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Biscuit (Inawera) substitutes


Do the delivery people in China steal the packages or does the Government steal them?


Can’t tell you for sure - and my friend’s aunt who works there doesn’t say anything about that. But I suspect they put it in a safe place, declare it “lost” and then, against all guidelines, those packages “somehow disappear”.
Either that, or they are the most incompetent postal service known to man :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Your pick, lol

Anyhow, that sort of thing also happens in the West, though. The German postal services frequently stole stuff from our Christmas presents sent from the UK :confused: no watches nor money for Christmas.

On a side note: that’s why fully automated, drone based postal services would be so bloody fantastic!


It’s how you use it tbh, it’s a must have for me. I’ve used it as high as 6% when I want actual cheesecake flavour and add the relevant creams to match. Or I’ll use it at 2-3% for that graham crust back note, along with biscuit. It’s great stuff. So versatile. IMO one of TFA’s best.


You’ve never had to deal with Royal Mail :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


In fact, I’ve had to. They performed perfectly and quickly in both cases. :smile:


I have heard INW Biscuit has been reformulated. I know this is old. Just thought I’d let you know. I think it could just be a rumor.


That will really suck if true. Anything on the inawera website about this?


Fresh mentioned it in one of his shows and I dropped him a line and he heard it as a rumour - I send inw an email and didn’t get a reply so who knows.


Hmmm, how long ago did you send the note to inawera? Usually they are fairly quick on a reply. However, IF they really did reformulate, things could get kinda bad


A month or so two at most.


It’s not on the list but it says that list was leaked, so they could be doing whatever they want. I guess I will find out when I buy more. I will let you guys know what I think. https://www.reddit.com/r/DIY_eJuice/comments/61mszy/inw_leaked_reformulations/


You know I just got another 30ml of Inawera biscuit and it definitly tastes different to me, I thought I got cheesed by the vendor like they didn’t shake the bottles or possibly diluted it since I had another issue with them. but all the other flavors seemed fine. This time the biscuit was waaaaay more wafery with less depth and no butter. I recommend Jungle flavors biscuit though since its an actual biscuit and not a wafer and its a great flavor