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Beta Testing New Flavors :D


I was just looking for the extracts on Amazon, got all these gifts cards for my bday and need something to spend them on other than a telescope, as i live in a city…

EDIT: Anyone tried the Honey yet?

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How long are you all steeping these Extracts for?


Hey guys, just checking in…

After some initial testing with the 15ml - here’s what I’ve found.

Results are based off of a one week steep, initial mix with a 2 hour 100 degree ultrasonic shake and bath, subsequent days a vigorous shake. Here’s what I found at the percentages after my initial mistake at 3%, concentrations are at 30pg/70vg - the nicotine was added after the heat bath to preserve the nicotine integrity.

1% = Strong but not harsh, the best I can describe is… heavy (if that makes sense)
.75% = Lighter, but still pronounced
.5% = Gives you that “hint” of a flavor - not a kick in the teeth, but an honest surprise when you taste it on the exhale.

As it stands with what I can tell, the .75% may be perfect for a mixed flavor, a single flavor might be somewhere closer to the 1%, but I’d say roughly around maybe .85% to stay around the safe side.

Had a car accident last week so my mobility is a bit, compromised… and I have gotten done less than I wanted to at this stage, but I wanted to at least report those findings for my vape family here.

@Walt_RealFlavors - The extracts are an absolute treat… when things get a little better for me here, I will definitely make another stop (if you’ll have me) to get some fruit flavors, color me intrigued indeed.

This came from @Walt_RealFlavors, which is like the word of god to me right now… leave the cap off to breath for 24 hours, if you are going to heat bath it, be VERY careful of the temperature and not too long.


Thank you very much for the update. I am really glad you are okay, please take care of yourself.


Are all the extracts in alcohol? Going to mix my first ones tonight, wondering if I should automatically breath all the flavors?


From what I understand from Walt, all the extracts are alcohol based (step in here anytime if I’m wrong Walt).

After I mixed everything up, I let it breath for 24 hours. No aftertaste or anything.


Yes, indeed. I concur with the 0.5%. The ones I’ve tried have been the same. With time being so limited for me I haven’t been able to test all yet but I took a pull off a few of them today. Flavor is good 8 days but still, they’re 0.5% so weak. I was actually going to bump them all up to 1.5% but I’ll go to 1 and see how that works out. So far from the little testing I’ve been able to do I think these will be very good and I can’t wait to dig in a little deeper.


I’m going to start at 1% also. Do any of you mix by weight and if so are you just using the standard 1 g/ml or the default .0938 g/ml set for other in elr database for weight?

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I am just happy that you are not using 25%… lol

I am sure someone will and I will get that phone call soon… “why does it burn when I vape your flavors? These are garbage. Why do I have to pay so much for these! You are a rip off.”

You know the normal haha…

Thanks for the feedback btw! Can’t wait to hear more!


These vary by a lot. I will try and post a list by morning.


Thank you so much Walt, I will hold off on the extracts until tomorrow then. I want to get a true feel for the percentages, I would hate to tell everyone don’t vape them or they’ll burn your tonsils up :wink:


It could happen, but doubtful anyone on ELR will mix the extracts at 25%. Still, can’t help but think some of that was directed at me, given our prior dialog. Hopefully you’ve noticed me extending the olive branch. And my several “thank you’s” :slight_smile:


hmmmmm “olive branch”


LMAO! You shithead! :slight_smile:


Have to get my shots in now… ya’ll are going to have a reprieve from me for a couple days… pre-surgery workup tomorrow down in Little Rock… followed by surgery on Thursday, hopefully it isn’t anything to worry about, but we’ll see…


I hope it goes well brother. Surgery is scary as hell, I know. Please hit us up when you get back and recover enough to peck out a message.


Good luck Tut, hope all goes well!

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@CallMeTut what he says!


Hope it goes well too!

Also, not very much to you haha. I had a store call me this weekend and they were trying to vape pure extracts… it ended in flames and me asking them to please slam their heads in a door…

We put warnings on the site for a reason haha


Given the info on @Walt_RealFlavors website of 1% to 3.5% starting points, I did several spreadsheets on EjuiceMeUp from 1% through 8% and printed them up and filed in my recipe book…Did some Marshmallow, Yumberry, Butterscotch Pudding, and Strawberry starting at 2% up to 4%…Got em steeping now 40/60 PG/VG…and just for shits and grins I put about 5 or so drops of Yumberry into a 21 ml blend of Flavorah Wild Melon…Will test at 1 week…However…Experience with MF flavors for me dictates about a 3 week steep for the fruits (given its’ extreme concentration)…Wondering if these RF Extracts will follow similar dictates…That Yumberry is especially one I look forward to tasting … @CallMeTut…Godspeed on your Surgery… :slight_smile: