discontinued)
Peanut Butter 50%
Sugar Cookie 50%

Banana Bread (Discontinued)
Banana 50%
Cinnamon Roll 44%
Vanilla 6%

Caramel Apple (Discontinued)
Apple Cider 75%
Caramel 25%

Cinnamon Donut (Discontinued)
Fried Dough 95%
Red Hot Cinnamon 5%

Key Lime Pie (Discontinued)
Lime 70%
Graham Cracker 30%

Chocolate Cake (Discontinued)
Vanilla 48%
Chocolate 40%
Sugar Cookie 12%

Cherry Limeade (Discontinued)
Cherry 50%
Lime 50%

Mocha (Discontinued)
Coffee 50%
Vanilla 25%
Chocolate 25%

Deep Fried Cookies and Cream (Discontinued)
Cookies & Cream 50%
Fried Dough 50%

Neapolitan Ice Cream (Discontinued)
Custard 50%
Strawberry 25%
Chocolate 25%

Snickerdoodle (Discontinued)
Vanilla 55%
Sugar Cookie 25%
Cinnamon Roll 20%

Banana Split (Discontinued)
Custard 40%
Banana 30%
Strawberry 20%
Chocolate 10%

Marshmallow Candy (Discontinued)
Marshmallow 40%
Sugar Cookie 11%
Bavarian Cream 10%
Pistachio 10%
Sweet Cream 10%
Vanilla 10%
Super Sweet 5%
Strawberry 4%

Fruit Danish (Discontinued)
Blueberry 25%
Raspberry 25%
Strawberry 25%
Vanilla 25%

Sponge Cake (Discontinued)
Vanilla 50%
Marshmallow 20%
Sugar Cookie 20%
Cotton Candy 10%

Chocolate Hazelnut Spread (Discontinued)
Chocolate 52%
Hazelnut 48%

Paczki (Discontinued)
Fried Dough 60%
Raspberry 30%
Marshmallow 10%

Brandy (Discontinued)
Bourbon 66%
Grape 34%

Sugar Cub (Discontinued)
Graham Cracker 50%
Sugar Cookies 20%
Butter Cream 10%
Cinnamon Roll 10%
Sweet Cream 10%


That’s really cool walt did this … Most companies would just drop the flaves…


I am still stressing that Bourbon is on the cut list still even though Walt assured me it is not getting cut.

There are quite a few missing and it may be that those are simply not combo flavours but ya it is a super cool thing to do and there are a few there that I am relieved to have the recipes for.


These also can give people ideas of how to try and put together stones … It does seem like all theybare getting rid of are combos , my Strawberry Milkshake is safe so far…


That is really cool of Walt to include the recipes. I never did try the bourbon but love that aged bourbon cream. Can’t imagine I need 16oz of bourbon but did order the coconut and that strawberry one with vanilla, love there strawberry flavors.


I promise more are coming. I some how got stuck in Orlando Florida?! Lol so as soon as I some how get back to the home base, I will update more flavors :slight_smile:


Which Orange and which Vanilla? This is one of my staple flavors. :expressionless:

As long as Rainbow Sherbet, Honeydew and Spearmint are safe I’ll live, probably.


I would assume the RFSC French Vanilla and the the RFSC Orange but you could certainly switch it up a little and use a blood orange if you wanted and/or one of the black label vanillas.

Good to see you around too Mizzz


Shshsh… :wink:


::hides:: never saw me here


What kind of an ambiguous statement is this? My three favorite flavors @Walt_RealFlavors! Don’t torture me with this! :cold_sweat:


I think you are safe :man_shrugging:t2::man_shrugging:t2::man_shrugging:t2:


Will we ever thank you enough? Thank you @Walt_RealFlavors


I agree. Thank you @Walt_RealFlavors for your products and being part of this forum in the past.

Now I need to buy a load (well at least 150ml) of blackraspberry from the UK supplier as its discontinued. I had never heard of it before and didn’t know it existed, but yum yum. I’m going to miss it when its finally gone!


@woftam just seen that some more of the culled flavours have been updated with the recipes (thanks @Walt_RealFlavors ). Notably “Black Raspberry” is 50/50 Blackberry/Raspberry, so while I’ve ordered that already its good to know when its run out at the supplier that I can still make it.


Cheers Updated


Freaky that this tastes the way it does! I convinced myself there was Raisin in there!
@Walt_RealFlavors you’re a Wizard! Thank you for taking this extra effort to keep us mixing our favorites!
Edit: thanks to you, too, @woftam for organizing these into a solid thread for reference.


I always wanted to try Sugar Cub and am sure I have all the ingredients to make it.

@Walt_RealFlavors is such a standup dude, these recipe reveals are so valuable to further our DIY education. Thanks again Walt!


Hey, @Walt_RealFlavors, I have a vague memory from about 2 years ago. Did you guys reformulate Cinnamon Roll around Spring/Summer 2017? I thought i read it was to make it smoother or something like that. Wondering if i should replace mine to attempt some of these recipe reveals. It was from just before then. Thanks, man!


If you go to the RF site you can see the flavors marked as “discontinued” Masala Chai is another one I love that’s going away. I don’t use a lot of it but it has a perfect balance of spices that works in everything. I’m gonna miss that one. :frowning_face: