Calling on the New York Vape Community (and others)

If any members of the ELR family are located in NY, please take a minute out to call Gov. Cuomo to remove vapor products from the proposed tax bill. If any other members from other states or countries feel like lending a hand…please do! :punch: **I know we as DIYers would not be effected by the ml tax but I do not want to see vape shops hurt anymore than they are as well as new people trying to quit. **

Governor Cuomo’s Budget would actually impose a crushing 40c/ml tax on vapor. The vapor tax provision of this bill would also enact stiff penalties for anyone caught trying to avoid paying the tax.

This is not the only threat to vaping in New York but, it could be the most damaging.

Please help us defeat this tax by contacting your assembly member and members of the Ways and Means committee.


Consider it done :thumbsup:

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Thank you Doc!

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Anything to help, brother. When it comes to advocacy I’m up for the fight, as should every single person in here.


Done brother. Can I call more than once?


I would but I think my accent might give it away lol


Great outlook and attitude :+1:

I believe so since you can leave messages.

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Done… Hey Let’s tax income tax as Income… charge to turn in Licence Plates… so why not tax juice per ML cuz “ThAt MaKeS sEnSe…”

I truly hope that idiot is voted out of office.


In any correspondence with politicians/elected representatives regarding advocacy make very sure to tell them that you’re part of a very large vaping community, that you will inform all those vapers of the stance that politician or party takes on vaping. Then remind them not to forget who put them in power in the first place and who can remove them just as easily.


Hi DrChud…

I feel as though the politicians in NY (Coumo foremost) don’t much care what their constituents think. Please understand that I absolutely do not want to start a political discussion here.

What do you think is the best method for creating a real impact? I left a voice message but then I thought… I delete voicemail that I don’t care about, so why wouldn’t his intern do the same unless there is a truly worthwhile message. I am sure his office gets numerous “_I think you’re a (*&&^% because you _____, you &^^%$&^%$” daily.

How do I get my (our) message through??

You get your message across by the sheer volume of numbers to start off with. They can easily delete 10, 20 or 30 messages. But if those numbers start to swell to 10,000 20,000 30,000 etc… It’s not so easy to ignore anymore. That’s what these calls to action are all about, and the language you use when you call is just as important. Leaving a message cursing someone out doesn’t help anyone and actually damages what advocacy groups are trying to achieve. Don’t put off doing something you can do yourself, too many vapers I know are happy to let others spread the word. This is going to affect all of us and it’s up to all of us to do something about it and not sit back in the hope someone else will.


Thanks DrChud,’

I fully agree that language is of utmost importance! If you sound like an idiot…then you’ll be regarded as such. If you sound like you mean business then you might be important and maybe they’ll take notice.

When contacting state/governmental officials what would be a good format for us to use? I’ve run across form letters numeous times and they feel (to me) like a waste of time;

Jim: Holy hell Bob, this is the tenth letter I’ve opened today that says the same crap
Bob: More ‘save the vapors’ garbage?
Jim: Yep, same junk…let’s go have a smoke.
Bob: You bet…

Do you have any thoughts on getting MY message to those who count?

(Jim and Bob are fictional here…so get a grip I don’t mean YOU) :joy:

dont wanna be that guy but we cant do shit to stop it look at my city chicago il they do what they want when they want fucken assholes vapeing is saveing lifes everyday.ill do my part to help

wow ill help too i share on my fb also and zamplebox

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Every one Please read this entire post before you reply to it. .

Sadly we have went about this advocacy thing completely wrong from day ONE.

I see it all the time from Vapors.

It is just water vapor BULL SHIT

The truth is it is not just water vapor.

There are only 4 ingredients VG/PG/Nic/flavor BULL SHIT

The truth is we really do not know what chemicals actually make up the flavors we use

It is safer than smoking BULL SHIT

There are not really any LONG TERM studies to prove this one way or another.

PG is safe to vape they use it in asthma medication. BULL SHIT

You can not compare them in any way. Asthma medicine is delivered and inhaled as a aerosol mist with no heat involved.

It saddens me to have to say this but the truth is the industry we all love needs REASONABLE we can move forward with proper studies that prove what is considered a reasonable allowable risk for inhaled vapor created by heating a liquid to create vapor.

Now that I have that out of the way on to the subject of TAX

The reality is we are not going to get away without TAX being added. It is actually unreasonable of US to think we can. The fact is all the States and the Federal government TAX everything. That is how they get the funds to operate.

Please do not think I am for all of this BS we are seeing, I am NOT.

What I am saying is we have to adopt the mentality of fighting for REASONABLE REGULATION and REASONABLE TAXING

I watches a 3 part video series from P Busardo the other day. One of the guest he had on really nailed it with his political based rant about what I have posted above and it really hit home with just how WRONG we have been going about fighting this fight. Pat 1 is a review of a HIGH END mod and just a little touch on this subject.

Part 2 and 3 are definitely worth watching if you want to educate yourself on the facts about how wrong we have went about all of this.

Please, Please, Please educate yourself some before any further attempt’s at responding to any more calls to advocacy with Knowledge on the topic and not the BULL SHIT we have all been spotting of with so far in this fight we are fighting.

Here are the videos I mentioned and the guy I am talking about (Mike (ZEN) Morgan) paying attention to is from the Rochester NY area so this should hit home for all you New Yorkers but also for the rest of us.

Part 2

Part 3


Nothing to be sad about here. I absolutely agree the industry needs reasonable regulation. Reasonable being the key word.

Absolutely correct. Especially here in NYC. We get taxed up the…well you know what. If I am correct, I believe cigarretes here are up to $14 per pack now…the taxes kept escalating to “help thwart people from continuing to smoke and keep young adults/teens from picking up the habit.” That’s what we were told. Ehhh not sure that is working. The issue here is the proposed amount for the tax. A few states have unfortunately passed 40% taxes for example and local shops have suffered tremendously, let alone the people trying to quit combustible tobacco. This proposed 40c per ml tax in NY would bury most shops and the unfortunate consumers who do not DYI and are already paying a ridiculous amount for commercial juices. For example, a 30ml bottle of commercial juice at a local shop here is about $18-22…now multiply that 30ml bottle by 40c…that’s another $12 on top. $18 for a bottle of juice is bad enough…$30 for the same bottle is crushing. (if my math is correct lol) especially when someone can get a pack of smokes for $12-14.

1000% correct :thumbsup: Thanks for taking the time out to write and share your previous thoughts. :ok_hand:


That’s to name just three.

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I guess I should have clarified.

That the FDA would recognize

As a resident in Ny Thanks for your support guys


For people saying it writing them doesnt matter this is how we got draftkings and fanduel back…it absolutely matters