Bringing my friend Lucky Shot to Norway

Well, actually it isn’t my friend just yet, but I really want it to be. I have searched the web for a supplier in Europe, but I haven’t been able to find any. So question is; Does anyone know if there is a way to get my eager fingers on some Lucky Shot (OSDIY) far up here in cold Norway?


I would contact OSDIY and ask if they would ship to Norway. They do list other countries in the shipping options, so I know they do ship internationally. They will do it if possible, they have great customer service :smiley:


:scream: Really? I thought I’d read that they only ship domestically. Thank you so much, MysticRose, you’ve made my day. I’ll post the outcome in case there are other Lucky Shotters out here. :kissing_heart:


OSDIY now ship to Norway and yehey! 'til I placed the order and saw how much it would cost me; The flavor is about the same as here - $4. USPS Priority Mail International - $ 46,67… I really have the urge, but not that much of an urge, I think. But you had totally right about their great customer service, @MysticRose, so thumbs up for OSDIY!


Could send the money to a friend or relative and have them buy and send on to you if cheaper.


Wowser! That is expensive!!! That is one thing I dislike, that they only offer Priority shipping. But I usually get enough to make it. Big difference for 5.95 vs 46.67. I’m sorry :frowning:


Yeah we Europeans/Scandinavians get really fucked over when it comes to shipping costs. It is ridiculously expensive to get anything shipped over to us.


This is first class


Priority is $33, so they aren’t overcharging. Just not offering the less expensive method :frowning:


I’m really sorry guys…must chap your hide when you hear us bitching about discounts and free shipping and stuff. I for one will start being a little more grateful!


Yeah it kinda sucks sometimes when you see you guys benefitting from free shipping and other stuff and if we over here use the same discount it will despite that probably be more expensive due to the shipping than buying it over here.

Anywho i’m glad you guys can benefit from some good deals now and then and save some money.


Are you guys near each other? Could try to set up a group buy where you get more than just one flavor. Flat rate shipping if fits in box, so could do a larger order, have it sent to one of you, then that person can ship to the other people what they ordered? That way less expensive shipping for all and you can take advantage of discount codes? Get more than 2 of you in the group and would be even more effective.


If i still would have lived in Norway it would have been closer but surely not close enough since i get the impression she is in the north and i was in the south at the time.
I’m living in Germany at the moment so i would say that it is pretty far away.

But hey it is a nice idea and a nice thing you are doing here so Kudos for that.


Thanks for caring, beautiful :kissing_heart: but it’s just a flavor, right? Nothing I can’t live without. I actually do have a relative over there, though I’m not so sure she will go the length. I’ve done ok so far without this flavor, but my mind got set on it, well guess some of you know the deal… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

As far as all the discounts going around, I think of it as when you guys shop it benefits me with new receipes (just don’t use the Lucky Shot) :grin:


No offense to the fellow vapers abroad, but IMO you have only two groups to blame. Three if you want to get technical.

One: blame your respective governments (where applicable) for making it harder (or in some cases impossible) to have access to Vaping related products.

Two: not having folks who vape, step up and import the things your community wants, and create your own market, so that everyone can have access to cheaper product. Since the import costs would be more equitably distributed.

Three: not having localized flavor manufacturers. (see #2)

Now, it’s not that I don’t feel your pain, nor am I wanting/trying to be insensitive to your plight. But we have to remember that it’s a market in it’s infancy, On top of which, has forces at work that are actively trying to crush the existence of it.

I totally get venting, and also feel that it’s quite healthy to do so once in awhile. But, quite a few of the aspects that created (and continue to advance it) the alternative that is vaping, are community based.

If you want locally accessible goods and product at a reasonable price, be the spark in your community that lights the fire to keep the village warm!!

Can you organize friends to start a club? Pool resources and do a bulk order! Petition local or regional persons who are affluent, and show them in terms they understand how it would be mutually beneficial to create such a business! Etc etc…

I’m trying to be thoughtful and respectful here, but the whole “we don’t get this” is getting hard to take. I’m sorry you’re on a different continent! I really am. I’m fact, I’d gladly swap alot of folks on our continent for alot of you!!! In a heartbeat! It’s just that the head on this particular drum is starting to wear thin for me.

Love you guys and gals!

Besides which, alot of you have awesome food, or shorelines, or other such things that are equally as hard (and in some cases impossible) for us to have available or reasonably priced access to!! So it goes both ways!

The UK to me is the best on this issue. Their Health Ministry (not sure if that is what you call it) knows vaping saves them money with Health Care. I’m thinking it’s big pharma in the rest of the EU who makes a lot of money from nicotine patches and lozenges that are keeping most of Europe in the dark about what they can get their hands on in the market.


Wow! I don’t know who pissed in your wheaties this morning, but neither of these people were anywhere near complaining or whining. IMO they were very matter of fact and simply asked a question.


I’m sorry you read my post that way, @Sprkslfly, it was not my intention to seem whiny at all. I’m not a whiny person (even for a woman). It feel like I posted a question and then followed up on the answers, in case there were other Scandinavians wondering the same thing.

We do have some fine online stores here which lead all the great vendors. What they don’t have, we get from Sweden. We’re actually doing kind of great up here, despite our place at the outskirts of the planet. :grinning: Yes, we do pay a little extra to get things, but it’s still a lot cheaper than cigarettes. All is well.


Could check prices on this page if you haven’t already:

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@MysticRose I’m sorry to have evoked such a reaction, especially from such a kind hearted soul such as yourself. I think very highly of you, and already have very positive impressions of others in this thread.

It’s not that someone whizzed in my Cheerios, it’s that it’s been repeated by so many, and rather frequently.

I know Fen’s just venting, and far from being the only one, but when you see similar comments repeated…over months:

It has grown to be an accumulative annoyance on me, and my “battery reached it’s venting point” here, rather unexpectedly.

@anon60225325, you have nothing to apologise for.

I had attempted to put things in such a way, that would hopefully make it clear that I was not targeting anything but the topic, while still trying to speak to a personal frustration. I also tried to include ideas to help make things cheaper (the easiest being a group buy, shipped as a single order).

I apologize for not directing my frustrations better.
And I probably should have just continued to try and bite my tongue.