Best Strawberry Flavor for Strawberry n cream?

Been working on trying to make a good sweet tasting strawberry n cream juice, I pretty much have my cream down I just need a good tasting strawberry which doesn’t have the seed taste if you know what I mean. If you have ever had the Cream Savers Strawberry n cream candies? That is the flavor I am trying to achieve which I guess would be more of an artificial/candy tasting flavor. Any feedback on flavors that would help me achieve what I’m trying to create it would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Capella sweet strawberry and TPA Ripe strawberry


Right now I am using the Capella Sweet Strawberry and I’m getting that real strawberry with seeds flavor, but maybe I’m just using to high of a percent when mixing.

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I’m also using Nicvape Ripe Strawberry.

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Are you meaning the bitterness. I don’t know what you mean by seed flavor

I guess you can describe it as a somewhat sour bitter taste.

What percentage are you mixing sweet strawberry?

10% right now.

Highest I’ve used it in creams is 8% I’d try it around 5 to 8 percent until you find what your looking for. That is the better sweet strawberry around. INW strawberry shisha and FA strawberry and TPA Strawberry are more of a bitter strong strawberry flavor. I know sweet strawberry cap and strawberry ripe TPA are mixed together in a lot of cream bases. But I’d lower the percentage and that should work out fine.


Awesome Dan I will give that a try and let ya know how it works out for me! Thanks for the help.

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I’m thinking if I drop to 8% and raise the PG that should help bring the sweet strawberry out more.

I’m using a strawberry base I created. This is the best strawberry I’ve tasted…


That’s a lot of strawberry lol

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Are you familiar with flavor bases? You mix this up and use it as a single flavor in a recipe.

Strawberry (Flavor Base)
Usage: Single Flavor 5-6%, Mixer 2-4%


Try searching “candy” recipies. You may need something else. My first guess for strawberry candy would be sweet SB cap.

But I would believe you need. Cream (yup), strawberry (yup), and a little extra somethings for candy.


Thanks I will search that.

im about to go add some subtle amounts of coconut to some strawberry recipes and Pyure’s on the list!


What exactly are Pyure’s?

Pyure Organic Liquid Stevia Extract


I love strawberry and I think whatever sounds good to you and what you like works best. I will say a terrible strawberry that I tried was Liquid Barn’s I just don’t care for it, it comes off as crayons and their sb cheesecake as well. But for the sake of your question I do like the sb ripe and sweet sb cap combo sometimes I bring the ripe up higher sometimes the sweet sb is higher just depends on my mood.

Other strawberries that are fabulous with ripe or w/o are FA’s red touch SB outstanding as well as LA’s Natural SB very sweet glycerin based. Real Flavors- or at ECX they are AKA Northwest flavors their Vg based flavor Strawberry is always a good one as well.

OOO (one on one flavors ) I like their ripe SB it taste identical to ripe sb TFA hmm

Vanilla ice cream by liquid barn is by far the most versatile and readily vapable I’ve come across. TFA’s VBIC is great with steeping as well as FW’s then Cap’s which is way weaker and for me seems like an even longer steeping period.