Does anyone have a good recipe for a blackcurrant fruity/candy recipe?
I see a lot of menthol and liquorice recipes about but I’m struggling to find a candy/fruity type. (Sort of like blackcurrant chewits)

Any ideas would be brilliant!

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It’s really weird that I come here and see this lol I just was messing around with a fruity watermelon juice I made and I ended up putting only 1 drop of FA Black Currant in it bc it is so potent. I think that is what really holds it back from being more popular similar to bilberry but both of them steep nicely.

In the past I did make this recipe by Vaping Sonja and found it to be very nice and flavorful I had to tweak it some bc I am not able to use this much black currant but it is at least a good place for you to start.


Ingredient %
Blackcurrant (FA) 3
Champagne (FA) 2.2
Sour (FW) 2
Sweetener (Sucralose) (FW) 1.5
Tanger (Mandarin) (FA) 1.5

Flavor total: 10.2%

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Thanks for the reply. Hmmm champagne? Interesting, I’ve never experimented with that one…

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it doesnt have a lotta black currant in it, but Amy has a recipe called Yo! Melonberry that is quite phenomenal!

Got a link for it dude?

Yo! Melonberry :

1% Black Currant (TPA)
6% Blueberry Extra (TPA)
2.26% Greek Yogurt (TPA)
1.5% Honeydew (TPA)
0.1% Smooth (TPA)
1% Very Berry (NN)

Flavor total: 11.86%
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interestingly enough, this was the only way i was able to post this…


That looks good, will definitely give it a go. I really want a nice blackcurrant juice though!

I don’t really have a recipie. But if I don’t like a bakery recpie I often add a little blackcurrant to it just to give it a touch of something different.

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8% TFA Black Currant
1% TFA Ripe Banana
1% CAP Lemon Meringue Pie
5% CAP Vanilla Custard
1% CAP Cotton Candy
1% TFA Marshmallow
1% TFA Banana Cream
2% TFA Sweetener

Steep minimum of 1 week

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Bavarian cream 6%
Tutty fruity 4%
dk Tobacco 5%
absinthe 2%
black currant 3%

3 drops MTS per 10 ml

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Vapor Chef Black PomPom Clone

TFA Black Currant Flavor - 9%
TFA Pomegranate Flavor - 8%
CAP Italian Lemon Sicily - 2%
TFA Sweetener - 1%

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Ha I would not try FA @ 1% whoo more like 0.25% for that recipe Idk what the OP is using thou so it may be TFA. I forgot that recipe even has it in it.

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Is there any other fruit flavor in it like citrus ? I have a red starburst candy recipe that I bet w/ some tweaking could be made into a chewits but it’d have some strawberry notes in it from the few flavors that help make it what it is as the creaminess is kinda easy but some of these flavors just help accentuate the Chew.

Here’s where I’m headed…I made this just a minute ago so got no clue if it’s nasty so please know it’s WIP and will most likely need tweaking.

Black Currant Chewits

Ingredient %
Blackcurrant (FA) 0.5
Marshmallow (TPA) 1
Meringue (FA) 0.76
Pink Candy - Burst Type (Real Flavors) 5.46
Strawberry (Flavorah) 1.26
Strawberry Milkshake (Real Flavors) 3

Flavor total: 11.97%

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The Real Flavors are Vg based that’s why they’re up high that way ya gotta use a lil more of the vg stuff to get it where you want it taste wise…this also means a few more weeks of steeping.

Here’s where you can get smaller 5-15 ml bottles of the Real flavors in case you didn’t know

About these flavors
SB FLV is very much a creamy SB it takes on candy like no other flavor it is in essence the perfect sweeter SB for a candy recipe for this reason. I only really use it for this cause.

SB Milkshake Real Flavor- has that " swirl " & body of the creamy " chew "
Pink Candy- Burst ( like Starbursts ) is a " chew " but lends more chewy candy and cream
Meringue & Marshmallow just good ol cream w/ some sweetness that has some fluff
Black Currant FA I’d stay low if you’re using TFA I’d start around 1-2%

These all look very interesting… I’m going to order in the PomPom Clone ingredients and yours Amy.
I’ll be back with the results. Thanks everyone!

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Any idea where I can get the Real Flavours in the UK?

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Found this off of Real Flavors site hope this is close to you !

I love their Blueberry pom Acai mix that is a great one if you like dark berries.There are plenty good ones available.

You are a star. Everything is ordered…

I shall report back!

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I’ll report back on any tweaking I do w/ the recipe. I made it as written above. Also a little info on Vg based flavors if you are new to them.

  • They weigh a little more per gram than traditional Pg flavors so don’t be alarmed at using them at higher ratios.

  • Need steeping but a large majority are still very good at a few weeks out and continue to get stronger as time goes on.

  • If you use ELR to build your recipes select the vg button under the flavoring so that your overall % of pg/vg can be correctly distributed in the mix. You can also add on the flavor’s page that it is a vg based flavor so you won’t have to click the button every time. look two lines up above the green box where it says flavor carrier click on the radio button that says Vg and you’ll never have to worry about correcting it once building your recipe the computer will automatically do it for you ! Just don’t forget to hit save ( green button ) :smile:

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Yeah I noticed that a while back actually! I’ll add them to my stash as VG flavours. Never used them before, quite excited!
A few weeks is a long time… I’ll whack out the ultrasonic cleaner for this one I think lol

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Don’t be discouraged they do try your patience bc of the steep time. I feel when they are used in conjunction w/ pg flavors that they are at their best. Using them all on their own can lead to a bit of a headache you’ll wait forever for them to come around.

Also if you don’t have sour pick some up. It helps to accentuate the vg flavors quite well at around 1-2% w/o really adding that pucker effect like most ppl think. You’d actually have to go much higher.

I use a little heat and spin them on a magnetic mixer, the USC will do just fine !

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