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Calling all PG-free mixers!


And here I always chalked that up to the natural oils coming to the surface from the roasting process!



thats what i thought too until i went to a roastery. the beans are dull out of the cooker. guess you could experiment with the coffee/tea flavor(hazelnut) on a regular roast bean. could mix some flavor with a smidge of VG then pour into your coffee and mix well. hmmm…might have to try this!

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I remember reading at one point where a few folks were playing with the idea of a NEC (naturally extracted caffeine) process… No, they were going for a coffee flavor!!

I want to say @BoDarc was one of the ones involved… But I could be wrong. I’ve read probably 10-20,000 posts since then, so it’s a bit fuzzy. :slight_smile:

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the guy at the roastery explained how they extract caffeine…but because i wasnt real interested in it at the time i half assed listened. a home brewed coffee flavor eh? doesnt sound too tasty atm

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You are actually correct @Mark_Turner Walt was quoted saying that a small amount of PDO is in the RF SC. Can someone please find this post, those RF threads are huge…where is the quote from Walt himself?

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Lmao I agree both NF butterscotch and NF brown sugar are strong as hell. They are “sleepers” as they they tend to increase in intensity as time goes on…



never have i tried nf brown sugar…have enough brown sugar to flavor the wabash river.:smile: however, i might pick up a small bottle of that. thanks for the idea!

i wonder if RF changed the SC formula. in the soda thread, walt furnished a good syrup recipe using RF SC. if it had PDO in it, the final taste would be off like that of PG in soda. guess a company can change anything it wants and never tell us…as long as the original flavor is the same. i’ll have to look at the soda thread again. finding that quote you mentioned in that thread…damn, id need another week of vacation



Yes get the NF brown sugar, much truer flavor than TPA or RF i am not a fan of either of those flavors. Warning though strong! I use 0.25%. As far as the soda base RF i use the vg version so no PDO. I see it as an additive so saw no need to get the SC version.



i was joking about the soda base.:grin: not sure if i have that soda base at all. i liked the SC brown sugar at first…until the mixes fully steeped and then the strangeness came forward. i wont use it anymore but may in a soda syrup. already have another giant flavor list so i may sub the brown sugar NF for something else



But they seem to contradict each other maybe @Walt_RealFlavors can chime in an clear it up - I have looked at a couple of msds (i dont have any for sc just vg) none contain pdo that I can see.



That is confusing, alright. Thought emailing the company for a definitive answer would be the end if it, I guess they could have gotten it wrong. Maybe there is a difference between being PDO based and having some PDO in it?

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Hey :slight_smile: Recently joined I’m pretty new to mixology, but I’ve been sniffing after PG-free flavours for…maybe a year now, in preparation for the day when EU legislationws make it downright impossible to get PG-free juice in the flavours and strengths I like. Which day has now passed.

I can add one more to those already mentioned http://www.flavormonks.com/prodcut-category/pgfree/

Only six flavours, I’m afraid, but good, I hear.(I’ve only tried one of them as yet)

It might be a while before got anything useful to add to the flavour notes here, but I love the idea of we PG-free vapers banding together,.

Any chance they could give us a subforum?



Greetings and salutations! Thanks for putting FlavorMonks on the list. I’ll be keeping an eye on them in hopes that they pick up a US distributor. (or have they already??) So far, their website stated that they only ship to “Belgium, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, France, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Denmark, Austria, Finland, Poland, Portugal, Greece, Ireland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Norway, Turkey, Russia and China.” But I’ve found some info on another page that makes me hopeful that it can be done. Thanks again, more later :slight_smile:



They are all alcohol base but sometimes there are trace amounts of PDO, or VG. 2 do have trace amounts of PG. This is due to the ingredients used to make a flavor (not an extract) being suspended in these items. They are so low of amounts that most test will not even show PDO, VG, or PG but I like to be transparent as possible.



Cheers thank you @Walt_RealFlavors It has been been said by several people here that they feel pdo is responsible for muting of flavours over time but I suspect the amounts in a recipe would be so small as to not ever come into play.

The same would apply to any E.M. used in the flavour the amount that would translate into a recipe would only be trace amounts.

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Thanks for the clarification, Walt :slight_smile:

Maybe you can mark those particular flavours, on your website, with “may contain. traces…” ,Then, I think you can trust this lot here to figure out if those traces make a difference to anyone.



Thanks, @Walt_RealFlavors! That definitely clears up the confusion. Btw, your rose flavor is awesome! Any more florals in the pipeline? If you’re taking requests, jasmine, violet and honey suckle are on my shopping list!

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If you’re craving Violet Flavour, try Medicine Flower’s violet? I 've been wanting that ever since I tried Virgin Vapor’s Violet juice (I understand that MF is their concentrate supplier). It was awesome, but pricey, and a bit of a faff to get hold of in the UK . (Actually, I wasn’t even doing DIY back then , but sort of mentally gearing up for it, I guess) I finally received a bottle of this in the post , last weekend, and mixed a test batch the other day. I expect I’ll have a biit more to say, once it’s steep[ed awhile, but I’m so confident it’s gonna be good that I’ve added some to my super-high-strength nic juice already.

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I really dig the MF line. Virgin Vapor was what hipped me to them, too. MF’s prices are keeping me away right now. So, I found some sample sizes for cheap at ECX, but they don’t carry any of the florals, which my wife really likes. I just can’t drop that kind of cash on a large bottle until I’m sure I’ll use it a lot. I’ve also read that they short their bottles and don’t seem to want to make it right to the extent that I feel they should. I’m really liking the customer service and quality at RF, so I’d much rather go with them if possible. Hoping they go beyond rose in the floral category soon! Cheers!

Ps. Also haven’t tried Nature’s Flavors yet, they are a bit better priced and have the florals I want to get. I’ve heard good things about their priduct, so I’ll probably try them out soon.



Let me know how that steep goes!