Bottling Brainstorm

im trying to figure out an efficent bottling method who wants to throw around stupid ideas?

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I still use a little invention i made

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I make all my mixes directly in 30ml Chubby Gorrila bottles except for a few that I mix in 240ml bottles with twist lock tips. Those are small enough to squeeze in to the 30ml bottles for carry around.

A simple 16 oz plastic bottle with a spout cap seems to work fine. Or you could go to nicotine river and get some of their 2 or 4 ounce bottles with a twist cap. The mouth on those bottles are big so you could pour easily with zero mess.

I have some glass 120ml bottles that I make everything in, that’s enough that they have time to steep and I can shake them everyday. I have the spouts from nicotine river on all my flavorings and my nicotine and pg/vg. I put the glass bottle directly on the scale, zero it out and start adding. I find that to be pretty easy. I have the chubby gorilla bottles that I transfer my vape of the day into and just carry around that all day.

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I mix everything in a 250ml beaker, then transfer to 30ml ldpe unicorns with a funnel, just squeeze the bottle and it gets sucked right in.


That’s what she said!


dunno m8… i always mix inside the bottles…

120ml chubby gorilla for experimental recipes or recipes when i want to make a break from my standard ones…
300ml, 500ml, 1liter pharmaceutical bottles for my standard recipes

thing is that i vape high quantities of eliquid everyday unfortunately (25-60ml/day)… so small bottles isn’t my best way to go… i always make high quantities… for not having to “cook” juices all the time and waiting for steeping… i usually have like 4liters of juice inside my closet or more… i make my juices anymore like 4-5 times per year anymore.
for filling my atomizers etc i use chubbies of 60-120ml :slight_smile:

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