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Calling all members I need your help

I need help to clone these two flavors to save a couple of people I love dearly. I got the Green Light they will switch to Vape all I have to do is clone these two death sticks.


Wish I could help but just getting into tobacco flavors myself. Gonna sub to hear what the community suggest. Good luck, I hope your successful at getting them to switch :+1:


Same as above. Only a minority are into tobacco. Might help if you changed the thread title so the word “tobacco” features in it? or, better still. the word “Marlboro”
Best of luck!


Have you looked through these yet? Seems like a logical place to start.
Marlboro-type recipes


Perhaps peruse some of these threads:


Cloning the real deal is gonna be tough… but, many folks have made recipes which are a close, somewhat acceptable second. If you can’t hit on a synthetic recipe which will suffice, perhaps leading them towards a NET liquid might prove worthwhile. :wink:


Thanks for the great direction…more later…love you guys…very tired going to bed…


Hangsen Gold & Silver is a pretty easy tobacco to mix with that had enough flavor to be used as a single flavor. It really does resemble a freshly opened pack, and can be used with a menthol easily. It’s supposed to mimic a UK brand, but I’ve always enjoyed it.


Sorry I can’t help but I wish you all the best in helping your friends get off the coffin nails.


Mixers have been trying to replicate the combusted tobacco element for a while. It’s a real challenge. If anyone has been successful, I haven’t heard about it. The time it took me to search for it, trying this flavor and that flavor, had a beneficial side effect. I was slowly re-training my taste buds, to move away from the combusted tobacco, and in my case, synthetic tobacco flavors. I found my success in Hangsen tobacco flavors, but that’s just me. There are so many to choose from now.

My wife smokes the Marlboro Silvers also. I’ve tried many times, to get her to try a mix that I thought she could accept. No dice. as @Silhouette mentioned with the G&S suggestion, it’s like a freshly opened pack of cigs. ‘Too tobacco-y’ was always her response, as she handed it back to me. Unfortunately, I was never able to get her to stick with it long enough to successfully re-train her taste buds, as I had.

The ‘tastes the same way as a freshly opened pack smells’ is a very accurate description of most tobacco flavors. To combat that, many try to ‘dirty it up a bit’ and add a smoky, or ashy element. Dirty Neutral Base and Black Fire Tobacco are a couple that I tried to add (in very small quantities) but as my taste buds got re-trained, I soon moved away from adding the ‘dirty / ashy element’ as I started appreciating the 'fresh / raw tobacco flavor.

It takes time. Patience is key, and as we all know from experience, cigarette smokers without their cigarettes are not known as a patient bunch…lol. Stick with it, and support them the best you can. I don’t think there is a 1:1 ‘clone’ out there. The key is supporting them and helping them until a suitable substitute can be found.

Best of luck. There’s lots of tobacco heads out here that have gone through the transition, to help.


Calling all members…Woohoo even a noob like me can chime in :grinning:
Did some research and came up with:

3% Western Flavor (TPA)
0.1% Tobacco Absolute (Insane TM)

The Tobacco Absolute is a very strong flavor which adds ash notes to the mix. From what I’ve read you need to make a solution of 4 drops in 10ml PG and then use 4 drops of this solution per 30ml recipe.

add a mint of your choice to get the green Marlboro

Never vaped tobacco recipees myself but always willing to help and do research. Two cents of a noob…out :innocent:


All of my public tobacco recipes, including Winstin and Djarum… oops and a Virginia Slim…



I forgot if it was hangsen or xi’an taima/super concentrate, but there are usa mix and red usa mix that IMHO emulate red marlboro well.


Man…I wish you luck. When I first started, I went crazy trying to find an authentic sub for the analogs and never found it. I think the missing ingredient is finding the flavor that the combustion produces and you’re just not going to get it with vapor. I think as I kept trying and not finding, I just lost the desire for it.
I might recommend trying the recipe for “Macho” . A lot of my vape-but-still-smoke friends seem to enjoy it. You can add a bit of menthol for those that want it.
Hope you can find the magic ingredient!


Thanks, everyone for your help. I didn’t ( my bad ) search the database. I really wanted to contact members who tried to clone these and expedite this process. The sooner I get something made for them to test the better. Another question…what device do you guys think I should give them? Has to be low maintenance but be good to last a while ( they chain smoke) suggestions, please. I am ordering materials in about a week. I think I have enough good input to get close for the first taste test. Thanks again love you guys!


That is almost as subjective as asking what the best flavor is. I went through a range of devices that were highly recommended before I found something that I was happy with.
It depends not only on how they like to vape but also the environment in which they do.

Some will prefer a pod system while others are only happy with a triple DNA250C. Then you have everything in between including the durable and waterproof mods, squonk or regular.


I just make a 10ml tester and I found it pretty good for start. @RexRabbit

DNB INW 0.5%
Western TPA 1.5%
Menthol TPA 1%

I think that when someones want to quit smoking then he/she will find ‘‘excusses’’ to do it but when someone doesn’t want to quit then he/she will find excusses to not do it. I mean is really hard to ‘‘cloning’’ the reall thing even big companies have faild to give that good flavours, but if they really want to quit they will have to change the way they are thinking.

Also start with high nic about 12-15mg/ml for the menthol Marlboro. For the light I assume would be around 9mg/ml but don’t really know.


I would try NET with a flavouring which replicates that distinctive Marlboro tobacco aftertaste. Kinda buscuity nutty if remember correctly.


you hit the head on the nail


appropriate nic % would also depend on the kit.
but given that they’re chain smokers …eek! it;s gonna be really hard to replace all that nicotine with vaping. they might need to ignore all the rules and sub-ohm that kind of %. I read of someone on here (i forget who, but originally an 80-a-day smoking or something like that) who had to go those kind of extremes before satisfied. He cut down on the nic later , ofc, but when you’re making the switch, it’s important to get all the nic you’re used to, whilst coming off all those other nasty compounds.