Calculator vs Adapt

I see a recipe. I hit adapt to change my settings. Flavors, ratios, etc. Can the finished outcome be used to make the recipe? Or do I use the ejuicemeup program. I understand using the program will help me. I’m new to DIY. But is the adapt button the same outcome and can be used?

Yes, it can. Most people use it to change their amount to make, NIC level and VG/PG ratio but keep the flavors the same but you could also change the flavors too. Essentially when you click the Adapt Recipe button, you a creating a new recipe that just copies over the flavors and flavor %s. Adjust as you see fit and get to mixing. No other calculator needed. Good luck and welcome to DIY mixing!

'Tis true…

Set your preferences here…

To keep from setting these values on every recipe you adapt, check " Set these base values as default" and “Save”

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Thanks. Appreciate it. I been mixing 15ml. Now I have a small issue. I tried two 60ml batches. Both are overfilling the bottle. Can’t put the dropper top in. So. Do I try mixing with 50ml? 55? Or possibly I don’t have 60ml bottles. When I do weight, it comes out to 66-68g total. Thanks for help. Also. I set my gram weight for all liquids. Nothing is 1-1 ratio. Thanks

I have this issue when I need to calibrate my scale. If it still overfill after calibration then try a smaller batch.

Thanks. I calibrated. Just figuring this all out one day at a time.

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All of my mixes average more grams because the specific gravity weight of some flavors and vg/pg is more than 1 gram per milliliter. You might have small 60 ml bottles.

Glass droppers take space too. If the bottle isn’t spilling over before you try to put the dropper in, then there’s nothing wrong with your measurement or the bottles capacity.

I also like to leave a bit of headroom even when I’m using a flat cap instead of a dropper, because it’s easier to shake.

I mix in 100ml beakers [or larger for large batches]. If I mix a 60ml batch and it’s larger, no problem, because I only pour what fits in the bottle.
If you mix in the bottle that uses a dropper, just make the batch smaller [like 50ml], also allowing good shake room.
Also, type in the note section anything you experience with each recipe…it may help you with the next batch.

Thanks. I guess I am so used to seeing 15,30,60,120ml. Not really realizing I can make 50, 100, etc.

There is a learning curve with mixing. You are doing great with your preferences set to grams and using a scale. You have to figure out what works for you.