Burnt taste

Hi again everyone, sorry for another question so soon but i am having some problems and was wondering if anyone had any advice. I just bought an eagle ego c twist with a protank 2, and I am getting a weird burnt taste whenever I take 2 or more drags on it back to back, I have tried reducing and increasing the levels on it, and even changed the coil, but I’m still getting the same result. Im not really sure what to do. Could it be the liquid I’m using?

Thank you for all your help guys, this forum is really awesome!

Maybe your juice is too thick ? High vg?


Im actually not sure. the brand it Hollywood by generation and the flavor is called watermelon delight (its nicotine free) but it doesn’t say what percentage of vg it is.

If it’s really thick it’s probably high vg and may not be wicking quick enough to keep up

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Ok thank you! that makes sense, would you suggest then to turn down the heat for this one? or would you suggest maybe adding water to it?

Thank you again!

I have a setup that is similar that I was using. I still have my PT2 and like it, but I’ve gotten a box and a Subtank I use most now. As MixedUp suggested, it’s likely that your juice is too thick. You can add a little bit of water, PGA (vodka), or some PG if you have it, but all of those may mute your flavor a little bit. Turning it down a bit wouldn’t hurt. I usually did a 1.8 coil around 4v or 8w. You can try pulling kinda hard on it without hitting the fire button to sort of “prime” the coil and force juice to it. Careful not to do it too hard though cuz you can flood it and it may gurgle or spit. Not a big deal, it’ll burn off, but just might not taste too great.


I agree with MixedUp1, it sounds as though you have too thick of juice. I will also say that it is possible to have a bad batch of coils that will produce the same symptoms because the wicking material was packed too tightly. I’ll also say you have to change coils every 7 days in that unit.

I know you’re just gonna love hearing this since you just bought your unit BUT, if that protank 2 does not have the upgraded BDC dual coil then you have just bought approximately 2 year old technology and it is already time to upgrade. That old Kanger single coil was and still is famous for dry hits. You will have to change coils every 7 days and make sure you prime the coil so you’re not burning up all the wicking material before you even get to use the unit…


You could drop 1-2 drops Distilled water in the bottle and this will then it as well. I honestly think P2 tanks are a royal PITA Bc of this very reason. I’ve almost given up on mine Bc I like high VG juices.

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thank you so much for your help, I was wondering though how can you tell if the proton 2 is upgradable? Is it just that i need to put a BDC dual coil in the tank or is it something else entirely?

thank you again!

I disagree. I got my PT2 a couple months ago for a great price and it had the single coils I’m used to. I loved it. I wrapped my own coils with cotton instead of the silica that usually came with them and I didn’t get many (if any) dry hits. I also didn’t have to change the coils nearly that often, but even if you did they’re super cheap and easy to rebuild if you want to. I think it’s all about perspective and how you vape. Obviously if you’re chain vaping high VG juice and you’re looking for huge amounts of vapor and flavor, a PT isn’t going to be your best option. But for the average vaper who hasn’t moved over to subohm or a mod, I don’t think it’s a bad setup.

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Thank you all for your replies! I decided I would go to my local tape store and ask them about it, They said it was really weird and couldn’t figure out why some of there coils weren’t working, so they said i would buy another tank that they said would work, and some different types of coils called aspire, I actually like the tank (i have yet to try it out as i just went this morning) but now i need to figure out how to dry burn these new coils and take care of them.

Thank you all so much for all your help and ill post an update after I try this new tank.

Success! the new coils and tank work great! now no matter what temp I set my battery too, there is no burn taste!

thank you all again! you have all been extreme helpful!

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The Dry hits usually come as the coil clogs up from use. I’m not saying they dry hit from start to finish. One thing I noticed that perhaps you did not, @MK11 never told use how long the coil was used in this unit. For all we know it could have been used for a month or even more.

You’ll find that I am a firm believer in using the latest technology because I truly believe that it works better, and is much safer. At least 99% of the time that is. You say you like your Protank 2 but who’s to say you wouldn’t like a Aerotank V2 or Emow or something to that effect better. Hard to say without trying it…

This surprises me. Bad batches of coils are a reality that any Vape Shop should be well aware of…

Aspire a nice unit, glad you’re happy now…

Never heard the term dry burn for tank coils, perhaps you mean PRIME the coil to prepare them for use. What I do for Apire coils in my shop to prime them is this…

Turn Off Battery (5 quick clicks)
5 drop of juice into the hole of the coil. Juice will be thick so blow into the hole
Fill tank with juice and put back together
Maybe Overkill but 10 firm puffs without power on
Turn on battery (5 quick click) and try it. If there is any burnt taste then repeat 10 firm puffs without power

As I said, possibly overkill but better than damaging your coil before you even get to use it. Though Aspire coils will last usually longer than a month I recommend changing them once a month to keep it clean and healthy. With a coil change you should clean the rest of the unit while it is apart. I do not recommend trying to clean coils. They often do not work like they used to afterwards. Good Luck…


That’s very helpful for me too as I had very dry hits and horrible taste whenever I put in new coil, so now I know to do this…think you!

Yup. To each his own. I don’t use the protank anymore because I got my box and magma and PV and Subtank Mini now. I’d recommend any of these to just about anyone as well because I love them. Like I said on the flavor thread though, they’re all I know, so I can’t comment on the other tanks and drippers. When I was using an Ego I had several different types of starter level tanks, and the protank was my favorite. But that’s just me. I know Ken used (or still uses sometimes) an aerotank. My sister uses a kanger T3D dual coil tank that she loves even more than the nautilus or the iclear30s she was using before. Sounds like the OP fixed the problem with a new tank. For those that can or want to, that’s a great option, too. No need to fiddle or force something to work that isn’t working for you if you don’t have to. I love about vaping that there really is something for anyone who wants it if they’re willing and able to look. :smile:

Yes, all coils replacements require that the coil be primed. Don’t know your unit but above I quoted Aspire coils. Kanger coils are as follows EXCEPT SUBOHM…

Turn Off Battery (5 quick clicks)
3 drop of juice into the hole of the coil. Juice will be thick so blow into the hole
Fill tank with juice and put back together
6 firm puffs without power on
Turn on battery (5 quick click) and try it. If there is any burnt taste then repeat 6 firm puffs without power

Subtank coils you use the same method you use for the Aspire coils, Good Luck…

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Hmmm, wonder why! Don’t know the Aerotank Ken uses but the V2 is indeed the latest BDC Dual Coil or if you like the latest technology. Your sister’s T3D is also the updated coil. I’m still a tank user and if the Aerotank V2 was less tall and wider in width I think I would be using one. Oh well, seems they are never perfect for my purposes. I’ll keep looking for a Kanger tank using the updated coil, shorter height, wider body with air flow control and 510 thread. I’ll find it eventually. If only they would put air flow control in the Kanger EVOD Mega that I use now…

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I’m with you on that search ! Aerotank v2 is phenomenal but the tank only holds approx. 1ml and the larger tank approx 2 which I have both and still I love them but I wish I had one right in the middle (size wise ).

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MK11 you will love the aspire line I know I do ! The only thing is to let your juice sit in the coil to get saturated prior to hitting it otherwise it’ll burn it and you’ll never get that taste out of the coil or your juice in that tank. Other than that they are virtually hassle free ! The one thing is is if you use high VG you’ll want to drop 1-2 drops of Distilled water to your large batch not tank to lightly thin it ( if your coil starts to junk up Bc of the thickness ) glad you found a nice set up !