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Beta Testing New Flavors :D


PM me your email that you used on the site. I will mail you a bottle for free :stuck_out_tongue:


Thank you @Walt_RealFlavors! I promise to put it to good use.I am going to get an order up tonight because I am needing to order Cherry Pie and Rocky Road as well as grab a few of your new extracts.If I include a note on the order could you throw it in with the Powdered Sugar?
Pretty Please…Would ya…Could ya…:kissing_heart:

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Grrrrrr. Are you sure you aren’t a woman? You sure got the teasing down to a science!

@dwdh586 I have been really wanting to know how the Crispy treat and Marshmallow tastes…please keep us posed. And I am sooo jelly and mad at you now…how dare you smell THE vanilla! I will consider forgiving you. Maybe…

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@MysticRose I will help you too :wink: pm me if you are placing an order so I can add it on.


@Walt_RealFlavors Awwwww…you do love me :wink:

I was waiting to make my order. Been watching this weekend waiting for the brownie batter and elephant ear, but your fire happened. So thankful no one as hurt or the house damaged.

Is it going to be awhile, should I just go ahead and order? There was only a couple flavors I’m getting right now anyway.


Count on it hon, I’m making a 15ml test batch of Marshmallow, RKT and Coffee. All are going to be a 30/70 PG-VG Mix (with the 3mcg nicotine) with 3% as a starting value.

Please note I am going to warm bath (about 105 degrees f) them for an hour after initial shake and then let them breathe overnight. After the breathing period expires I’ll try a few hits of each of the initial taste - then shelve them for a week, test again - then another week, test again…

Oh you guys get the point. So without further ado… let me get mixing.

Ok, at this point I need to clear the record and say that he put it in front of me, I didn’t ask… but wow. The thing I love about it the most is that the recipe is from local resources - which is totally awesome! A little bit of Michigan for everyone - and that is pretty frickin’ cool to me.[quote=“Walt_RealFlavors, post:681, topic:51600”]
PM me your email that you used on the site. I will mail you a bottle for free :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh sure, I show up at your door and I get a sniff… they get a tester? Just kidding… seriously, it was a trip just being there and the nickle tour I got was awesome.


Lol more like the lobby with the Slot machines and my office… which was a total mess haha.


Meh, it’s a working office… if you could see my home office right now - you wouldn’t feel bad.

So initial sniff tests… WOW… strong, this is going to be so much fun.


I remember about 5 or 6 years ago there was a “Cookies and Cream” that somebody made that was my all day vape, I believe the people I had gotten it from went out of business. When I went out to New Mexico (Farmington) on business there was a shop that made me up something (again… cookies and cream), I just haven’t been able to find a good vapable style that I’ve liked. :cry:

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I did end up adding the Rice Crispy Treat to my order…lol. I just had a couple flavors and couldn’t wait :wink: I did order the regular VG though. Waiting to see how the extracts work.

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I’ll put it this way, one whiff and I was hooked… VERY concentrated, so much I didn’t DARE risk a “drop” test on the hand, they are a little more expensive, but after doing the math - cheaper in the long run.

I am stoked for the Rice Krispies Treats test… I feel like a kid at Christmas again.




I placed my order earlier as well . I went with a combination of extracts and the VG .I also ordered some PDO as I have found it to be working in some of my latest experiments with Tobacco NET’s and some more of those twist tops for bottles that I can’t get enough of!:slight_smile:
I ordered the following in extracts
White Chocolate
Rice Crispy Treat
Condensed Milk
The VG ones thanks to you and others recommending them!
Cherry Pie
Rocky Road Ice Cream
Peanut Butter Cup

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@Walt_RealFlavors , Hey Walt, I’m extremely intrigued after reading this thread but the list of flavours that everyone seems to be ordering from you (and making me drool in the process) don’t seem to be available this side of the pond (UK) I’ve checked Chefs Flavours which seem to be your UK stockists and they only have white chocolate from the list @BoyHowdy put up, is there any way of obtaining the others?
thanks in advance :+1:


I must warn you that all the extracts I have ordered are shots in the dark but I will say that I believe in RF and it is worth taking the chance for me.


they sound too good to pass up on, I’m a salesman’s dream, I read something like this thread and I’m like TAKE MY MONEY!..lol but it looks to me like they have a list of flavour profiles that would sell in the states and a different one for the UK which is perfectly understandable but generally speaking the UK flavour profile tends to be …well…bland lol, and the handful of times I’ve been to the states I’m all like NOM NOM NOM :yum: if you get me lol…


That doesn’t sound like a good marketing strategy at all.Hopefully Walt will let you know the deal ,maybe they have just been renamed?


I’ve just found flavourdepot.com , they do the peanut buttercup but again none of the others.

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That is a start at least , I know most of the vendors over here in the states will try and stock anything that we ask for so maybe try that if nothing else works out.


I seen their stock in a lot of these ship out last week and got to them on Friday or yesterday. Give them a shout and I am sure they can give you an update. I would guess they would be up as soon as they get them bottled.