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Beta Testing New Flavors :D


What dried fruit flavors do you recommend? Or know of? I can’t seem to find any. Appreciate it.



Why in dear god’s name are you posting this here? Go find a new thread to start please… keeping this conversation topic on point is precarious enough.

@CallMeTut good luck on the surgery dude, hope all goes well, the family and I will be thinking happy thoughts for you.



@Mike_Myers Sorry man. It was a joke for those reading… Like @VapeyMama said, Inawera’s cactus flavor is normally used by alot of folks who mix to make a “dry mix” a bit “wetter” (referring to “mouth feel”)

I just couldn’t pass the opportunity for the joke. Wasn’t meant to be at your expense or to add to your confusion.


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I wouldn’t say all thaaat sis. =x



If anyone actually listed/marketed a flavor as a “dried” flavor (outside of tobacco) they’d probably automatically limit their market segment, as judging by how many threads you can find on here, reddit, ECF, etc etc… Most vapers tend to want a “wet” mouth feel when it comes to their vape.

Given that, if I had to point you in a given direction, I’d probably recommend raspberry (no certain vendor), Inawera’s wild strawberry (has a very earthy tint to it, this lending to what, I guess, could be described as dry), also peach comes to mind, but not “juicy peach”.

There’s just not really anything out there that I’ve seen that’s been marketed as “dry” or even “freeze-dried” which is what you’re looking for. Some others might be able to add to this, but you might also consider a separate thread, so we don’t clutter Walt’s up too much :wink:

Good luck in the hunt though!

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Ok let me rephrase-- I’m not going crazy because of this particular thing. I lost my mind a long time ago.

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@dwdh586 chill bruv, there are worse things

@Sprkslfly i think you’re mistaken but will try elsewhere




If you are looking for a dry vape…you might take a look at flavormonks.com …They have a variety of GIN flavors



Good luck and best wishes tomorrow. Hope all is well.



I spent so much time reading everyone’s post I completely missed the offer,
But I’d like to suggest a good Chocolate Toffee like a Heath Bar
I’m just old and slow



Just filled a tank with the last of a tester from back in May and another tester from June and this stuff is so yummy! I’m surprised I don’t see it on the site, did it not make the cut?



I don’t think it did, which surprised me. I thought it was better than the lemon tea, which did make the cut. C’est la vie. :cry:

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tell @Walt_RealFlavors he may take a 2nd look at it… oh wait I just did haha



That flavor is still up for release. I know it was pushed back but maybe by Q1 or Q2 in 2017 :stuck_out_tongue:



yum. I have not had that in years. I wish I had not read that, now I will be thinking of it for day’s.



H, is this thread still active and the offer still stands?
I emailed a couple of flavor manufacturers and joined some message boards to find some ideas.

I am looking for / hoping someone will develop the following

  1. the smell / taste of fresh air near the ocean. Salty, cold, fresh, maybe even a bit fishy. It might even go into perfume territory where plenty of scents trying to create “cool water” :wink: exist
  2. a forrest full of pines / cedards / rosemary / thyme etc. there are wood flavors and even some oak leaves, but not pine, cedar, spruce etc.

If you’re not interested, maybe you know a source for either of those flavors?



That sounds divine. I would totally be up for a piney “forrest” flavor or even just a cedar wood flavor!!



Here is the thyme



I know cedar has been talked about in the NET/Tobacco threads in the past. I’ve heard that FA Gin is rather piney/junipery. Rosemary Shisha Inawera is pretty good. I use it in a Strawberry/Cucumber salad juice I made on a whim. It actually turned out rather refreshing.

FA has Tuna flavor. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Mix that with some saline, koolada, and a bit of cactus. Or leave out the Tuna and go for something more like FA Summer Clouds or Aurora.



Yeah good call there… Lol

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