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Buyers Beware


This topic is a must to protect our members.
I’m starting a BANNED VENDORS THREAD. I’m current dealing with a vendor that has awful customer service and taking payment for items not in stock and then string you out as long as possible. Now I come to find out they stiffed @JoJo the same way. Looks like I’m in for a long haul so protect yourself and don’t make the same mistake that I have. Please report any shady dealings here so everyone will know to avoid these vendors. @JoJo will you link your thread here please.

I’m tracking my progress on another thread.


Good deals?




My first order with them went without a hitch. However, something is going on there, cause I just got a email notification the Sigelei 75 TC was in stock, but the website says NO!

Perhaps the left hand does not know what the right hand is doing! And how can it when the head is up the butt?



This is my 3rd with them and the first 2 came as it should. But this is shady for this to recently start. @JoJo and me were the last 2 reported orders… both with problems. You only get 1 chance to screw with my hard earned $$$.



…think I’ll look for my Sigelei somewhere else!



LOL Exactly. It’s a shame because they have a nice, easy to navigate site and their prices are unbeatable most of the time. But, if I can’t get what I ordered in a decent amount of time (or at all) I’d rather not. I’ll spend extra to know that my stuff is going to get here and when. I’m guessing one of the ways they are keeping costs down is to have monkeys running their customer service and shipping and receiving.



I spotted a case like mine on ECF. They did make it right after about a month… but it’s still shady to me. They come up with great excuses for the foul ups.



They say that cuts off oxygen to the brain and without oxygen you tend to get woozy. Perhaps that is that problem…lol.

I will say I have noticed from companies I have ordered from, this practice of making up the ship label and then the package not going out . It is understandable a label being printed after that day’s pickup but you would think the package would be picked up the following day. Not always the case. Some of these companies appear to think we are stupid and don’t realize tracking tells us when it was picked up. Or perhaps they think it appeases us by seeing something actually happening with our order…Who knows?



Looks like they screw over suppliers too. They have the IPV3Li for sale on their site right now. I should have checked… this is an old reply.
They do a lot of business on Reddit.

From Reddit

Q – Please clarify something troubling many people. It appears that Elev8Vape (and a couple other vendors) were selling the IPV2 below MSRP ($79 via a “coupon”). They pre sold a bunch of units and now have a HUGE list of people still waiting for these to arrive. Rumor has it they got in trouble by P4Y for selling below your recommended price and you have limited their shipments. Can you verify if this is true? A lot of vape friends are waiting and wondering.
A - Elev8vape won’t receive any more ipv2 (or for that matter any ipv3) from us. (He refused to comment further.)



I had read through some of those and was hoping that it was an isolated thing or a mix up. Looks like that is just the way they operate. :confused:



I think they take orders for items before they receive them hoping it will all sync up. If it doesn’t then the buyer is left in limbo. I just got an email saying my status has changed and your is being refunded in 2-4 days. If this is the case I may retract my comments and I don’t mean to sound ungrateful, but all I wanted was a smooth transaction.

From Elev8 Vape.
An order you recently placed on our website has had its status changed.

As stated in the other email, your order has been refunded. I want to make this right for you, so I will be shipping out another Snow Wolf to you for free! :slight_smile:

The status of order #XXXX is now Refunded

Order Details

Order Total: $88.34 USD
Date Placed: 3rd Jul 2015
Payment Method: Credit/Debit


Ele8vape Shipping Woes

Man, they’re gonna go out of business because of their policies. They refunded my order as well and I still received it, which was great after all the headache, but it never should have happened in the first place. And it shouldn’t have taken pulling teeth to get someone to respond, either.



The easiest way to piss somebody off is to mess with their money. It’s the anguish of not Knowing what’s happening.

The Snow Wolf just came in in stock today… Now it says in stock on their web page.

So to sum it up… You take a good chance of getting screwed, but they will make it right.



Wicked! You just got a Snow Wolf for free! Pays to complain sometimes, huh???



I mean, I guess it’s win win if you don’t mind emailing customer service if you don’t get your stuff. Win if you get your stuff without a hitch and win if you don’t get your stuff and you email them and they refund it and send you your stuff. LOL



Now for the IPV3Li !!! The Saga Continues…



WOW, who can argue with that kind of customer service. Slow maybe, but they did the right thing, AND THEN SOME!



Well, looks like their shipment of Sigelei 75’s sold out in about 2 hours; missed getting one from these guys at $60 & free shipping, but with the talk in this thread I’m not so sure it would have been an enjoyable transaction. I’ll wait for Origin Vape to stock them I guess.



Sig 75w TC $58.49 Pre-Order US Retail (Register a new account for 10% discount and free shipping).

Best price so far. I couldn’t pass it up.



Have they arrived or still preorder?

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