Buyers Beware

It’s a damn shame that they don’t realize how much business they stand to lose by screwing over their customers. I’ve never ordered from them before and seeing this SH%T I never will. I wish there was a International BBB or a Vapers BBB so their business could be affected worldwide.


My thought exactly, I didn’t even bother to answer to this one anymore, I’m done with this :hankey:


I am so glad I have never ordered from them and rest assured I never will.


Trust me they know PayPal has access to there money and will do the right thing.

Not sure this is the right place for this but it was refreshing to see that at least 1 Chinese company is doing the right thing by there customers. I know PBusardo videos are long and boring sometimes but in the very first part of this he tells about how Innokin had an issue with a device and they did the right thing by sort of recalling the device and trying to make things right.

I purchased one of the FIRST RUN IPV4 mods and trust me Pioneer 4 You knew from day one they had issues with that device and they did absolutely nothing to even attempt to make anything right. It was not just the mirror screen issue there were issues with TC working correctly with nickel wire and the problem was even worse when I did the update and tried Ti wire. They also had issues with the charging board shorting out as well. Yes they fixed the issues in later models but they did not offer to fix the bad ones therefore they will never see another dime of my money.

If as a community we joined forces and boycotted all sellers and manufactures that DO NOT DO RIGHT by there customers China would wake up and realize that world wide us vapors are not going to put up with there underhanded tactics.

China is bringing this vaping stuff out way to quick and they are not doing enough REAL WORLD testing of there products before releasing them for sale. The other issue is when they do find a flaw they do not try to fix the bad ones already out there in the end users hands.

Customer service and satisfaction is a thing of the past for the most part nowadays.


Since this topic has been revived, I’d like to share a scam I got caught up in. Luckily I was a able to recoup my money, but hundreds if not thousands of people got caught up in this scam from a vendor in China. It seems as though Paypal and Facebook is involved in this scam because the vendor is still advertising and Paypal is still collecting money for this thief. It’ll make you rethink if Paypal really has your back. There are 132 pages of complaints for this vendor and most cases were in favor of the vendor.

This is a very long read, but it’ll only take a minute to see enough to make you weary about ordering from China.


I’m bumping this thread because I still think this is a very good topic and should be amended for the security of the ELR Community shoppers. We really need a database for safe and unsafe shopping sites for our members.

Please share your +/- shopping experiences for peace of mind for our members


In transit for 47 days so far, all emails to CS ignored, dispute with Paypal lodged and so far has been ignored (7 days). I trust that paypal will handle it appropriately.

Do not shop with


I would like to add

I’ve dealt with them multiple times. This vendor is notorious for being extremely shady. Horrible customer service and processing times, taking money for pre orders that are not available for months. Sending out broken or wrong products, to get refunds you need to send it back, that means you’re paying for the return to china. It’s then always delayed till you hit the end of the buyers protection or for paypal to issue a charge back etc. I highly suggest staying away.

But we do have american vendors, that do suck as well, maybe not as bad but unfortunately I need to mention them.

Element Vape

Back in 2017 there was a huge data breach, which wasn’t dealt with till March or April of 2018. And while they swear that this has been fixed, I will give them the benefit of the doubt here, unfortunately this does make me not want to shop there anymore. Also their CS has been lacking lately and unless you’re contacting them via reddit or other social media’s, it’s nearly impossible to get hold off them. Sorry but a customer that just gave them money, shouldn’t have to register social media’s, just to get some help with faulty products or wrong shipments. Not saying stay away, but maybe something to consider, especially if your information has been compromised in the last couple of months or last year.

Now I am also that person that will add this vendor, due to extremely horrible customer service and bad quality control, as well as super slow processing times and horrible lip service. Same as with element vapes, people should not have to come here or any other social media’s if they have a issue. But that’s just my two cents, the vendor is

Nicotine River.


Concur on Nicotine River…SAF… Last I heard they where moving a year ago. Than a fire happened, quick steep of the juice. but they do take forever to get your stuff, hell I can order from Hawaii eciggity, be at the house in 4 days…

Element Vape, Concur on the lip service, they will not answer emails, I have been trying for over 4 weeks.
So what social media do they hang out at… I’m going there…


I had an issue with them a long time ago…


My first order was my last one…

Better stay away fom that place.


I would like to just add that I have be purchased MANY items from Ement vape without issue. When they had their data breach last year which was due to an acknowledged 3rd party they paid for one years service of LifeLock a well reputed credit/bank watch company for any customer who wanted it. That went beyond what any other company has done. Fortunately I haven’t had any issues so I can’t really comment on their customer service. That’s too bad if they’re going down hill.

Just wanted to add this to keep things in perspective.



Same here, starting back in the early 2016.

Not really. They send a bunch of letters to “selected” customers. People that mentioned that they didn’t received a letter, was told to msg customer service, which never answered or send out other letters.

I agree that this is “helpful” too some extent, instead of doing nothing. However, this solution was made after a bunch of people called them out on multiple forums. If that wouldn’t have happened, doubt that they would of done something.

And even if, I had multiple charges on my cards that weren’t small amounts and really screwed with my life. There were a attempt of opening a credit card using my ID and some total moron paid their car insurance and rent with my card, since these companies had their address on file, it was simple to get my money back, but still took a while unfortunately.

So yes, in my case and many other customers, this one year of a none sense service for free (funny if you didn’t canceled they billed you ofc), is not very appealing and the last they can do. At least in my opinion. Sure is it my fault to trust element vape? Yes but I learned my lesson and shop with much more security nowadays (on my end)

I like to add, that this also wasn’t a short time, the breach happened from Dec. 2017 - March or April 2018, till they finally addressed it.

@Mix_and_Hope you can try reddit, their Facebook, hope you have some luck !


I have the same issue with, (a Chinese vendor), been waiting for over a month, their tracker says my package has arrived in the country and cleared UK customs, but it has never been delivered and they have ignored all email enquiries, raised a complaint with Paypal awaiting their decision.


Exactly the same as me - don’t stress they ignored paypal as well so I got all my $ back.


I have to submit a new store I figured I would try, because of the good deals they offered, apparently they are out of Texas, and go by the name of epuffstore, 1, It’s not free shipping as they state, 2, they do not ship within 2 days as they state, 3, they do not respond to emails and/or calls, I have not heard back from from with the last 3 attempts to contact, and it seems to be a guessing game on when or if you will get your order, everything looked legit on the site, for a first time buyer, but beware @Dan_the_Man don’t order from them unless you are accustom to a long wait, no replies and false advertising., I was going to wait for a few more days, but twice the expected shipping after paying for it after it says it is free in the shipping facts, with no reply after 3 attempts to contact, it seems somehow they are also a company across the pond and have some affiliation with vapor DNA, from their website according to the facts. I don’t know what is going on there, stay clear from ordering until further updates. I will update if or when I get a response from them.


The only bad experience I’ve had with a vendor was Crazy Wire Company (UK) where I usually buy my wires. I ordered a whole bunch of spools and spool tamers but they suddenly started using narrower spools on which the tamers don’t fit at all anymore and that’s about as bad as it ever got.
I’ve ordered plenty from some companies mentioned above and never experienced any issues, so my jaw just dropped reading some of these stories… I’m usually not that lucky.


@nicomanteno I just received my order and everything was good. The only problem is of the mods fire button is stuck. I am sure if I can’t fix it I can get it done. It was postmarked out of Dallas, TX. and it was here in 4 days.

I am curious about your issues with them though. From the way you are talking, it sounds like you made an order and it has not arrived yet.


Yes, I placed an order last Friday and it hasn’t even shipped yet. Hopefully it did go out, but it says that it is still unfulfilled. What bothers me more than the processing time is the lack of communication. Hopefully you can fix your fire button, did it come to you open or still shrink wrapped?


I had to go back and watch the video I made, and yes, it was still wrapped.

I hope you get your order soon. I was gonna order some more but now I am having second thoughts…


Yeah, still no contact with anyone there, I have a feeling this will not end well, first and last time I think I will order from epuffstore. I have called multiple times, and emailed them a few times, horrible service.