Can someone be allergic to PG

Hello everyone. I am a newbie here. I have been trying to get off cigarettes for some time now. I do love to smoke cigarettes so that has hampered my effort somewhat until I found vaping. Then I started to have a problem with the e-juice and the shops were saying I must be sensitive to the PG or allergic to it. Which I can see as I have always had weird allergies to things. I am not buying mixed juice from shops or online anymore. I figure mixing it myself I then know exactly how much PG is in it and where I need to cut it off before the sensitivity starts. I have been mixing for a while. I am noticing that my juice does not have much flavor and I have been reading that if it does not have PG in it then I will not get any flavor out of the ejuice. I thought with at least the flavorings already having PG in them that would be enough but I am guessing not? I have also read that using only VG will clog up the coils fast and I use VG everything. I use 100mg/ml VG nicotine, VG Dilutant, and then usually one flavoring or maybe I will mix two flavorings together if I can get them to taste like anything. I have tried to do more complicated recipes with more flavorings with no success. Can anyone give my any kind of advice? Thank you in advance


Let me call in my friend @Plunderdrum… Paging!! :stuck_out_tongue:

First, what makes you think you are allergic, what kind of symptoms are you having?

Doesn’t really explain what is going on…

Show a sample recipe?

That depends on your flavors and how you are using them in a recipe.

I can do max 100% vg base, and maybe 5% total flavoring and my flavors are in my face.

If you use flavors with added sweetener or ethyl maltol, sure, you will have coil crust and will have to change out your cotton/coils more often.

Again… a recipe would help find the issue faster. :slight_smile:

You might be running your flavors too low, or your setup tank/dripper might be muting something…
what’s your set up?

Keep trying. Asking questions like this, you will be learning more in no time :slight_smile:


To respond to your Title Question, "Can someone be allergic to PG," the answer is a definitive Yes! I know, because I am. Aside from the fact that PG tastes oily and nasty to me over 5%, I have an allergic reaction to it in large doses. My arms turn red with red bumps when there is too much. Exactly how much, I cannot say, but years ago I won a Contest on ECF sponsored by Halo and was given 30ml of 2 of their juices.

All Halo e-liquids are a minimum of 80% PG, or at least they were in 2013. The Country Chocolate, I think was the name of it, at first tasted very bad, but I kept trying it, wanting to love it, because of Halo’s name for high quality juices. But as I continued vaping it, I started to have a reaction to it, aside from it tasting bad. The more I went on, the worse it got, until my arms turned red and there were a lot of red bumps. This allergy of mine has been confirmed by others. Doesn’t matter who, but it has been.

When the reaction first started, I would put it down and go back to my ADV. Then I would try it again, like 15-20 minutes later, and the rash, I’ll call it, came back, but it went away as fast as it came on, so I put it down again. But each time I tried it again, the rash came back worse, until the final time I tried it again the reaction came back with a vengeance. The redness covered a lot more area and red bumps were very bad, so I put them down and gave them away to a friend.

I had the same experience as you, trying to DIY on my own. There are very few flavorings that will stand alone as a single flavoring product that tastes good by itself. The only one I had that was a standalone is Cinnamon Red Hot in Alcohol by TFA, The Flavor Apprentice. I vaped that one for years, mixed at 15%, in otherwise 100% VG, but all of my attempts to find single flavoring products were a fail, and so were all of my attempts to make 2-3 flavoring juices, so after a lot of wasted money for nicotine in 100% VG, USP VG, and flavorings, I quit trying.

However, I have heard it said that getting Max VG juices to taste like anything desirable can be quite the challenge. I have a friend that I call Mr. Mixologist, who made me a 5 flavoring York Peppermint Patty. Two of the flavorings were in 100% PG, with the others in Alcohol, which came in at less than 5% PG. I couldn’t taste the PG and had no reaction to it, and the juice was great. However, one of the flavorings in PG was Koolada to give the Peppermint a punch, but I had to quit using it because it gave me COPD-like symptoms of shortness of breath. The original mix had a Gourmet Dark Chocolate in PG with another Chocolate in Alcohol, because he said he never found a Dark Chocolate that could stand alone. I couldn’t taste/discern the Chocolate, so I cut it out to be PG-Free, and now I make it with Chocolate, Peppermint, and Cream, all Super Concentrates in Alcohol. While I couldn’t taste the Chocolate, when I cut it, I could taste that it wasn’t there, so I make it with those 3 now.

Alcohol thins VG better than PG and water, so they are thinned enough for things like DTL (Direct to Lung) RTAs, RDAs, and SubOhm Tanks, and even most MTL (Mouth to Lung) Tanks. Those 3 flavorings mix in at 9.25% flavoring in Alcohol, and that’s more than plenty. About 8% Alcohol will thin VG to the viscosity of PG, so yeah, the VG is thinned well.

I am no Mixologist, and I know it, so another friend, here on ELF, is in the process of making me two nearly PG-Free juices from Flavorah, Natures Flavors, and Real Flavors flavorings, most of which are in Alcohol, all Super Concentrates, with one only having 0.5% PG, and the other only 1.75% PG. So I am very lucky to have found him and I really appreciate his working with me.

But this is the place for you to be. There are many successful and prolific mixers here and their juices to select from. Good luck!



Hello and thank you for your help!
For the first part;

When I try to smoke any e-juice with PG in it, well I should not say any PG, but with mostly no PG, I couch extremely badly. I have to make my e-juice at no more than 85/15/. I have to go to different shops, one around by me is reputable and I trust, the guys told me at first to stop bouncing from cigarettes to vaping because that was causing it. So, ok I could see that for the most part. But when I try to make anything with even less PG, like around 5% PG, I still cough so badly it is horrible and I just do not want to vape anymore. There is a personal reason for the coughing also. I cough very very hard that it causes a personal health problem.

So, I would say I have been trying to learn to mix for around a year now. My boyfriend loves some mixes I have come up with. When I try to do the mix for me doing a Max VG with VG Nicotine and flavor that has PG I cannot get much taste out of anything. I have tried to do recipes with higher flavor content like around 10% - 15% and I still cannot get any taste out of a recipe. These will be the same recipes I made for my boyfriend except I do not put PG in them. I make them Max VG and add more flavoring. I am wondering if maybe I am taste blind also from smoking cigarettes still and trying to vape at the same time. Cigarette smoking is killing my taste?
These next I am combining since they have to do with asking about my recipes:

Here is a one flavor recipe:

I understand that these flavors are probably meant to be mixed with other flavors to make different flavors. :thinking: think that sounds right!
As for the quote of flavors are in my face well :tired_face: I am not sure what autocorrect was trying to do there but that is not what I was trying to say and it was getting late when I wrote that. I apologize for that!

I did find out the hard way that Super Sweet will eat up coils big time! I am asking about the VG with coils because of the viscosity of VG. Because it is so thick and if I cannot thin it out with PG then it will clog up my coils faster correct? And if so what can I use to dilute the VG? I have tried water and that does not seem to do anything.

I probably should have mentioned also because it is important is I use pods. I mostly use my UWell Caliburn as I cannot seem to find anything else that can get me any flavor to me. I am trying Lost Vape’s Quest Q Ultra right now though but again as much as I love the device itself I cannot get any taste out of it and I know that is not the device. I have tried a few different pod devices.

I hope this helps to explain better my questions. Thank you again for all the help!


Hello 100_VG,
Nice to meet you and thank you for helping. Isn’t it horrible to have reactions to PG? I do not know if you ever smoked cigarettes or are trying to quit but like me especially with trying to quit also having this reaction makes me frustrated and makes me want to smoke a cigarette.

I have not reacted as bad as you and I am so sorry you have had such a horrible time with PG. That alone would make me give up. I give you a lot of credit for going on trying to find a solution. I think there is one out there for us that are so sensitive to PG. I am hellbent on finding it because I have to get off cigarettes now. I am now 53 and my weight is out of hand and I am working on that but it has caused some health problems and I am looking at some surgery but they will not touch me until I quit smoking. I could go and lie and say I quit but that does nothing but hurt me in the long run if something were to happen during the surgery. I can quit; I just need some help getting away from the darn cigarettes.

Anyway, using alcohol is like rubbing alcohol? And what does that do to the lungs? Not that I have any room to be asking about what it does to the lungs but I want to be careful now of anything else I put into in my body for the obvious reason of surgery soon. I am interested in more information about this alcohol. I would like to read up on it more.

I am an MTL person all the way. I cannot do DTL for the life of me. I just can’t. I cough bad enough. I have tried DTL and that makes it even worse. I think the throat hit kills me. I wish I could be a DTL because there are way more vape devices made for DTL than for MTL. Though I am seeing more MTL devices lately. That could be though because I am more aware of looking for MTL devices.

I am not a mixologist either! I only play one on TV sometimes! Just kidding! :roll_eyes: Yes I have really really bad humor. On that note, I will let you go. I thank you again for your help, it was great meeting you and hope to chat again!



Yes that can cause the coughing, as well as “transitioning” to vaping and becoming accustomed to the different type of inhale. It is vaping and not smoking. It does take some time, and up to you… take smaller tokes. I would recommend a mouth to lung set up.

I think I understand where you are coming from, but do not give up. You really do not want to go back to the “stinky cigs”! :slight_smile:

It also has to do with what flavors you are using.

It can. Your tastebuds can come back tho. if you can taste even a little something, they are trying to work, but if you keep smoking, they will not work as well. Being a dual user is hard, and you really do need to make a decision to vape more and just drop the cigs.

Euroflavors are week to start with. I would go with Flavorah, Medicine flower or Nature’s Flavors.
Start super low, check out some of my recipes. I do not cough with them and for years I too was pg sensitive. I was also sensitive to “background” tastes.

You can do solos, or you can start to combine them for better-tasting recipes, but I do agree and say to start with solos and find out where you like your flavors.

Plain VG will not cause your coils to crust over, they should remain clear.

No. It will not clog your coils by itself. The flavors too have additives in them, that and sweeteners/additives will cause the coils to crust over and turn your cotton dark. It is also company dependant. Most of your ultra flavors (meaning more concentrated) won’t cause a lot of damage to your coils and cotton.

If I were you, I would still use the pg… it is how you are toking or inhaling your juice. You say…

You need the pg in it to use your juice as it is a mouth to lung pod.

Water is never good to add to ejuice. Just do not.
Alcohol is not a good thinner either.

Again, will stress, you do need the pg… and in that pod set up you have, you should be running at least a 60vg/40pg or even a 50vg/50pg blend.

You might want to think on upgrading your set up to a mod and a mouth to lung tank. I know we have a few people here that can recommend something for you.

I fully believe it is how you are hitting your mod and the fact you are a dual user. :slight_smile:
I do not think you have a pg allergy, you just need to get used to vaping and vaping often.


My final question… what level of nic are you using?
It could be the brand of nicotine you are using, that it is too harsh and irritating your throat.


This is my hunch as well.

This is very important. I also think using 100mg 100% VG nic in a pod may be more difficult to manage, causing you to add more straight PG for use in a pod. In a MTL tank, it would be ok. I, believe. Not very pod-savvy here.


Live better, vape more :wink:


I am using River Supply 100mg nic salts.
I have been using mostly Cap flavors but I will switch to Flavorah and see if there is a difference.

I am making the jump and I have made my official date of quit smoking this Sunday when I finish my last pack of cigarettes. Then I will be officially vaping. I really do appreciate all your help and input along with everyone along the way. I think I knew in the back of my mind that it was the cigarettes but just did not want to admit it. I sat down and weighed the pros and cons of smoking cigarettes and vaping and vaping has a lot more pros than smoking cigarettes.

If you have any ideas for a device I might be better off using please I am open to all suggestions also. I am not really good at understanding all that with the MODS and Sub Ohms and all that. That is one reason I have stuck with the AIO’s like my UWell Caliburn or the Pods with coils like Lost Vape, easy to use.

Thank you again everyone especially SmokyBlue


Ok so that is vg nic salts from Nic River / River Supply… :slight_smile:
Which nic salts are you using? If it is hit, you might want to switch to the smooth.
I use nothing but Liquid Nicotine Wholesellers reg freebase nic, but I can say I have tried all nic salts, minus!!! Nic Rivers… I do not order from them at all, personal reasons.

Here is the thing on being a dual user… I used to be one many years ago.
I know how hard it is.

Try this… for every time you want to smoke, try to vape for as long as possible, then if you just can not deal with the cravings, then hit your cig, but… do not smoke it all gone… nub it out after a couple drags… wash rinse repeat… the longer you can hold out, and if you can go 3 days without smoking… You got it beat. :slight_smile:

Baby steps. :slight_smile:

No worries, it is what we all are here for :slight_smile:

As far as devices… there are a lot of threads and sales threads here… Ask questions. Start more threads :slight_smile: It’s all good… This is a cool part of ELR, the more you ask, the more you have answers! :slight_smile:


Hello rohampa,

Nice to meet you, too.

Since you are using Pod Systems, the VG without much thinning could be an issue with getting enough juice to the coil, but that should not clog up the coil, in and of itself, unless maybe the wicking (cotton or whatever it is) is being singed or burnt from not being saturated with juice.

Aside from the added Sweetener or Ethyl Maltol mentioned, there are other flavorings that can clog up, or gunk up, your coil. Most Chocolates are one. My juice has Chocolate in it, and I think that something about the Peppermint, or Cream, or both, or even all of them is/are gunking up badly for me, like in just 2 to 3 days. Maybe there is a sweetener in the Peppermint, or it might just be the Chocolate. I think the flavoring manufacturer, Vaping Zone, made some changes last year, but they will not admit it, if they did. I have seen clear Chocolate flavorings offered, but that isn’t used in mine.

Yes it is! I miss out on like 99% of flavorings, and about the same amount of premade juices.

I fully understand that. Yes, I smoked. I started smoking at 18 when I joined the Navy to avoid being drafted into the Army and Viet Nam. Everyone smoked back then. I quit a few times over the years, and for 16 years while in a relationship, but I started up again when it ended. I have a sister who vapes, and when I developed a hack that would not go away, I tried cig-alikes because of her to see if they could be remotely satisfying. They were, remotely, but I couldn’t quit smoking with them. So I moved up the year 2013 ladder, getting better vape devices each time, and with each move up in better e-cig devices, cutting down on smoking a little more. It wasn’t until I found Glass Atomizers and Cinnamon Red Hots (CRH) by TFA that I was able to fully quit smoking. They make CRH two ways, one in PG and another in Alcohol. Ethanol, Ethyl Alcohol, Pure Grain Alcohol or PGA (and even Everclear and Diesel sold in liquor stores) are all names for the same thing, used in various areas of science and medicine, and liquor.

Here, on ELR, you will learn of several flavoring manufacturers who offer their flavorings in Alcohol. But with your coughing like you do, even without much PG, like 5%, you may also have an issue with VG. Full blown allergies to VG are more rare than those to PG, like mine, but they do exist. VG is known to cause dry mouth, at it’s least (and sometimes I do get that), and all the way up to a full blown allergy. I know two women who do have a bad allergy to VG, if not full blown.

I would say not to give up on vaping until you have exhausted all of you options. That would, indeed, be a shame.

Isn’t it odd that we don’t have bad reactions to smoking, but we can with vaping? Have you tried the Nicotine Patches? I used to be able to quit in one day with one Nicoderm Patch and determination, but that was years ago and Big Tobacco just kept increasing the additives in cigarettes. When I tried to quit again in late 2012, the Patch didn’t work, and no amount of determination did, either. You are 53 and I am 65, so I fully understand.

No! Absolutely not! Never use Rubbing Alcohol, Isopropyl Alcohol, or Wintergreen in vaping. Some people can’t even use the Ethanol in flavorings. You’ll have to try it to see if you can. Some people caution about its use in vaping, but I have never had an issue with it, and I’ve been vaping it since June or July 2013.

I don’t know when you started vaping, but when SubOhm Tanks came out, the MTL vaper was forgotten for a number of years. The return of MTL devices has only recently returned. And I think Pod Systems were the impetus for that. If you want to consider trying a Mod device and a Rebuildable MTL RTA, you could move up the ladder from Pods to MTL Tanks.

Good one!


Ok Will do that! Thank you again for all your help SmokyBlue!


I know same here it seems! That is why I finally got up the courage to finally come in here and start asking questions!

I know this goes off topic a little but I had no idea that joining the Navy would keep you, young men, out of Nam. I am glad you are here today to be able to chat. I have no idea if you were able to keep out of Nam and I will not ask as I know it may be hard to talk about and not my business but I am glad I have met you and I learned a little something.

It it amazing how strong of a hold smoking has on us even years after not smoking. I have been smoking for 41 years straight. And I just realized that now as I was figuring it out. I di not stop ever for any of those 41 years. Yeah, I need to stop.

I remember when e-cigs kind of first came out. I remember a company called Cignot and had one of those starter kits where it looked like a cigarette and lit up on the end. It worked for me but I still was bull-headed about smoking.

I was thinking about that actually. I can’t figure out how I am having a reaction to something with fewer chemicals in it compared to something with so many horrible chemicals in it. I tried the patch and al those nicotine gimmicks when they all came out. I cannot use them. Here’s why. And I told a doctor this back I the day and he didn’t believe me and now it is all over the boxes of that stuff . I have depression. That stuff messes with depression. It messed with my depression so bad back then and when I tried to explain it to the doctor he told me I was neurotic. I was so mad because god forbid a patient may come to a doctor telling them something is causing side effects that have not been found yet. How do they think side effects are found, to begin with? :woman_shrugging:
I have never wanted to quit before because, in all honesty, I love to smoke. I love the motions of it. I love that morning cigarette. I love that after-eating cigarette - the best! I love getting on the phone and lighting up. I love getting in the car and lighting up. I have told my family time and again quitting is like losing my best friend. I am only being honest with myself. But, it is time to say goodbye to that old friend.

I will have to look into that and see if any of the flavors I have, have that Ethanol in it. I will not use Alcohol.

To be honest I have been bouncing on and off vaping the last 6 years but just have tried to get serious about the last year. I did have a Sub Ohm tank and got away from it because I thought that may have been part of my problem and figured that the pod systems with the lower wattage and using nic salts would be better for me with the coughing.

I am here all week, dont forget to tip the wait staff :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


To help you find a good Rebuildable MTL device and a good Mod for it, try doing a Google search (or your favorite search engine) for "best MTL RTA of 2020" and watch the YouTube Videos in the search returns to see if a Rebuildable MTL Tank might be in your future. And while watching them, take note of the Mods they are using with that MTL RTA. RTA stands for or Rebuildable Tank Atomizer. If they use a Mod with a replaceable battery or batteries, see what battery or batteries they are using (some Mods take more than one battery), and take note of that as well.

But to begin your way up that ladder, it might be best to start with a Mod that has a built-in battery, like most Pod Systems do, and then learn about Replaceable Battery Safety as you go. There’s a YouTube Reviewer named Battery Mooch who guides us with battery safety, on YouTube, Facebook, and the E-Cigarette Forum (or ECF, where he is just Mooch, I think), all 3 of which offer you a free account, like here.

A very great Mod to start with is the Innokin MVP5. It has an incredible 5200mAh internal battery, which would last you for days with MTL vaping. And it also has a lot of really cool gadgets built-in. It comes alone and with an Innokin Ajax Tank in a Kit, but that’s more of a DTL Tank and it’s not rebuildable. Innokin also makes some great MTL RTAs, but the YouTube Reviews can also guide you there. As with doing your research here, as advised by SmokyBlue and Pluderdrum, take notes of what you see or read about and you like, then research where you might want to buy them to get your best prices using Google or your favorite search engine, as recommended by your research here and/or in the YouTube Videos.

A Rebuildable MTL RTA will require learning about the various types of wires to make your coil or coils from, and the tools to make them. Most MTL RTAs are single coil. Many of the YouTube Reviewers use premade coils like Fused Claptons and such, but it is much cheaper to make you own. Simple round wire coils made of Kanthal or SS316L (the most common type of Stainless Steel wire in vaping) are the most common, and you can branch out to the various types or wire styles from there.

And there are plenty of coil wire types and wires to select from, like the Fused Clapton you may see in the videos, but I would say to start out simple at first. That means a spool of either Kanthal for Wattage vaping, or SS316L for Temperature Control (or TC). The MVP5 supports both, along with Nickel (Ni200 or just Ni) and Titanium (or Ti or TA1) wire, but those two are somewhat passe. Select the AWG or wire gauge recommended in the video, or here on ELR in reply to your questions, and select either Kanthal or SS316L for your style of vaping. And BTW, SS316L can also be used for Wattage vaping, but Kanthal cannot be used for TC. Simple round wire means something like 30g or 28g wire in a single strand of wire of a particular diameter, where Fused Clapton wire and other Fancy coil types are considered a complex wire.

This is a Fused Clapton coil, made of two wires of a particular gauge, like maybe two 28g wires in parallel, then wrapped with a smaller wire gauge.

And then there’s your wicking, a cotton of some kind. I recently found LABO Cotton, which is a Japanese Organic Cotton sold in pads, made as a Beauty aid for Makeup and such removal, but it’s also a very great wicking material. Many YouTube Reviewers are using either COTN Threads or Firebolt Threads now. It is made for 3mm inside diameter coils, which is somewhat a standard, but they can also be used for 2.5mm coils and 3.5mm coils, but it’s really made for 3mm coils. COTN Threads has an orange aglet on both ends, and Firebolt Threads has an aglet on only one end, and it’s longer than COTN, allowing one thread to wick two coils, if cut properly. However, for many MTL tanks, one COTN thread might also do two coils, depending on the diameter of the RTA. The aglet (like on a shoelace) helps to get the wicking through the coil, and then you cut it off.

I know that I’m throwing out a lot of info at you, so just watch some MTL RTA YouTube Reviews to see if you are interested in an MTL RTA and we can go from there.

Good luck!


As usual I think SB is on the money.

Every time you smoke a cig, your lungs become inflamed (natural side-effect of smoking). Then, when you try to vape with inflamed lungs…you cough, long and hard sometimes (was a prob for me in the beginning as well). Best advice is to try going for 5 days exclusively vaping and, if the symptoms ease somewhat, you have found the culprit.

My better half is still a dual user and suffers from coughing fits often, for the same reason


Hello again,

Instead of an MTL RTA, to get you started with an MTL Tank, here’s the Innokin Zlide from Best Mouth to Lung Tanks 2020, It uses premade coil heads, likely similar to what your Pod uses, but made for this tank. It comes in 4 colors, if not more.

It also comes in 2 Kits (or more) with a Mod. Just Google "Innokin Zlide" or "Innokin Zlide Kit" to find them. The two Kits I saw both come with a 3000mAh internal battery.


And here’s another MTL Starter Kit, quite new to the market. Vaporesso is another great company who will be providing the coil heads for this one for at least 2 years, if not more.

Vaporesso GTX ONE | Portable MTL | Type C | GTX coils

It comes with a 1.2Ω MTL Mesh Coil Head and a 0.8Ω Restricted DTL Mesh Coil Head in the box, but you can use the Restricted DTL for MTL with only 1 or 2 of the 5 the Airflow holes open. There are two other coils available. A 1.2Ω MTL Simple Round Wire Coil Head and a 0.6Ω Mesh Coil Head that is likely more of a DTL, should you want to go that route in the future.

If you aren’t aware, Mesh is the big thing now, and it’s great for flavor.

An ACTUAL starter kit?! :hushed: - Vaporesso GTX One

NOTE: Please excuse the language that he uses every now and then, but this is a good review, and he talks about what’s happening with the Pod(s) you are using. I’ve been following Vic for years. I got his review of the Vaporesso GTX One today in email and thought I’d share it with you.


Hello again, rohampa,

I saw some stuff I missed before.

Off topic is fine by me. I was drafted into the Army out of high school in 1973 and would have been sent there. I knew that I didn’t want to be in the Army or Marine Corps as a Ground Pounder with a gun, so I talked to all of the other recruiters and joined the Navy. I was very fortunate in not having to go to Vietnam. I was in the last company through boot camp to qualify as a Vietnam Era Veteran. I was stationed in the USA for two enlistments in the Air Navy, but even if I had been aboard ship, I still wouldn’t have actually been in Nam, but on some ship, off the coast at worst.

I wanted to be an Aviation Electronics Tech (AT), but I had a hearing loss and couldn’t have that because I couldn’t hear the sonar bleeps (you have to be able to do every aspect of a rating), so they gave me Aviation Electrician’s Mate (AE). I did well in Boot Camp and AE job training school, and I got orders of my choice and put on a stripe to E3, so I selected Naval Air Station Point Mugu, 80 miles northwest of Los Angeles, CA on the beach. Since I was married, I lived off base in Oxnard. I drove the Ventura Highway through the orange groves to work every day, when the song Ventura Highway by America came out. :smiley:

AE work is typically working on an aircraft’s electrical systems, like batteries, wiring, light bulbs, etc., but because of my aptitude, I was sent to special schooling for the Navigation System. That’s as close to AT as an AE can get. I worked with the Squadron on the Line for a while on the P2 Search and Rescue/Antisubmarine Warfare aircraft while waiting for the P3s to come in, chasing wiring problems and such. Just before the P3s came in, I went to the main Navigation System school, and then went to AIMD, Advanced Intermediate Maintenance Dept., where if we can’t fix something, it goes back to the manufacturer for repair. I worked in an air conditioning building and it was pretty cushy work. Yes, I was Blessed.

I began working on the Navigation System with another AE and a Tech Rep from Litton. Did well there and was offered to put on another stripe to E5 and get orders of my choice again if I reenlisted. My wife (at the time - I’ve only been married that one time) wanted to go back home to New Orleans, so I reenlisted and went to Naval Air Station New Orleans.

Did the same thing there, working on the P2s while waiting for the P3s to come in (a newer and more advanced Search and Rescue/Antisubmarine Warfare aircraft), then went to AIMD again. While in California, I loved life, I loved the Navy and everything about it, and I truly loved Southern Cali, but in New Orleans, everything was different, and I soon started to hate it. In Cali, even the Officers were cool, but in NOLA (New Orleans, LA), even the Chiefs were jerks. When time for reenlistment came up again,I felt that my odds of getting another heaven were 50/50 that I might get another hell, and I was so disillusioned I got out. Had I stayed in, retiring at 38 was very attractive, but I got out because things go so bad.

That’s because of all the additives in cigarettes, and some of the toxins. Do you know why Cyanide is added? To get kids addicted faster when they try a cigarette. Big Tobacco actually had many Chemists working on additives to get you hooked faster and then keep you smoking. But you are not just addicted to nicotine, you are also hooked on the additives and the toxic crap in the smoke. You try to quit, and not only fight nicotine addiction, but your body its workings still wants the additives and toxins. You are addicted to them as well. That’s part of why you need to make the concerted effort to transition to e-cigs and stop smoking, but e-cigs won’t give you those additives and toxins, so your body still craves them, making e-cigs inadequate to the task in that way. So you have to find what works for you in an e-cig setup and juice.

Those are typically referred to as a cig-alike or cigalike. That’s what I started with, too.

Like I just said, you are also addicted to the additives and toxins. That’s also why patches, gums, and the like are ineffective. All they give you is the nicotine. Big Pharma knows this, but they don’t care. They only want to sell their junk. Yeah, depression is not something that a Primary Care doctor will know much about. If you’re on meds, then stay on them, or talk with your Mental Health doctor about it instead of Primary Care. But for you to keep smoking just compounds the issue. I know it’s hard, but your Mental Health doctor may be able to help in the quit smoking effort. Plus finding the e-cig setup and juice(s) that works for you. What you have now obviously doesn’t.

I never enjoyed smoking, but I was hooked. However, I love vaping. I have cut down from the 18mg/ml that I started with in January 2013 to the 6mg/ml I’m using now, but e-cigs are a much more efficient delivery system now than they were in late 2012 and early 2013. I have considered cutting out the nicotine and just vaping flavors, but I haven’t actually tried that yet.

But if you are allergic to PG, not using flavorings in Ethanol will further limit your choices. Flavorings like Flavorah are Super Concentrates (SC) that mix in at 2-5%, and some are Ultra SC, meaning they mix in at 2-1% or less. 2-5% Ethanol in a complex juice mix shouldn’t be an issue. The ones that are in the process of being made for me are 0.5% PG and 1.75% PG, and only 4% and 2.75% Ethanol. Like I said, I vaped 15% Ethanol when I used TFA CHR in Ethanol. I don’t think they wouldn’t use Ethanol if it was unhealthy. These same people who say not to use liquor like Vodka at typically 40 proof (20% alcohol) are Pro Flavorah and the like. Many of those flavorings are in PG, but some are in Ethanol.

What is your objection to flavorings in Ethanol? Especially SC and Ultra SC?

But since you are coughing with the River Supply 100mg/ml Nic Salts, it could be the 100mg/ml nicotine. That’s a hell of a lot of nicotine, smooth salts or not. Hell, my free base nicotine that I make 6mg/ml juice with is 100mg/ml in VG. Juul nic salts is called 5%, but that’s 50mg/ml to some say 65mg/ml. Not to say try Juul, but maybe a 50mg/ml Nic Salts or even 25mg/ml for your Pod(s). That might ease the coughing. Can’t hurt to try it, right?

What mg/ml did you use with your SubOhm DTL setup? That’s meant for 3mg/ml and 6mg/ml juice. Maybe up to 12mg/ml, especially for MTL.

For me, it was glass-tubed atomizers and CRH. You have to find what works for you, including a flavor (or flavors) that you like. MTL Tanks and a Mod could be the way to go, but you’d have to leave the nic salts behind for that. These are much more efficient delivery systems, and even 25mg/ml would be too much nicotine for standard MTL. 12mg/ml juices can be hard to find, but might be a way to move to MTL to get started, then cut down to 8-9mg/ml (if you can find it), then 6mg/ml, and then maybe 3mg/ml. Baby steps indeed.


I will not use Flavorah higher than 1.4% for a single flavor or 5% total flavoring.
There is no need. Some you only need 1 drop in 30ml.

If you want to look over my rate of use booklet… here is the link

I still say do not vape alcohol. Your flavors do have some type of alcohol and adding more just is not going to work right. Way too much of a throat hit and that is the main thing being a complaint here from a dual user.

I do believe the OP is diluting it… not vaping 100mg from a direct bottle… :wink:

it is true, OP needs to find out what mg will work for the OP to stop being a duel user.