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Biscuit (Inawera) substitutes



As I can’t get any Inawera flavours (I’m in China), but love bakery juices, I’d like to ask everyone what the best substitute for Inawera Biscuit would be. Preferably from TPA, CAP or FW. I thought this might be interesting as a general thread - and if you’re feeling super nice today, you could have a look at my flavour stash and tell me specifically what might work best :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: (how about TPA Graham Crust or CAP Sugar Cookie?) I’m trying to learn how to sub Inawera Biscuit in general as a lot of recipes I’m interested in use it.

Cheers! Any input appreciated!


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Why would you get inawera from china??



Sorry! Bad wording. I meant, as I’m in China, I can’t get any Inawera. I’ll edit.

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Can you not get it shipped to China?



The only sub that I find to be close is Flavor Art’s Cookie and it lacks where Inawera Biscuit has more depth IMO. I don’t think there really is a good sub for it honestly. But that is totally my opinion.

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jungle flavor ecx has a biscuit and i believe they are trying to replicate the top flaves of other manufacturers thats just what it seems like which isnt a bad thing , can you order from ECX



Agree. Cookie FA would be close. You could try sugar cookie cap, but you it would be off the mark in terms of flavor…for which you could add acouple drops of AP (spelling error acetly prezline).



German flavors Cookie available at Vaportek.com

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Correction vaperstek.com



I couldn’t view your flavor stash it kept bringing mine up. If you can’t get FA since Cookie would of been my first sub. Then how about using Acetyl Pyrazine
http://e-liquid-recipes.com/flavor/8591 at a lower % like under 1% or I dilute mine because I find it too potent.

Yes GC could do or even Sugar cookie FW/ Caps in a pinch but both are sweet and most of the time biscuit is being used as a unsweet bready componate in the recipe this is where AP would be handy :smile:



Sorry! It’s fixed now.

I’ll try that! Problem is, I never know how far off I am :smile:

Nope, not shipping to China. :disappointed:[quote=“Grubby, post:4, topic:88208, full:true”]
Can you not get it shipped to China?

Shipping stuff to China, if the vendors do it at all, is a big, big hassle with lots of paperwork, taxes and a success rate of around 50/50. Additionally, if you ship with the cheaper services (like USPS), your shipment is just “lost” (only received one out of six or seven USPS parcels). I say “lost” because I suspect they do it on purpose to discourage overseas consumption. :confused:



are you familiar with KC montero hes a tv / radio personality in those parts ( philipines) mainly but i believe he reaches parts in china maybe not just wondering bc hes a friend of mine

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Try the Acetyl Pyrazine TFA I think you’ll be closest this away.



Sorry, never heard of him :slight_smile:

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I agree, AP at low % can work in place of biscuit. It’s a tad on the nuttier side, but as a back up to other bakery flavors it will help add a biscuit-like crunch backdrop

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I’d go with CA Sugar Cookie. The number 1 all time bakery flavor out there. INW Biscuit is way down there on my bakery flavor list.



Closest to inw biscuit imo would be tpa graham cracker (clear).



Complete opposite for me. Top of my ‘bakery list’ would be TFA Cheesecake Graham crust, FA Cookie, FA Joy and INW Biscuit.

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Jungle Flavors Biscuit is amazing and accessible! We are also having a sale through Friday. Use code JUNGLE20 to save 20% on your purchase:)
Biscuit by Jungle Flavors


Good deals?

Your lucky then, TFA Cheesecake Graham crust could not be tasted with my buds.
re: 1 mg. 30/70 Rating: 6.8 weakest of bakery flavors not bad or good.