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Call for outright Vaping Ban

The outbreak has “shined a light on the fact that we have very little evidence about the short- and long-term health consequences of e-cigarettes and vaping products,” Harris said. About 2,100 people have gotten sick; 42 have died.

Question is - do they really think the general public is that stupid and naive? Particularly, one Patrice Harris - he must think we peg the needle on the gullibility meter. Would that it only be possible to debate this asshat in a public forum, and press him for the statistics of combusted tobacco related death and illness during any conceivable time period relative to e-cigarette use! This, my friends, is the propaganda arm at its finest. To strain at a gnat and swallow a camel, all the while just assuming the public at large to trail behind in blind faith to their “observances.”

Guess I’m just so sick of all this bullshit of condemning vaping while they happily rake in the tax revenue from something known to be a killer. It’s disgusting. And I for one still have enough hope left for my fellow man that even the smelliest of smoking advocates see this tripe for what it is.

Rant over.


Can you really call a decade “short term”? :roll_eyes:

AMA, in bed with big pharma, and well past the point of using “the safe word”!


I saw that too. I can’t even comment yet. Unbelievable.


The AMA has about as much credibility as “The Sun” (UK Tabloid) it is a shame that some people in the world will be guided by their BS.


And (she) is a “Psychiatrist” (a fraudulent profession that only claims to be informed by actual “science”):

Emblematic of what the AMA is all about, to see her “Conflicts of Interest” declaration, one has to pay $$$.


What a bunch of fucking hypocrites. Does the FDA wait decades to see what long term effects of any drug may be?


The answer to that is a big fat YES. Yes, they think that, and unfortunately some of the general public is that stupid…


I stand corrected, thanks. And the truth is, when I typed this last night, I wasn’t sure the sex of the asshat, only that it was an asshat. Even thought it may be a woman, but I just don’t care enough to research a person who is so obviously biased and duplicitous.

And color me cynical, but I think this type thing is likely to get more and more traction as we enter a major election cycle. I just don’t have the energy to battle them. If you’re a woke person, you know exactly who the “them” is I speak of.


95% of the U.S. public has no reason to look beyond headlines. This is squarely on gooberment and media. It’s a snow job like everything else coming from gooberment and media. They get their money. We get fucked. I guess one could say that just the fact that it was broadcast makes it horseshit and people should have caught on to that by now. Hell it’s right down to weather. The weather bimbo is saying sunny and your window says rain.


All this surprises me a lot, coming from the “country of freedom”


You’d sure hope so, but I don’t see ‘outsiders’ saying anything about the blatant hypocrisy of banning vaping while allowing cigarettes to be sold happily.


That has changed drastically over the last fifty years. “Free ice cream” has been winning most elections for some time now. With that comes control over the free shit. Along the same vain, a sense of let the gooberment deal with it has become increasingly popular. We have been busy trading our freedom for “security” ( I assert a false security) for some time now.


I don’t see anybody saying anything about anything except for a few Don Quioties on facebook. Everything is so politically charged today that the simplest of comments can blow up into a public scene in a heart beat. This horseshit has permeated everything to include many workplaces. Call it Communism or Fascism, same outcome. This is especially the case if you are going “against the wind” and at present the anties have the wind at their backs regarding vaping. It is safer for them to be vocal. The anteis have established the agenda and the talking points. They are also inherently more militant. We seem to be stuck into the quagmire of politely trying to correct their views. We are playing a catch up game.


I read about a study which concluded that those elected President tend to be the ones with the prettier teeth.

It sounds like some folks may just need to be visited by the ever inspirational Cosmic Existential Meatball !

Source: https://marswillsendnomore.files.wordpress.com/2013/04/zap-comix-0-robert-crumb-4.jpg

Source: https://marswillsendnomore.files.wordpress.com/2013/04/zap-comix-0-robert-crumb-6.jpg

Source: https://marswillsendnomore.files.wordpress.com/2013/04/zap-comix-0-robert-crumb-7.jpg


The FDA AMA? They are “offering” “prescribing” and “selling” the same thing and fully endorsing them as vaping/inhaling nicotine from pods/cartridges. They just happen to call them by different names.

“Vaping products” aka “oral inhalers” (sic) using “nicotine cartridges” aka “PODs”. (sic.)

Only THEIR product and methods are acceptable for the public comsumers. Basically they want to rake-everyone-over-the-coals and steal their money. You have to pay for a doctor to get a prescription then pay $17.00 per day for “vaping cartridges” aka “PODs”. (sic.) And since “it’s a tobacco product” they may even get 1/2 of the cost of product sales, like States can get up to 1/2 of the cost of a pack of cigarettes with their piled on taxes.

Their own PR (Public relations) is so PRO quitting and PRO vaping (cough) I mean "inhaler"ing (but it has to be their vape-mod/“inhaler” product only.) Otherwise any other kind of vaping and devices are EVIL and DANGEROUS.

FDA says screaming from the roof tops how beneficial quitting smoking is. AMA pushes to ban all except FDA approved devices. So courteous to give that “reach around” :money_mouth_face:

Such Hypocrisy… Im happy with my mods/oral inhalers as they are. I don’t want theirs and never will, nor their gum or patches or nasal sprays.



Quitting smoking can be hard, but it is possible. In fact, every time you put out a cigarette is a new chance to try quitting again, according to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s newest tobacco education campaign, “Every Try Counts.”

Currently, prescription nicotine replacement therapy is available only under the brand name Nicotrol, and is available both as a nasal spray and an oral inhaler. The products are FDA-approved only for use by adults.


I agree :100:


I tried to find a picture of a “Fu@k the AMA” shirt but all I got was a bunch of NSFW stuff. Damn glad I wasn’t on the company network.

This stuff is all so depressing :worried:


As the prescient prophet Zappa spoke 50 years ago, “Ain’t no way to delay that trouble coming every day”.

Source: https://www.awn.com/sites/default/files/styles/inline/public/image/featured/41690-cloudy-chance-meatballs-dvd-review.jpg


Suffering at the hands of the brain police.


In the picturesque guise of frilly “patient-centered” biopsychosocial a-holistic priests and “life-coaches”. :thinking:

The wages of their dubious “dancing elfin gumdrops soup” might seem to be bilateral cerebral calcification ?