Bust-A-Nut - How should it taste

Hey guys, so I tried mixing Busta the highest ranking recipe here. Big up.

I can see where it is going but it hasn’t rocked my socks. It’s close, but one problem. Is it meant to have a Mocha flavour towards the end. You see I don’t like coffee so it’s the only thing in the way. If someone can confirm or deny then I can look at solutions.

I have a fix in mind, but want to check I’ve reproduced it ok to begin with.

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B-A-N is my ADV and I’ve never got any mocha from it? Which of the concentrates are you concerned would give you that taste?

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Cheers lolly im so glad that is the case.

Ok, 2 possibilities- I found the mix I did was very strong flavour, I thought too much to be rated so highly… Alisa’s is max VG, I had a 55/45 but reduced the flavour overall by 10% to compensate. Ok so I’ll reduce further.

2nd. I substituted BavCrm with TPA & SupSwt with CAP. So if my 1st fix does not work I’ll look at this.

Your help was immense & appreciated.

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I do max vg so it sounds like it might be the ratio - good luck!

Also , I use TPA or FA Marshmallow instead of sweetner - just a thought?

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Also my ADV (everyday), I’m also not getting a mocha taste from it… but I also have subbed a couple of the ingredients from the original (my flavor percentage is 21.5%).

Cheers mate, yep I’ll add that to the list of ideas if my ratio hunch doesn’t pan out.

Up super sweet a touch, add a touch of acid. Reduce nuts are other options. Hopefully won’t be crossing that bridge.

Lastly, out of 10 how strong would you say the overall flavour is in your mix. Very subjective but will give me a bit of a guide to whether it’s best subtle, medium or strong.

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At what PG/VG tuttles? @CallMeTut

Hmmmm…to me it is very creamy, smooth and blended somewhere between subtle and medium - definitely not strong (but then as you say, taste is subjective) :grinning:

For me it is a medium vape, no bite (no sharp notes). I tend to like a full flavored vape with creams, not just a cream taste which to me gets boring fast. I vape at a lower wattage (19.5-22W) with duel coils (SS single coils at about 0.5 ohm) and I am using a 35pg/65vg ratio at 7mg nic


Yeah, I’d call my current batch strong. More confident ratio is problem. In theory now it should be an easy fix. Reduce by 15% and take it from there.

I’m off to bust some nuts.

Something you should also consider if your not using the original brands of flavors is that if you are using the same percentages but different brands of the ingredients it might be pushing the flavor profile away to that mocha taste your getting. I kept the same percentages when I mixed even though I did use different brands… I should change what I posted earlier, on a 1-10 scale… the strength of the flavor is probably a 7… a good bit more than just a “medium”.


@CallMeTut - Sorry you may have missed it I asked this a couple back ago. What PG ratio are you using in your mix? Thanks in advance.

It was at the end of that post I made.

sorry mate I missed that. My avatar link took me to your last post. Thank, yes you are lower PG then me too. Alis’s original although Max VG was still 80/20 so your not much different in reality.

Let me play with the ratio then I’ll come back if that doesn’t resolve it. Awesome guys.

How long are you steeping it for man??

It’s been 8 days now. Should be fine in regards to steep, not the problem.Mocha has not detiorated since initial mix.

I don’t know why I changed the ratio of pg/vg… possibly to thin it out a bit since I make 120ml at a time (actually I make about 100ml at a time, normally seed steeping).

Here is how I am mixing it…

7.00% Hazelnut (FW)
5.00% Sweet Cream (CAP)
4.00% Butter Pecan (FW)
3.00% Bavarian Cream (TPA)
1.50% Nut Mix (FA)
1.00% Sweetener (TPA)

Added 1.5% Nut Mix in tester
Original calls for all FW

changed pg/vg to 35/65
Better w/ 3 day steep

changed pg/vg to 30/70


Noooo, 8 days is nowhere near man, I wasn’t that into it at first but then I went back after 3 weeks and OMG…different liquid. I have half a liter just about 6 weeks old now, its unreal, I think a month is perfect, any more is a bonus