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Beta Testing New Flavors :D


All I can say about price is this…I find 3-5 drops (depending on a dropper) for 0.04 to 0.07 grams to add a light secrect flavor of white chocolate mf, cucumber FA, cactus INW, peper FA, and so on I will take any day. I find that when mixing with the higher concentrates seem less weighted and a cleaner vape.

I tried a gnarly Farley mix with 22% and it was just chaulkey and just meh. But I can why people rave. So I cut bubble gum by half…and three others by half and just waiting for the steep. By 22% mixes I get a chaulkey feeling.


That brings up something I’ve wondered about since the very first time I heard the brand name “Charlie’s Chalk Dust”. Nothing about that name says “try this!!” to me, quite the opposite in fact.

It screams how did they even sell a single bottle? Dust and liquids being polar opposites and all…
“Vape this and you’ll feel dry as a bone!” would not be my first thought for marketing, but it IS my first thought when I hear chalk dust. chuckle

The only thing I could even begin to imagine would be that I’m missing some kind of movie or literary reference. /shrugs


Haha… That pink sticker lol


Hey man, don’t be crackin on my pink sticker. I’m pretty proud of it.


I’ve tired one of Charlie’s Chalk Dust flavors. I thought it was crap. The guys in the vape shop were all telling me how great it was. Gross.


I’m super stoked about these extracts and can’t wait to hear you guys’ thoughts. And get my hands on a few. I’ll be ordering soon! :smiley:

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Same here @JoJo , thought I would try a couple of the standard ingredients first, and if they hit the mark for me, purchase the same in extract form.

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I mixed all 10 of mine at 0.5%. Did them with nic and 70/30. Shaken and tried 3 of them tonight after about 8 hrs. All three that I tried I could taste the flavor but they were on the weak side. I’ll try the other 7 tomorrow and then bump up the ones I feel need the most help. I’m super stoked about that Strawberry though. All of them really but especially the sb. The Blood Orange smells amazing too but not tried it yet.


I really like the regular blood orange so if the extract is as good or better, then I gotta get me some. There are a bunch of the flavors that I’ve tried that I’d love to have in more concentrated form and some of the others that were kinda so so that I’d like to try and see if they’re better as extracts. :slight_smile:


I totally agree with you… Highway robbery. Perhaps it does cost them more to make it since it is real. But even from me …someone who really likes MF, I don’t think it’s ‘that’ great or worth the price at all. I have over 20 of their flavors and still about half of them I don’t even use. Many are weak too. A few are really good though and if you don’t mind paying for it, it is really delicious and real tasting. I love the banana, butterscotch, lemon, orange, peach, guava, pomegranate and strawberry, blueberry and blackberry. The rest like chocolate, white chocolate, vanilla, coffee, hazelnut, almond are just weird and useless to me. I’ll keep trying to use them and eventually find some use I’m sure. I just like other brands better.


Sooooo… who got the new extracts in the mail haha


Still testing the ones I got, but first impression is…impressive! Thank you again for making these available.


<<<<<<<Waving hand wildly in the air and yelling “MEEEEE”

Thank you so much Walt for the awesome customer service, and the surprises! Can’t wait to mix some of these tomorrow. The French Vanilla Cream smells A-Mazing! If it tastes like it smells it will be heaven. And when I smelled the Brownie Batter, I immediately had the urge to start licking the brownie bowl, smell is sooo spot on! Can’t wait to try the new flavors, and play with the extracts as well :smiley:


Me yaaay!!!, and when the man lets me go home for the weekend I am going to get busy with em.
Thanks for the freebies and thank the Real Flavors team for me.You should let them interact with the community ever once in a while!


Just received Strawberry, Yumberry, Marshmallow, and Butterscotch Pudding…Gonna be mixing this weekend…To anyone with experience with these: Who is steeping these extracts, and for how long?

@Walt_RealFlavors…Thank you for the Same Day order processing…Being that I live in a 1 Day range for UPS Ground, I received these the next day after ordering…How long will these be available for purchase on your Website before you have to comply with your agreement with the retailers that will be carrying them?


Phucque YEAH !!!


We have a bit of time still. Just working out how to make the transition. From what I was told. Walmart will go live Monday, Amazon will have them shortly after that.

As of right now no traditional resellers have these instock.

Where can I buy inawera Shisha pineapple in Australia

Got my RF extracts in today’s mail. I’ll probably do some sample mixes starting at 1%. What’s the process for an alcohol based flavor? Breathing?

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I see Amazon has your flavors up, but not the extracts :frowning:


I’ve been stalking Walmart.com… Lol

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