Buttery Nipple taste test

So, I made 6 x 10ml juices a few days ago to test, and the first one I’m tasting is the buttery nipple, here’s my notes:

14% Butterscotch (Flavor Art)
7% Irish cream (Flavor Art)
30/70 pg/vg
6mg nic
by Switched

12/8, made 10 ml batch, ran about 30 times in USC with 3 minute timer. Stopped every 10 times and frothed. Let breath once during process for 30 minutes. Into dark drawer at 7:00pm for overnite.

12/10, 8am, first taste in a Crown tank with rebuilt deck (cleaned and rewicked), .30 ohms.
10 watts, little cloud, some slight taste
15 watts, ok cloud, taste a bit washed out
17.5 watts, nice cloud, taste a bit better
20 watts, nice cloud, taste is better but still not GOOD, leaves mouth kinda dry?
22.5 watts, nice cloud, beginning to get very slight taste of butterscotch on exhale
25 watts, nice cloud, getting sweetness on inhale now, no real butterscotch flavor unless I lick my lips after exhale? Roof of mouth is kinda dry and kinda sticky, not from juice but from cloud, does that make sense?
27.5 watts, beginning to get a bit crispy, just barely, shorter draw, no crispy but not better vape
back to 25 watts, nice long draw, good cloud, taste ok, wish it was better, but it’s not bad, just not great.

So, is there something I can do to make this a bit better??


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Would like to know the blenders you used.
TPA or ?

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I just knew I’d forget to mention something, lol. In this case it was Flavor Art for both.

I’ve edited my post a few times so far adding nic level and pg/vg levels but forgot the flavors…my noobness is showing.



It looks to be too much flavor…

6% or less Butterscotch (Flavor Art)
2-3% Irish cream (Flavor Art)


Those are extremely high percentages for FA flavors. Butterscotch average mixing quantity is 2.6%. Irish Cream averages at 2.5%. Look at other recipes containing those flavors. Sort by rating and look at the higher rated recipes. Find a percentage based on that and go from there.

LOL. Pro_Vapes beat me to it :wink:


@Pro_Vapes and @LordVapor and @Brotherbob1

Thanks folks for the quick response…there’s so much to learn, lol. Pro Vapes, those links are great, hell, I’m so new I didn’t even know those pages existed…but I do now!! I will use them to help educate myself, thank you.

Next batch will be better or at least will be more in line with the recommended flavor strengths. This was a recipe that didn’t have a vendor listed and since I was buying some FA for other recipes that did recommend vendors…well, you get the picture.

Does that make my noobness look big? LoL.

Thanks folks, I’m gonna post the same way with the other mixes I tried. Samoas, Snickerdoodles, Unicorn Milk, a premix of bananas foster TFA (gonna use it in a different recipe but gotta know what it tastes like first) and the same for a Monkey Fart FA mixture.

Appreciate the info folks,


Some of us started a project to help new diyers learn good flavors. This may come in handy…



Wow, Thanks, bookmarked.


Thanks for the info… Big_mac, do you plan to lets us know how the newly mixed recipe comes out or do you plan to dump it and move on?
I mixed this once and am curious (hope others have tried it). No sweat either way.

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Just to add support to what some of the other vets have said, some of my best recipes have under 10% total flavor in them…it doesn’t take much…remember that.

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I’ve had the same mouthfeel issue when using the FA Irish cream; not a fan. Just got some FW and Cap Irish cream… Haven’t had a chance to try them yet, but hopefully, they won’t have that flat dry flavor I’ve been getting with the FA. :smirk:

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Hey big_mac, I’m still green at this DIY stuff too but I’m a pretty quick study. I’ve learned a few things you may find helpful.

Flavour Art - These flavors are very true to their title and smell/taste exactly like you think they would going by the label. They are highly concentrated so a little can go a loooooong way. Usually 1-2% is plenty an most of them I only add in fractional percentages. A favorite in HIC’s (HeadinClouds) recipes.

Capella - These seem (for the majority of flavors) to be best started at 8-10%. I do a lot of reading and apparently CAP has some type of QA/focus group that tests their flavors for strength and character premarket. They try to keep strength per volume standard among all the flavors. I can’t remember where I read that or I would give a link. They’ve also been rather progressive in providing safe flavors for the vape community based on my research.

Flavor Apprentice - These are very popular here on ELR. I can’t seem to nail down a standard % with these flavors so far. It may be my jacked up taste buds but I’m all over the place with these flavors. Very tasty tho.

Again, this is based on little personal experience and a lot of reading. Above all else, taste is highly subjective and usually, less is more. Too low on % is about the same as too much, either way, ya cant taste the flavor. I know when I’ve gone too far cause it always ends in 1 of 3 results; no flavor, did I just vape perfume? or chemical toilet (mmm, taste like blue toilet water from airplanes):grimacing:

There’s plenty of other flavor vendors out there but the ones I’ve covered seem to be the most popular. Hope this helps in some way.

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Oh yeah, I can’t provide new recipes yet (too new and uneducated in the field of mixing) so I figured I can at least give a noob’s view point. Maybe it’ll help someone take the next step in mixing or to not make my mistakes. I’m gonna open another thread here today for the “Unicorn’s Milk” (that was made at the same time) and provide the same type of info and hoping to get the same type of input. I will be making another 2 batches this weekend (2 grandsons here today), one at 6% and 3% and another at 4% and 2% and will report back with info about them mid next week in this thread. Thanks for reading and commenting BB, appreciate it.

I’ve seen the same, but I needed a jumping off place and the recipe I found (tried Buttery Nipple a few yrs ago and I remembered enjoying it) had the mixtures at 14% and 7%. I think my problem with it was simply my noobness and not realizing the flavors could vary so much in intensity. The one other thing I remember about this recipe in a thread buried somewhere was to keep that ratio for mixture. Adjust it up or down but keep that ratio. I’ll go with that premise for the time being, but will adjust the amt of flavorings added. This weekend I’ll make one with total of 9% and one with 6% and see where it leads me. Thanks Whiterose, appreciate the assist bud.

Interesting observation. After I try the juices I mixed (all from other folks recipes) on the 10th and 11th, I’ll know what adjustments I’ll try and what flavorings I’ll need to purchase, and I’ll try again. Think I will try the same mix with a different brand flavorings. 2 flavorings won’t break the bank…I just won’t tell my wife, lol. I’ll adjust the percentages for other flavorings based on Recommended Flavors and Research List as I think that page is gonna be my best friend for awhile. Thanks for the help Jimk and the observation on the Irish Cream.

Nice to see a green horn that looks like he has a handle on what’s going on. Done your research have ya??? Looks like it! You’ve helped noob, and I appreciate it…alot. Thanks bud.

Thanks folks,



Howdy folks,

So, mixed up a few more batches of BN at 6/3 and 4/2, was still not impressed. Still wasn’t smooth and tasty. Was going thru the flavorings I had and did the same mix at 4/2 using FW, what a difference it was. I also changed it to a 50/50 mix. I now have a light airy vape with a nice hint of butterscotch. Not an all day vape for me, yet, but one I can sit here and vape and not cringe each time I inhale. At 20-22.5 watts, .30 ohm coil on the Crown RTA deck, it leaves a nice little flavor on my tongue and so far doesn’t dry out my throat. I think when this 10ml is done with, I’ll try again, using a 50/50, 5/2.5 mixture, using the FW instead of the FA and see where that lands me. If you have a suggestion to buck up the flavor a bit as opposed to increasing flavoring, I’m all ears.

Mixed up a 10ml batch of HIC’s Somoa’s and one of Jo’s Salty Creamy Caramel for tomorrows vaping, and flavors for the UM clone should be here wednesday or thursday according to tracking.

Thanks for all of the assist you guys have provided.

Talk to ya soon


FW butterscotch is good, never had the FA…
Your mixes may need some support flavors to lower the % used. I haven’t used an FA over 2%… Well just once with Fuji @3% but that has a waayy toooo heavy apple flavor. I like this butterscotch with a touch of dulce de leche TFA to help the flavor of the butterscotch. Dulce seems like a good edition to caramels and butterscotch, strong flavor from TFA though so that’s always good considering its a cheap flavor.
Can’t say I’m too familiar with a buttery nipples flavor though to help w anything to help your FA blends, maybe trying both FA and FW together?..


Thanks bud,

Appreciated your info and assist.

Oh my God, 21% FA? That percentage will mute the flavors for sure .I would go 2.5% FA Buterscotch and !.5% FA Irish Cream.