Bull City Flavors rant

I’m curious what kind of operation they’ve got over at Bull City Flavors.

I’ve ordered at least a half dozen times from them, probably a lot more, in the past 4 years; years which have seen the vapocalypse, Covid, supply chain issues, short staffing on seemingly ALL businesses, and the dissolution of many major players in our odd “contraband” related hobby.

And all my orders just got entered into their website, and magically appeared mere days later, packaged correctly, without a hitch.

This time, I quickly mixed a few recipes on Monday, my favorites, to see what my most important flavors were that I needed to order, and checked my notes as to new flavors as well, all rather hurriedly, so that I might meet the deadline for the Thanksgiving weekend special, and ran to their website.

First of all, upon entering their page, the code for the discount is in the headline on their website. There are no pop up ads, no “Spin the wheel to see what your discount is!”, no “We want to send you more garbage mail”.

It’s almost as if they don’t even care if I order from them or not.

Until I entered the “flavors and brands” section and just banged out my order and entered the code and watched my order go from $120 down to 80 something, and carried on about my night.

Today, Thursday, I received the order and it’s just right.

They didn’t have the 4 oz Capella sugar cookie or peanut butter, so they sent me FOUR 1 ounce containers in a ziplock baggie, knowing I’d be delighted, without troubling me with an email about their troubles, or making them my troubles.

The package was perfectly packed, and were it not, the extracts were packed 4 or five bottles at a time in individual packs, should there be a leak or whatever. I wasn’t surprised, it’s always like this. Every time.

How many people does it take to staff a business that serves so many of us, so well, and on a SALE weekend, and just takes care of business?

Someone makes labels.

Labels with lot numbers, so if there’s a problem, they can be dealt with. And pretty labels that are easy to read.

Someone’s taking large volume drums of extracts and distributing them to the smaller containers that we order.

Someone is sorting those near infinite number of bottles into racks in a warehouse so that they may be grabbed expediently to fill orders, and there is the order filler on the other end, running around like a chicken with no head, today mine was “Jake”.

Jake did a fine job.

Someone makes phone calls to order more stuff, someone creates those labels, someone answers the phone when Jake or anyone like him calls to say they arent feeling well, someone receives the huge incoming orders at the dock, someone keeps their eye on the governmental restrictions for a business that may or may not be impeding the sales of tobacco companies who are slipping in their ability to somehow cause the death of thousands of people who smoke, and keep their small brick and mortar business alive while the world carries on and argues about what’s right and what’s wrong and who gets the money…

I looked up their address on google maps. Turns out I lived near there (Cary NC) in the 00’s before this vape thing.

Morrisville isn’t much, as far as population and talent pool.

They’ve figured it out.

I know it’s not simple.

But they make it simple.

Let’s all raise a glass to the folks at Bull City, whoever they may be, that make ordering and receiving products a pleasure.

No excuses, just orders filled and shipped correctly, just like their mom and dad taught them, way back when.



Man, I hate when that happens! :laughing:
They are, hands down, THE best thing going right now.


They are truly the best, aren’t they? Best all around everything!


Personally, I would like to see a “dipshit” feature on the site. It would work like this: "Hey, dipshit, no one in their right mind would order 180 ml of that flavor, are you sure you want to do this?

I’d appreciate that.


Yeah dude. They deserve all the success. Never had an issue 1 single time. I hope their pockets are fat- and happy!


@Chef_Johnny I’ve wondered the SAME, exact thing, time, and time again. Other vendors (who shall remain nameless), seem to have “issues” at times, and SOME times, seemed to be completely overwhelmed, by their OWN sales. Wait, whut ??

NOT BCF. Rock solid, great pricing, and about the FASTEST processing there is.

Couldn’t agree more.

Heaven forbid you actually have an issue with an order, like a popped top, leaked bottle, all it takes is a quick email, and it’s solved before you even set your coffee cup down.



Aye…,I’ve never ordered ANYTHING from ANYWHERE & had it in my hands as quick as Bull City has… Until…

Yessirr… I placed tht order like right before midnight on the 29th too… :yum:… Bull City might have some competition here. :joy:… Nah… They’re usually ALWAYS the quickest…, I just got L.A.F. this time I guess…, hell I haven’t even been thinking about it until just now :thinking:… I should’ve played the lottery Wednesday…:rofl:


I would hate to be the person screwing on the Gorilla bottle tops all day though


Dude. You didn’t get a hand-drawn smiley face on your receipt. I’d raise hell


BCF is my go-to vendor. If they have what I need, there is no need to look elsewhere. Great products, fair pricing and OUTSTANDING service. Just got in some VG and was so proud of myself that I had self-restraint and didn’t order other things I don’t need. Of course, I will need to find something I “need” pretty soon to order from them again. :wink:


Hey y’all, just got notice of this in email. I agree that BCF is great in so many ways, and I have been given free samples as well, but I have to wonder why they have no interest in carrying more brands to become even more of a One Stop DIY Shop.

I recently placed a rather large order of flavors from many brands after Fiddy, Dman and mjag helped me by teaching me about all kinds of aspects of advanced DIY; recommending flavors by brand to be able to reach my recipe goals, teaching me about enhancers, sweeteners, creams, etc. BCF had a lot of those 42 flavors I bought, but not MF, RF, PUR, JF/FJ, maybe other brands and only one Liquid Barn flavor that I didn’t need.

While contacting those manufacturers to purchase those flavors, I asked each one if they were interested in having other vendors resell their flavors. All of them responded in a very positive and appreciative way, so I gathered the contact info and told William in Support at BCF about them via Contact Us in the ongoing ticket I had started.

Liquid Barn was already signed on, but BCF only had one flavor in stock, so by giving the contact info, I was encouraging them to get more. I was told it’s a LB issue they are working on. I gave him the contact info for each manufacturer as I found them, told him they were interested in BCF carrying their brand and encouraged BCF to add them.

As it turns out, BCF was not interested in adding any of them and never told me why not, even though I asked a few times. My last norte about it was to say, I don’t understand why BCF would not be interested in becoming the Ultimate One Stop DIY Shop, but never got a reply. It’s disappointing that I still have to make small orders, sometimes only 1 and 2 flavors, from each maker and pay the high signature shipping for a $5-$10 order.

Of course, I will continue to buy everything I need that BCF has, William has been excellent, orders are always filled quickly, professionally packaged and shipped right away. I just wish they would expand to become the Ultimate One Stop DIY Vape Shop. It may be an issue with storage room to stock that much more, but no explanation was disappointing.

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year! Thanks again for all the help, Fiddy, Dman and mjag!


@100_VG I for one, appreciate the efforts you went to, to try and have more offerings added. I know right now the market is indeed in a strange place, and not sure what motivated them to decline at this time.

You’re welcome, and I’m sure I speak for @fidalgo_vapes, and @mjag with Happy Holidays out to you as well.


Yes Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas…I xant answer for BCF but after watching our industry the last 8 years i xan understand why they don t carry some things…Ill start with MF

Medicine Flower had gained a lot of traction but its still looked at as too expensive and 2 other companies tried to resell their product and it was tough to move…ECX now Flavor Jungle sold them as lotus in a 5ml bottle for 9.99 the inventory was slow moving until they had a 50pct off sale . River Supply tried as well and they aslo had trouble moving the product. I am sure both companies didnt do any better than breaking even if that . BCF has probably done the math and know their customers well enough to know they wouldnt do much better than ecx or nr.

Liquid Barn was at BCF but LB wanted to sell their own product after the initial PMTA mail ban scare…

One on One also did the we will sell our own product thing

Real Flavors recipes were sold to a Canadian Company. Before RF shut down and sold they announced the closing due to personal issues. NR , BCF , FJ all of them carried this brand but it closed and it took awhile to have new stock produced by Diy Ejuice.com…Im not sure the line would stand up to the new companies like VTa, WF and SSA etc

Purilium they do sell and they have pretty good selection…If you need something it is possible that BCF will special order. I wiuld bet that BCF made their stock selections based on use in ATF and ELR plus NR and Pur themselves knows what we buy …

JF/ FJ was also sold by BCF but with FJ being the main distributor and possibly being owned by Jungle Flavors it was probably tough to stock and compete so give it all to FJ …

BCF has had a lot of different flavor brands but as you know if it doesnt move fast enough you start to lose your profit on the product …Also New Flavors and Companies .

There are so many brands and manufacturers out in the world it would be impossible for a one stop . I do get what you mean though …Imagine having all flavors possible in one place DREAM COME TRUE…

Merry Christmas my friend and i hope the vague history helps

Note: As much as i personally love MF flaves the business side of me cant imagine i would stock their flavors…I know the wholesale price and the margin would be skinny. Most DIY mixers use a 15ml once a year lol


Thanks for the replies guys and the explanation, Fiddy. MF is quite expensive, but I’m using their Premium Banana, Yellow Peach and Summer Peach because they incorrectly sent Yellow Peach the first time and Strawberry and I’m going through them quickly. I need to reorder and I’m going to ask if all of them come in Silver because, as flavor dence as my recipes are, one has 50% PG now. I bought a 10ml bottle of PUR Raspberry to try in Raspberries and Cream and I like it and all of the 42 flavors I’ve tried so far with you guys’ help.

I think DIY eJuice’s prices are too high as well (compare flavors brands they carry to elsewhere), but only needing Strawberry (SC) after stocking up on Banana (SC) and Peach (SC) means paying shipping and waiting on one flavor to arrive kind of sucks. At least they didn’t mark the shipping notes as “To be processed in e-liquid” this time. Yellow Peach (Cap) seems to be one I’m not liking much. I’ve kept it out of Peach Pudding and that seems to help. I know I should SFT these flavors, but I’ve just been juggling the recipes on the fly.
Merry Christmas, all.


When you list your MF flaves hit the other as base …Not PG or VG


Can’t do much better than @fidalgo_vapes info.

I know BCF tried to be a one stop for our flavor needs but it still needs to be profitable. It can be inconvenient for us but I would rather have that than BCF closing up. We need to face it, DIY isn’t as popular as it was before, not as much going on here or the reddit DIY juice section.

BCF is having an after Christmas sale though, this reminds me I do need a couple of things.

I hope you all had a Merry Christmas and the New Year brings joy for us all.


Still can’t get the 15% and free shipping. Can’t complain too much it’s less than $5.00.


Thanks, I know about that when using the ELR Calculator. I do it with colors in my spreadsheet.

Thanks. I probably got an email about it, but haven’t checked yet. I do need some flavors and 15% off would be great. My Christmas was quiet at home. I was gonna go northeast about an hour and a half to my sister’s house, but the Arctic Blast has everything frozen, so I didn’t go because the highway bridges could be frozen over.

Yes, their shipping rates are reasonable. I had been using all Vaping Zone flavors for a York Peppermint Patty, but I left them for two reasons. I wanted to get off of mints because I was told that the mint oils are not good for the lungs and they started charging $15 for shipping, even one 30ml bottle, and it wasn’t even signature required.

Happy New Year, all.


My order was over 75.00 wanted both discounts. LOL
It’s only fair. Order had free shipping till I claimed the 15%


My order was $229.72 after 15% off, so I got both; free shipping and 15% off. Had to rub it in.
Just joking around. I do love my Smilies collection.

The BCF website says, under Domestic Shipments, “To receive free shipping for domestic orders, your cart must meet the $75 requirement before sales tax and after any coupons are applied.” Maybe order a little more next time and remember that sales tax and coupons work against you to qualify. 15% off must be what hurt you there. I ordered mostly 4oz/120ml bottles and that’s what ran it up, but they’ll last for a while. I’ve been vaping like a fiend recently.