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Trying to quit smoking. Have a Smok Novo but it doesn’t seem to satisfy my lust for nicotene at 6 percent level. Looking to upgrade to a VTL to get my nic fix with the 6 percent mix. Any suggestions for a box kit that will do the trick and not break the bank?


Well, it seems Smok themselves don’t know what the coil impedance is… :roll_eyes: (1.2 ohm, or 1.5 ohm)

(both pics are taken from the product page here:

At any rate, given you say you are still trying to quit smoking, you very likely need a higher nicotine level than the 6mg you are currently using.

One of the hardest initial obstacles to overcome in quitting smoking is to find the right nicotine level that correlates to the amount of nicotine that your body has become accustomed to (with tobacco use).

The coil impedance at play in the device you have (regardless of the impedance variance of 0.3 I noted above) is completely sufficient for use with higher levels of nicotine. In fact, it’s preferred for higher mg nic!

The question is, are you satisfied with the amount of vapor?

If the answer is yes, then you should try one of the following levels of nicotine: 12mg (medium smoker, a pack or less a day), 18mg (medium-heavy smoker, 1-2pks a day), or 24mg nicotine (heavy smoker, think 2pks a day or more).

If you are not satisfied with the amount of vapor, then you might perhaps consider trying a different category of vape device; referred to as sub-ohm. (Name coined as such because the coil impedance used on such devices is below 1ohm.)

Sub-Ohm devices generally provide much more Vapor than pod systems do, and as a result, require a much lower amount of nicotine to achieve the same effect as a higher dosage (mg per unit) used in a pod. Simply because, you take in a lot more vapor (than a pod) per draw/drag/pull/etc.

I’m not advocating one over the other mind you. Both styles can accomplish the goal. It’s a question of what works best for you and your body! So trust that first and foremost!

I actually started out using 18mg nic (before salts were even invented) on a pen type (predecessor to pods) device. It had 1.2-1.4ohm coils. So I speak from experience here.
That system is what got me off cigarettes. Even though I quickly transitioned into sub-ohm (personal preference) within a couple of months, it was the level of nicotine that did the “heavy lifting” in quitting.

It’s also important to mention that for most, a very negative experience can be encountered if you try to use high mg nic (8, 12, 18, and God forbid 24mg)in a sub-ohm device. So please do not confuse which liquid you put in a sub-ohm device should you decide to try that style!
(Typically, the max nic level you want to use in sub-ohm is 6mg.)

I hope this helps, and welcome to ELR!
I wish you the very best in quitting!


The Smok Novo is what my Mother and GF used to quit smoking … I started them on a 35mgml salt nic and now they are down to 15mgml … They were never abke to quit with a traditional. DL 3 or 6 mg ml vape …

If you do use salt nic at that high of a ratio use the 1.2 or 1.5 ohm coil not the mesh


id move into a less AIO type sytem so u can customize more. a small device and tank but thats a different topic tbh if u choose to start shoppin’


Started smoking 53 years ago. Was consuming about 200 cigs a week. So I would fall under the 18mgml nic on a mouth to lung system. This is helpful information that the vape stores don’t explain. Thank you for the information. How do you determine when to step down to a lower level? Already own a VG 70 PG 30 mix @ 6 percent in a 60ml bottle. Pretty much found a flavor I can live with because it is a not overwhelming menthol. I would like to not waste what I have and hit less even if more product is used. I see the advantage of a larger cloud.
Thanks for you reply. It was very helpful.


Wouldn’t mind something in the $50.00/$60.00 range. I see the advantage of a larger cloud with the current mix I have. I got a feeling this is going to be a long road.

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How long has it taken to get them down to the reduced level’s? Everyone is different but it would help me to set a better plan.


12mg to 6mg within 2 weeks of vaping, then 6mg to 3mg 2 weeks after that. I don’t plan to give up vaping so 3mg is where I will stay.

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I didn’t plan. When the throat hit started to become harsh I would drop down a notch on the nic. About every six months that happens for me. It works out good. No sensation of needing more nic to satisfy. I’m down to two mg dyi and 3 mg counter. Started at 12 and 18.


That’s something I really can’t answer, because it hinges largely on your body’s needs (1st), and your mental addiction (2nd), and your overall goal with regard to the hand-to-mouth habit (3rd).

I can share my outlook and experience though.

I started vaping to lessen the extremely negative impact of smoking combustible cigarettes. I never had any intent of quitting vaping.


chase for the larger cloud is easier w/ devices like an rba. The mix itself adds to what the vapor does but so does the coils and wattage applied. All can be done w/ mentioned budget but keep in mind about safety too, when it comes to budget peps run to mechs when that can be scary w/ no knowledge. If ya do decide to go that route please ask and or research first.


glad that came out coherent but i did forget my main point :laughing: nicotine on its own is not as addicting so when ya make the complete switch from cigs it is very easy to lower and perhaps eliminate completely.


Sorry for getting back so late … I had them on 35mg forn2 weeks and gradually took them down to 15 in increments of 5 mg ml apprx every 2 weeks , when they started at 35mg they stopped smoking completely , they are still on 15 and I’ll hold them there for awhile it’s been 5months so still crossing my fingers

Note: the advantage for my mom and GF is they didn’t know when they were being dropped in MG so mentally they had no clue , so pace yourself , stay at a higher level until YOU are confidant mentally . Dont run out of juice or salt nic though bc that’s where people go back to smoking


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