Bob's Bold, Bizarre, and Blasphemous Flavor Hunt

So you woke up in the middle of the night with a wild thought for a new vape juice.
Sushi !! you’ve thought. Off to the computer you dash and queue up your best flavor companies.
Rice we have, Salmon we got, Even teriyaki sauce we can find.
Now Who the Hell has Seaweed ? Opps stalled, Damn

This thread is for you. Here we’ll explore the untraveled paths of the downright strange and do you really want to vape that ? Sure we do because even the most hair brained flavors combinations are rarely lethal just foul tasting and even that one can get used to.

Need a really off the wall flavor ask here. Know of a really twisted one drop it here as I’m always up or down depending on your point of view for a new flavor.

Small semi known suppliers welcome, DIY extracts, Store finds you’ve tried whether it failed or succeeded. diacetyl, acetyl propionyl and acetoin. all welcome as I know V1 tend to be the choice of many mixers and I don’t have an issue with them as small as the amounts are compared to the damage smoking choking reds for 40 years has done to me.

I’ll start with one I turned up this morning even having been on the Amoretti site dozens of times I don’t always remember what they have.

This one tests even my resolve to try the weird but only because I freeking detest the stuff.
Now find me a Brussle Sprouts and I’m so on it.


something about you ain’t right , but iam drawn to this kind of personality LOL :grinning:


@Bob_Bitchen I wonder if you could do a N.A.S - naturally extracted seaweed - i cannot see it being that different from extracting a tea or tobacco. Sushi vape here comes Bob look out.

Added to my OOO cart. Why I’m just not sure but.


They’ve been doing that here for quite a while.

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Excellent bit of Information. Thank You.
This is exactly what I’m after in this thread. Little snippets of Information people have stumbled over on the net.

Bob, you’re my kind of mixer! When you stumble across a pepperoni flavor, please, let me know!
I’ve been after a full, robust pizza flavor for a while. The one from TFA makes a nice base, but it doesn’t check all the boxes for me.


Pizza !! Hmmm I LIKE it. Can’t say I’ve seen a Pepperoni yet but I’ll keep an eye out for likely Ingredients.
If you find a Sausage for your Pizza let me know for my Country Biscuits and Sausage Gravy blend. WIP
Bacon would be a poor sub and I’ve got that but. LOL
I keep scrolling the main pages at hunting for choice items for my cart. One day I’ll actually have to pull that trigger before it surpasses my existing flavor stock in size.
Scary and Dangerous place for somebody with my taste range.


No takers on that one, seriously? :grin:


I ain’t eattin it and i ain’t vaping it. looks like something for G. Green LOL

Unable to find a Beet Flavoring at FA or an extract locally I picked up a jar of Beet powder from the local Health food place.
I’ve done a few natural product extractions to high proof alcohol before I thought I knew what to expect.
Usually I get powders and fluids mixed when shaken and the powders settle out after a hour.
Not this time. I’ve got this tar like blob of sticky material. FAIL !!! Ha
Ohh well back to the drawing board on this one.
Google again.

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I can honestly say I’ve never had that happen. Lol!!!
Rock on, Bob! :wink:


Bob, you are my guiding star. I’ve been thinking about a Special Fried Rice dish for a week or so thinking it was crazy just to think about. Now I’m going to have to do some research!

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Crazy we can mix today. The truly Insane takes a bit longer to round up the Frankenstein bits we need.
Some of the more fun works in progress

Targ Hearts in Blood Wine
Klingon Gagh
Mrs. Knotts Fried Chicken Dinner
Ajax Cleanser
Klingon Breast Milk 2 versions
Squid Ink

Yepp I’m as crazy as you suspected I might be

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@Bob_Bitchen Found some Bob. It’s a lot stronger than the first extract I got. The flavor and aroma hold when mixed.

Very nice. Bookmark that one.

Unwilling to wait and do a proper test I took a shortcut and put 4 drops of my newly arrived Sucralose into the 7ml left of See’s Chocolate I’ve been vaping.
Son OF A… Yepp this is a HUGE missing part of the blasted French Dude I’ve been working on. Same blast of overwhelming sweet came swarming out on exhale.
I still think part of the recipe is the beloved Diketones contained in French Toast V1 (Capella) that Cap no longer carries.
French Toast (OOO)
French Toast (SC)(RF)
We got and I’ll knuckle down and toss a half dozen variations of each and see how close they land.
Got Pancake (OOO) and Waffle (Cap) I can still branch out even wider if I need to. Broad brush strokes for now as I’ve done to many to close to tell apart before working this sucker.



Ingredient %
Dill (DIY) 2
Onion (OOO) 3
Pickle (OOO) 0.75
Pretzel (OOO) 6
Sour Cream (Amoretti) 6

Flavor total: 17.75%

Remember to rate it at!

So I was playing in the single flavor testers and picked up the Pretzel and tasted it to find as I hadn’t remembered that the base test was very disappointing and it was only after it was mixed with sour cream and onion that it exploded and overwhelmed the rest.

I wonder if that is the case with Corn Bread (OOO) and Sweet Potato (SC)(RF) neither of them give me anything either so today I’m going to dual test both with a cream or something and see if that pulls the flavor out.

Got several French Toast testers working and it’s looking very promising. It’s a Pale Vape in side by side testing against the real stuff but the overall profile is very close with just a little Blue standing forward in unsteeped juice.


Do you think the Corn Bread will still be as pale with a bit of honey and butter? That’s a recipe I could see trying as long as it’s one of those heathen butter flavors with all the yummy diketones. :yum: