Best Super concentrate brand

I’ve searched the recent archives and did some Google-fu to find the top brand of and some flavors I would want in SUPER CONCENTRATE.
I really like the idea of a one shot of flavor mix.
Please reply with your advice from personal use or links for reviews or articles

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What exactly are you looking for? There are a bajillion posts here and on the recourse side about individual flavors. I terms of higher concentrated flavorings a few come to mind…medicinal flower, flavoraurt, flavorah, inawera, and real flavors sc line.

If your looking for something closure to the range of one shot and mix and match one shot liquid barn comes to mind.

If you are looking for one shoots diy or die has some for sale on ecx. I think you can find some on chefs flavors as well.

Hope this helps. Beyond that. Yeah. There is a f@ck yon of info here already posted.


from all i tested,
Mon & Pop - Calipiter Chow
is fucking extraordinery awsomely great. i would give them the
nobel taste price if i could

its changing while steeping. all stages are worth trying but ofc it gets better and better

dont try to find out what it tastes like, nobody can tell you…

most ppl cant tell if its savory or sweet. for me its both :slight_smile:

ps. in my melo3 tank its almost unvapable
but in my petri rda… its singing

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Each company has its own good and not so good flavours.
Hence why we mostly mix and match.
Flavour Art and Inawera are my favourites but Flavorah has impressed me greatly recently and I am currently trying out Pure Flavors concentrates. They are a German company which you can buy from Chefs.


I’m looking for a really reliable one shot concentrate company. I’ll drill down to the flavors they offer once they pass muster for being a quality outfit.
There are just too many companies with all kinds of marketing hype and fancy labels to make me a fool.
The peeps here have surely done the leg work and it would be great to not do my own learning curve on a dwindling vape budget.
I like coffee blends, natural tobacco and desert vapes like Tiramisu and Caramel. Thanks!

I took a trip over to recipe side to view your flavor stash, but it’s not being shared. I did however view your posted recipes to get an idea of what flavors you mostly use.

What I see from your posted recipes is you started with tobacco and coffee recipes and later moved to vanillas. One thing I did notice Is some of your %s used is quite high for certain flavors.

Just my opinion, but I think you could benefit from more flavor research. Since it looks like you were moving from Tobaccos and coffees to more of a dessert type mix, I’d suggest you seek out that profile on the recipe side and take a look at those mixers that are mixing the flavors you want to try.

Here are a couple links to offer some self help, because no one can tell you what you will like. It’s something that’s learned through research and testing.


I appreciate the links. I’ve been mixing from just flavors for a while and I’m wanting to take a plunge into the one shot concentrates. I’m not a super taster and it takes a lot of trial and error to get it right for my taste buds.
I have been pretty much doing the same flavors for some time, caramel coffee, tpa strawberry mixes, caramel and vanilla creme, virginia and western tobacco with coffee. Too many other mixes to count that just didnt keep me puffing.
Best regards!

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A similar request was made recently…

A link to something I hoped would take hold as it offered an opportunity for members to post the flavors that most appeal to them. For some reason very few chose to post what flavors works best for them. IMO this would offer an easy shortcut for some that’s seeking alternatives from their norm.


I know ecx sells some one shots. But both ecx and bcf have flavor packs. That would be a great starting point.

Beyond that, mixing does take time. Time does cost money. I get that. I struggle with that all the time. But it’s f you put in the time the rewards far outweigh short cuts. Everyone’s learning curve is different.

Looking at your elr stats I see 4hours of read time. I would recommend just reading more. It will pay judge dividends regardlesss of if you started reading prior to mixing or after. I promise you that. Knowledge is key.

When you have a free vape moment…vape and read. That’s what I do. If you look at my stats (click on my name) you will see I have no life. Lol. All that time is from my vape breaks. Give or take time for fun reading and learning.

This also explains why my grammar and spelling is horrible. Lol. Only got enough time to thumb out my response.


For Tiramisu take a look at FA Tiramisu. Very potent with SF mixes around 2%-4%. I’ve had great success with Wonder Flavors Brazilian Coffee (be careful of the coffee rainbow :grinning:)


That’s exactly the type of info I’m looking for. Brazil coffee is one of my favorite flavors in real Dunkin donuts and with my own roasting of green Brazilian coffee. I’m hoping my favorite vendor Bull City Flavors will have what I need after I get more recommended Super Concentrated one shot flavors.

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Thanks, I’m reviewing ECX inventory now.

I recently tried FA’s UP which they intend to be a one shot. It’s similar to Tiramisu but not quite as potent.I think its good where most of their “one shot’s” are pretty lacking IMO. It’s definitely a black coffee mix.

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I appreciate the time and consideration on your posting.
I am however well stocked with single flavors and have bottles and bottles of finished product that I lost interest in after a few months.
My time is very limited to read and read too find a concise recommendation on great SUPER CONCENTRATED ONE SHOT BLENDS.
I see some outfits that supply many naturally extracted blended one shots for the bakery and restaraunts.
I see you spent a lot of time and effort on the other post for single flavors. I have created a home page link for it on my LG G6 screen.
Thank you kindly.

Would it be safe to assume that Real Flavors is a great supplier of Super Concentrates (SC)?
I have spent some time reviewing topics with @Walt_realflavors and he is tireless and thorough in giving information.
I would be interested in replies on their top selling bakery, coffee and vanilla SC.
and is the code SAMPLESC still viable?
Is there any ELR discount codes?
Thank you dear friends!

Noob question, related to the thread. What’s the difference between the ‘one shots’ mentioned here, and something like Red Licorice, which is a product and not a simple fruit flavor?

One shots are multiple flavors mixed into one concentrate. Like you can buy the DoD pistachio ry4 one shot for instance and then mix the recipe using just that one concentrate. Its the same as a “stone” if you’ve seen that term before.

Not sure that answers your question…?

Not sure either. I guess what I mean is, there’s a difference between simply “apple” and then something like TFA Egg Nog, which is obviously a combination of multiple real-life flavors. Does a ‘one-shot’ mean it’s multiple ejuice concentrates mixed into a base instead?


I think I get what youre saying. Let me see if I can make sense here…
So think of it like this… There’s tpa vanillin… that’s the only flavor component in the flavor (or maybe more accurately defined as an additive like EM or sucralose). Then there’s tpa vanilla swirl, that has vanillin plus a bunch of other components. Then there’s a vanilla ice cream cone one shot which is going to be tons of different components from different flavors mixed together to make a new flavor.

More sense…? (Less…?) lol


Wait, that’s actually called a “recipe”. Meh, I give up.

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