Best vanilla bean ice cream

Who makes the best vbic…
Flavor West
The Flavor Apprentice

I’ve have flavor west and love it, I just ordered some capella. Who makes the best post your opinions


Personally, I like tfa vbic.


i second the TFA

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Haven’t tried the others but Flavor West does make a good one…

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Out of TFA, FW, CAP and LB im gonna go with LB just on one mix alone. Very rich and creamy, like a premium VIC. Absolutely love it so far.

LB=Liquid Barn

So far it is my favorite flavoring from them. In fact their cream line is quite nice.

Here is a simple RB Float i made with it, check the description for the additions.

Rootbeer Float

Ingredient %
Rootbeer (LB) 4
Vanilla Ice Cream (LB) 2.5

Flavor total: 6.5%

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I will second @Ken_O_Where Liquid barn’s is the Best hands down. Out of the 3 vendors you listed I like Capella’s , TFA then FW.

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Ive got a couple more in the works including a Coffee Ice Cream.


OOHH Yum ! I just got FLV’s coffee and haven’t done anything with it I may spin something up tonight !!! Hey post that one over yonder so we can keep a record of yummy recipes when we release our reviews !!!


Most certainly will tho it will be a few days as i am sure it will require modification. I started @ 1% Cappuccino 4% VIC because that cappuccino is so strong. But im sure it will need some adjusting.


Vanilla ice cream I just noticed no " bean " on the label oh well we know that is what Liquid barn is going for.

Yes when it steeps and you test it !

I swear this is so good mainly bc of it’s richness that’s coming from the LB VIC especially at like day 9 or 10 which is where it’s at atm and it Has been my ADV today mmm.

Double strawberry milkshake

Ingredient %
Creamy Milky Undertone (OOO) 4.2
Milk Condensed (FA) 0.4
Shisha Strawberry (INAWERA) 3
Strawberry (NWF) 5
Vanilla Ice Cream (LB) 3

Flavor total: 15.6%

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How it is that i have never seen this before? Yeah, i need some of that but of course i decided to get in trouble tonight and order 32 new flavorings. Ill have to wait until the bruises heal.


I understand perfectly :wink:

It is amazing it is delicious and I know we all have our form of Neste Quick pink rabbit milk but dang it all this is just TOO freaking good !

The sb shisha is such an amazing Sb for those that don’t have it please check it out it is worth every penny. It isn’t any kinda weird tobacco either it is heavenly. And Sb by North west flavors is at ECX and it is a VG based flavor which I HAVE to have at all times along with the shisha Sb they are a must have in my arsenal :smile:

That VIC is so rich and the Condensed milk is so concentrated the first two days you think crap that stinks but give it time it will chill out. @Shaner makes a diluted form of it. I usually just use 1-2 drops.
It is a great flavor Ken but boy it does smell off the bottle there is actually a comments on the FA about it stinking. Powerful But superior to any milk out there.


I love the Shisha SB. I’ve been vaping this for about 4 weeks.

Strawberry Milk V3 :

3% Bavarian Cream (FW)
5% New York Cheesecake (CAP)
5% Shisha Strawberry (INAWERA)
3% Sweet Cream (CAP)
5% Sweet Strawberry (CAP)
2% Vanilla Custard v1 (CAP)

Flavor total: 23%
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Sorry didn’t mean to high jack thread. And this recipe has been adapted from another.


@Ken_O_Where @Amy2

Bringing this thread back, is the consensus here still the same?

I am having troubles with VBIC or ice cream in general.

Will have to try LB if that is still the best?


Yes! :stuck_out_tongue:

I am one of those who doesn’t get any pepper from TPA’s so I use it a lot. I love it. But LB Vanilla Ice Cream is really hard to beat and it’s my favorite. I save it for special occasions though cuz I don’t wanna have to make an order from them for just one concentrate. :wink:

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Yes ! I haven’t changed my feelings on it, I love it ! It’s vapable day 1 and only gets better and better. No pepper hits either and the creamy vanilla note is fantastic.

Another Vanilla Cream I have just gotten around to messing w/ is Delosi it is a wonderful blend of vanilla and more a of dairy like cream than a clean cream well rounded and good added depth.


@Ken_O_Where I got to try your Rootbeer Float. I need to order some (LB) flavors. Any suggestions on other flavors I should order from them. :smiley:

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Or anyone else’s suggestions of (LB) flavors :smiley:

Haha was just gonna say, I’m not Ken but I’ll still tell ya what I think! :stuck_out_tongue: Here’s a list of all the ones that I consider 4 or 5 star flavors.

  • Bakers Touch ***** 8% (SnV - definitely has a kind of cinnamon cookie kind of flavor, a little buttery. 1 week - same. I like it a lot. 2 weeks - same. I’m not sure what this is supposed to be, but it’s almost like a speculoo or a cinnamon graham cracker or something like that. 3 weeks - same. This is really good. Cinnamon, kinda cookie, a little creamy. 4 weeks - same. Really great flavor. Sweet, creamy, spicy.)
  • Banana **** 4% (SnV - it’s no Ripe banana, but it’s not bad. Kinda weak. 1 week - up % a little but tastes like banana laffy taffy. 2 weeks - Definitely getting banana taffy. 3 weeks - gotten a little lighter on flavor. 5 weeks - same. Seems like banana tends to fade quickly in general. Still a good banana flavor, but much weaker than it started out.)
  • Blue Raspberry **** 5% (SnV - little weak, but definitely a blue raspberry vibe. 10 days - still weak. 2 weeks - still a little weak, but definitely blue raspberry. 5 weeks - pretty good. Definitely up the % but I like it.)
  • Butterscotch Graham Tobacco **** 4% (SnV - pretty tasty, a little funky, think it’ll steep nicely. 10 days - has a sharp bite, almost like cheesecake. 2 weeks - same; I think the bite is from the tobacco, but it makes it taste like cheesecake. 3 weeks - same. I like it though. 5 weeks - a lot of the bite mellowed out. I like it a lot.)
  • Coconut Milk ***** 4% (SnV - a decent coconut, a little plastic. 1 week - Little sunscreen but mostly creamy coconut flavor. Pretty good 2 weeks - very tasty. 5 weeks - no idea what happened to notes for weeks 3&4. This has pretty much just gotten better.)
  • Creme Brûlée **** 8% (SnV - what I’d imagine creme brûlée would taste like. Kind of an eggy custard. 1 week - same. Not quite as strong as the Inawera, but I like it. 2 weeks - same. 3 weeks - same. Less eggy than before, but very nice. 4 weeks - same.)
  • Dew Mountain **** 8% (SnV - can’t put my finger on this. It is a little of a citrus/mt dew but also has a bit of a chemically taste to it. 1 week - same. 2 weeks - same. Maybe the chem taste is supposed to be a caffeine kinda taste? I don’t know. 3 weeks - what a difference a week can make. Pretty much tastes like mt dew now. Still a bit of that chem taste but not awful now. 4 weeks - not bad. Kinda tastes like a mt dew.)
  • Fresh Cream **** 6% (SnV - Definitely a creamy mouthfeel, tiny bit sweet, slight coconut flavor. 1 week - same. No coconut anymore. 2 weeks - pretty much the same. Sweeter, and the coconut is back. 3 weeks - very sweet, still some coconut vibe, creamy feel. It’s really nice. 4 weeks - same. Less sweet and coconut. Nice.)
  • Green Apple **** 1% (1 week - a little light, get a little apple and some plastic + anise flavor. 17 days - still light, less plastic. 24 days - a very nice green apple flavor. No more plastic.)
  • Pink Lemonade **** 6% (SnV - tastes like lemonade with a bit of a bitter note. 1 week - this is pretty nice. It’s a sourish lemonade flavor. 2 weeks - same. As far as lemonades go, this one is decent. 2 weeks - same. 3 weeks - same again. Nice lemonade flavor with a bit of a kick. Cranberry I’m guessing. 4 weeks - same.)
  • Rootbeer ***** 3% (2 days - sweet root beer and even tastes kinda fizzy. Delicious. 1 week - very tasty. I love this flavor. 2 weeks - still very good and tastes like rootbeer. Not quite as fizzy. 3 weeks - same. 4 weeks - same. Excellent flavor and will certainly use more in the future.)
  • Snickerdoodle **** 8% (SnV - I think I’m gonna like this. A buttery, slightly spicy cookie flavor. Maybe a bit of caramel. 1 week - same. I can see this and bakers touch going together really well. 2 weeks - same. Buttery, cinnamon cookie. 3 weeks - same. Really tasty. 4 weeks - really nice. Slightly buttery/creamy, cinnamon cookie.)
  • Tobacco **** 6% (SnV - bit of an anise note, sweet, else nothing. 1 week - same. Still kinda tastes a bit like sweet anise or root beer. 2 weeks - still kinda tastes like root beer. 3 weeks - still an anise/root beer taste. Not getting tobacco at all unless it’s an anise tobacco. Might make a nice clove cigarette vape. 4 weeks - same. Wish I had a decent clove I could use with it.)
  • Vanilla Cream Tobacco **** 6% (SnV - definitely getting the creamy vanilla flavor, but not much tobacco. 1 week - Very nice creamy vanilla. Getting some coconut. Still not much tobacco flavor. 2 weeks - same as 1. A great vanilla cream, but no tobac. 3 weeks - same. A very nice creamy vanilla flavor but not getting anything resembling tobacco. Maybe my tobacco tastebuds are broken. 4 weeks - same. So weird. Really nice creamy vanilla. A little dry, maybe a bit of a bite?)
  • Vanilla Ice Cream ***** 8% (SnV - very nice ice cream flavor. Similar to what I can taste of VBIC TPA in recipes. 1 week - same. Very sweet, creamy vanilla. 2 weeks - a very good vanilla ice cream. No off notes, very sweet and creamy. 3 weeks - same. 4 weeks - same. Excellent flavor.)
  • Vienna Cream **** 6% (SnV - semi-sweet, light cream flavor. 1 week - same. 2 weeks - same. 3 weeks - same. Light, sweet, creamy. Very nice. 4 weeks - same. Bright, sweet cream flavor. Very nice. Not too sweet or dense.)

WOW Thank You @JoJo I Love Snickerdoodle cookies :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: