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Beta Testing New Flavors :D


brilliant, thanks @Walt_RealFlavors :+1:

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Ohhh no. I forgot you have to order the twist tops separate. I didn’t realize that when I ordered last time either, so I need like 10 of them. @Walt_RealFlavors, can I order them now and can you throw them in with the bottles I just ordered if it’s not too late please?

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I think he can handle that if not Let me know and I will send you some asap.



Same here…shot in the dark. Got 10 on the way. This will be a fun weekend coming up :slight_smile:



Was it wrong of me to bang my head during the whole song? Sorry… It made my day.



Have you tried RF Cookies and Cream? I absolutely love it.

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No, thing is I would hate to pay an equal amount on shipping as I would for a single ingredient (without prior knowledge of it). I just completed a good order to @Nicotine_River (but I do have a birthday coming up lol). maybe my wife won’t shoot me… lol



They have RF at Gremlindy also, even in 5ml test sizes, and 15ml. If you happen to order something from there you could throw it in to try for a lot less than investing in a 2oz.



Placing an order now thru them… any idea of a coupon or code for Gremlindy?

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For 5% discount use code: ELRECIPES

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Thx @JoJo and also @MysticRose for pointing out that site.
1 x Bread Pudding (RF)
(Size: 15ml)
1 x Sugar Cookie (RF)
(Size: 15ml)
1 x Cookies n Cream (RF)
(Size: 15ml)
1 x Samoa Cookie (RF)
(Size: 15ml)



Your quite welcome. I order from them for most my stuff. They seem to usually have the variety I’m looking for so I can get away with not paying shipping at multiple places, and always ship in 24hrs or less. If you end up liking the flavors and getting more, it is cheaper at RF with the 25% discount though.



Are you ready for your shocking news of the day?

By Q4 we will no longer accept retail orders on our main site. You will have to use a reseller like Amazon or Gremlin… one of the big box rules…

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When exactly is Q4 for those of us who don’t speak business-ese? Guess I’ll have to order what I want from ya soon. :wink:




Or show up at your door scratching away like the cat trying to get in from the cold, right?

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Either Oct 1 or Jan 1st depends on the business and when they consider a fiscal year date.



I’m big into the fruity styles, blue razz blow pop so far my all time favorite which i make myself. I’m thinking the blue tootsie roll that I have been eating since i was a kid would be amazing and sweedish fish, the flavor when you eat all of them together lol red green yellow and orange. Thanks guys



Ok, that really and truly blows. Appreciate the heads up though.

Can’t see how it would make much difference if you’ve got both M.A.P. and M.S.R.P. stipulations in effect via contracts… But my main reason for appreciating going direct is that it’s one way to guarantee that you’re not getting product that’s being diluted.

Sad news.



Okay… 24 hour steep test for 3% raw extract… here are the stats:

30/70 PG-VG @ 3mcg 100 VG Nicotine (Nicotine River)
Flavors (extracts) tested: Marshmallow, Rice Krispy Treats & Coffee
Hardware: Twisted Messes Squared RDA, Alienwire at 2.5mm ID - 4 wraps per coil - 2 coils used at .17 ohm resistance. Joyetech Cuboid at 55 watts on Voltage Mode - no SS for a Temp Control build.

After 1.5 liters of water and some deep respiratory therapy… 3% is too heavy… holy cow…
Guys, please note, I think (based from the smell and the taste) there is still some alcohol left after 24 hours, I’m going to let this breath overnight before I continue on.

Marshmallow is a kick-in-the-throat white fluffy taste, adds body, adds sweetness… but is not as light as the PG heavyweights of TFA, Flavorah or Flavor West. This is an authentic marshmallow flavor, however - 3% is very heavy on that sickeningly sweet flavor.

This is concentrated… no doubt, you may want to limit to 2% at most as a standalone flavor and maybe .5% as a mixable ingredient… holy moly.

Rice Krispy Treats, this has some similar taste properties as the marshmallow, but there is an aftertaste of something a little more earthier on the exhale, not as sharp as the marshmallow - but this wasn’t what was expected.

Same concentrations as Marshmallow, these extracts are strong!! My throat is a little raw after the second flavor, killed another liter of water before venturing on to…

COFFEE!! Been looking forward to this one… so let’s get to it!

Oh god… I’ve become a mad scientist…

Holy crap… 3% is WAY too high… first inhale was a surprise, but the taste wasn’t bad… for what my mouth will let me remember. The taste of the coffee reminds me of the old fashioned dark roast scent from the old tin can. Which to me, is a bit strange - it tastes the way my memory recalls the smell (at least, to my memory). Dark, robust and definitely the kind of kick with a cup of black coffee…

Probably not a great stand alone flavor, but this has got possibilities with some sweet creams, maybe some caramel, I think the opportunities with this flavor (once I dial in the right percentage) would be a great base for coffee/cappuccino flavors for the DIY enthusiast.

Guys, mind you - this is only after 24 hours steep, these may settle down after some time - not sure, but these 15ml testers I have made will be put to good use once a week, and I will continue to report on these.

For my next batch - the chocolate, cherry and cream cheese will be at the same percentage as the previous 3 flavors above with the same conditions. I’ll mix those up tomorrow and report my findings again.


Real Flavors! All Natural VG Based Flavors

Awesome report, and I’m hoping they stay in line with the 0.5-1% area!! That’s more of what I expect if the pricepoint’s to remain at 7.99!

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