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Brand Abbreviation List (in progress)


Appreciate the intended heads up (as well as the link)! I’ve been aware of the entries for sometime now, and given I’ve always seen them spelled out (at least to the best of my recollection), they’ve been a very “low level” consideration (so far). :wink:

I’m actually quite appreciative that they’re spelled out, as it saves confusion, as well as correction (other than the occasional misspellings that I’ve run across and merged in them)!

/general update

In other news:

I went through ALL of the current (Juice Factory) entries, and cross checked with the manufacturer site. I’ve added quite a few that were missing, corrected a horde of entries (in the base naming format: “(SC) (Juice Factory)” ), and adjusted the ‘Gourmet’ identifier.

Allow me to start by saying I’m very much aware of the fact that the manufacturer’s site uses the format of “Gourmet flavor Super Concentrate”. :laughing:
But since we have already used (SC) to ID ‘Super Concentrate’ for years now, and so very few even bothered to list the fact that a concentrate was a gourmet variation (where no other variation exists)… I thought it would be better to instill the adjustment early, rather than fight so much backlash later, while streamlining the organization and layout now! (Yes, I’m “trying again”, but this time BEFORE it’s ingrained!)

Currently, the Gourmet flavors are listed using the following format:
Flavor (Gourmet SC) (Juice Factory)

AGAIN, THIS CAN BE ADJUSTED (fixed) LATER (if need be)!!! But, it definitely helps keep things easier to find (and more organized in the stash).

On another note…

A HUGE shout out to @daath for fixing my screw up with merging TPA Graham Cracker into TPA Graham Cracker (clear)!! You’re a life saver man! I can’t thank you enough!
In addition, when I inquired about the missing “expand all notes” button that used to be on the flavor stash page (which he acknowledged was a resource hog on the database)… He VERY KINDLY added the new “search flavor notes” function that some of you may have already noticed!!
I’ve already found it super useful, and I think it will be well received and appreciated by many of you as well!

That’s all for now,
Thanks again for your time!


Oh! One thing I forgot to mention:

If you currently have ANY Juice Factory flavors under JF… PLEASE copy your notes, etc over into the appropriate Juice Factory listing!

Sometime in the coming future, I will be making an adjustment to the naming convention for Jungle Flavors. I’d really prefer to not see anyone lose notes! (I don’t plan on doing anything for a while on the whole JF overlap. But I AM trying to give maximum advance notice for folks to make preparations for the transition!) But I’m hoping to be able to make some headway in this particular SNAFU (JF), in the next few months. (I still have to get all of the Jungle Flavors entries sorted before I can even consider such. As well as condense the outlying Juice Factory entries that aren’t using the proper format.)

I haven’t reached a firm conclusion yet of what the exact standard will be (for ‘Jungle’),… But I strongly believe that the day is very likely to come where we won’t be able to use abbreviations for a fair number of the abbreviations currently in use. (Due to market increase and brand competition)

Also, in the last two days, I have been able to get the Dupes Cue down to ZERO submissions!!
And that HAS to be a first in at least a couple years!! (Like I said previously, it was well over 700 submissions around six months ago!)

So if anyone wants to help submit dupes, Juice Factory is ripe for the pickin’! :laughing: (Please do not include any that are under JF! As I’ll merge those on my own, only once I’ve made the attempts to confirm that Jungle does NOT make the same flavor, and vice versa.) :wink:

Thanks again!


VR - Vape Rebelz, Germany https://vape-rebelz.de/
Wholesaler for concentrates, not a manufacturer but I believe they contract out for their brand label.


What about Amoretti ?
Thanks for the hard work =) Holy crap


Spelled out. :wink:


This never occurred to me in all the time I’ve been submitting Dupes but…how does a person determine if a name has been submitted to the list, outside of their own submissions?


Dropping them a email after work tonight, and see if I can get some more info on that.

Unless someone else speaks German and likes to do it.

I’ll keep you guys posted, if I get a reply.


They can’t. That’s also the reason why you sometimes have a submission returned/accepted, but it shows things as “blank”.
If someone else suggested the same dupes as you, and their submission was done first, OR if I was working on the same group (by chance or intentionally) then any submissions that include the merged flavor identification numbers get ‘blanked out’.


That explains some of the blanks I’ve seen. Thanx! :+1:


Wow until just now I thought Lummy, ty for correcting


And another one! Company called Quickfruit https://www.quickfruit.org/
There are already 5 flavor names in the database courtesy of some random users.
Man I wish Lars would put the brakes on this ‘open entry’ for flavor names. They’re coming out of the woodwork!

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Twisted Vaping - https://www.twisted-vaping.de/en/
German supplier but I can’t confirm if they are an actual manufacturer, although they appear to be.

There were various iterations of Twisted already in the database. I re-created one flavor with the correct naming convention. Others I marked as Dupes.


I don’t know if this is the right place to mention this but I am getting frustrated with my flavor stash changing on an on-going basis. Tonight I noticed my Pomegranate SC (by the Chinese company Super Concentrated) had changed in my stash to Pomegranate (SC) (Real Flavors). I’ve noticed a couple of others have changed too in the last couple of months. I have 443 flavors in my stash - it’s hard to detect changes until I actually go to use that flavor. rolls eyes Rant over.


I appreciate the feedback. And I’m sorry for the frustration! Unfortunately, adjustments need to be made, and they are going to continue (although I’m hoping to a lesser degree than what you have seen).

The problem (in this particular case) is that “SC” was adopted as the brand abbreviation. As I’m sure you know, back just a few years ago, it was rare to have a true ‘super concentrate’.

Currently however, there are several manufacturers that provide “SC” flavors. Compound that with the fact that the actual manufacturer names (Chinese flavor houses) are finally coming to light and getting the recognition due, adjustment was needed.

Unfortunately, while an error IS occasionally made in the process (a flavor merged into the wrong one) there has also been a merging of known flavors (ie: listed under SC) into their respective brand.

SC just happens to have become a “catch-all” entry to many (more recent) users (last two years or so) judging by the notes (for starters) as well as by the flavor names*.
*=I’ve seen instances of very specific flavor names that can only be from one company, due to no one else using that exact name…obviously Pom (SC) into Pom (SC) (RF) was a mistake.

A lot of errors in the SC arena though. Especially when Vape Train came ‘online’.
I had quite a few entries that were obviously intended to be VT lumped into the “SC” domain.

I’m not saying that’s what happened with Pomegranate SC, but I am trying to explain some of the things we’re up against, when trying to make sure that the flavor database is as up to date, and as accurate as possible!

There are a few known Chinese/Asian manufacturers currently…
Xi’an Taima
…and these are just off the cuff.

I will continue to try and minimize the impact. And I hope you can understand.


Thank you for the thoughtful reply @Sprkslfly

I completely understand, really. I know the flavor database needs to be combed through and fixed. It must be a daunting task.

I was just doing a frustration rant. It’s been like playing whack-a-mole when I go to use a flavor and I find it’s changed. :crazy_face:


Dan, Italian manufacturer : http://monkeynautflavors.com/aromi/


Thank you. I modified my post for these guys to reflect the correct link.