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Beta Testing New Flavors :D


saline in juice is safe? doesn’t that cristallize on the coils? or is there a saline flavor? Cucumber is a good idea! Why cactus?
I have to check out the FA summer clouds!


Ellis is a great German site, check these out: plenty of spices

plenty of food, even bacon and sausage :smiley:

but no pine, cedar etc :frowning:


Safe is a relative term around here, but people have been inhaling saline for quite some time in other uses. It’s a pretty common additive to e-liquid. I don’t personally use it and I have heard it is hard on coils, but no more so than something like sweetener I think.

The cactus just makes things super juicy and my thoughts on the ocean are that the air is always kind of heavy with humidity. Ergo, juicy. :stuck_out_tongue:

FA has a ton of off the wall flavors, some oil based so be sure to read, but none that I’d consider vaping. Pass on the Tuna and boiled chicken thanks. :rofl:


Yeah I agree, heavy humid air is what I would be looking for… I will try the saline when I’m about to change coils soon anyway :slight_smile:

I bought some 100% pure essential “oils” and made the paper test to see which ones are actually not oil at all and it seems that
mountain pine(!!)
orange and
rosemary are safe bets.
These drops disappeared completely in less than 1h with no residue!

The jury is still out on fir and thyme. Cedar looks like a no-go sadly…


I would not vape eucalyptus it is a bit of a lung irritant if you put a bit in hot water it will clear you nose and make you cough up all the crap in your lungs - i think in a vape it would be much worse as it would be a lot more concentrated. You are of course welcome to have a shot at it but I would not.


@woftam - I’ve used Eucalyptus a few times. Really nice and smooth if used right.


I think :point_up_2: is the reason @woftam was a little dubious :blush:

And a throat soother with custard and cream in…yum :yum:


Ahhh… yeah, I wouldn’t vape any ‘essential oils’ . Nope.


Are you making beard oils or eliquids?


I wouldn’t vape anything not (pretty) safe. Essential oils are safe if they’re not fat oils. The truth is most flavors of citrus or herbs contain essential oils. I wonder about the strength though. My best guess is, that essential oils in flavors are diluted by 20 to 100…


Hi :stuck_out_tongue:

I have been over here working on the construction of a new building, a new line of tobacco flavors, and even more craziness… Now you are giving me, even more, ideas lol

(ps… Still love you all :D)


Hey there, Walt. Welcome home. :slight_smile: I know id love to see some pics of the new building!


Still a mess but getting there.

I have a fireplace lol o.O


So very nice! Now all you need to do is to change the door sign to “Closet”. That way no one will bother you.



I was like Office?!.. You mean apartment right haha.

This building is in the middle of no where, so I should be able to sleep. Now in about 14 hours… I am looking at a 42,000 sq ft building close by. Trying to speed up things by growing fast lol.


Join us over here in Kenosha, Amazon, SnapOn, Uline and Foxconn are/will be close by. :slight_smile:

They are building warehouse and office space everywhere on I94. We have some damn good pizza here too! Congrats on the expansion, exciting times!


Downside is cutting firewood. Good to see ya mate


New warehouse… sort of empty haha

For now I am trying to expand local but you never know where I may show up haha.


Ps… my employees want segways haha


Damn @Walt_RealFlavors they are gunna need them that is a massive space.