Can someone give me opinions on this?

Hi everyone,

I’m really new to the whole DIY thing. I tried my hand at it a couple of years ago when I was living in Barcelona, and every mix I made just tasted awful. Maybe I got some bad batches of flavourings, maybe the PG/VG was off, probably I was just rubbish at it, but I gave up quickly.

I’m back at it now living back in the UK, and somehow I think I’ve created one of my favourite liquids I’ve ever tried, including commercial ones! Again I’m really new at it but I love pineapple vapes (nasty juice slow blow anyone?) and wanted to make one myself. I heard good (and bad) things about TFA pineapple so I went with that. I’ve dabbled with CAP golden pineapple but could never taste anything from it. I also used TFA pineapple juicy in this recipe, along with INW cactus.

I’m enjoying it so much I’d like to make some batches for my friends. Would anyone be able to mix this up and tell me your opinions on it? I understand some people taste flavourings differently to others and would enjoy hearing feedback, good or bad.

Many thanks,



As you ask for opinions, this is mine. Much super sweet and much ws … I don’t have those pineapples …
But the only important thing is this:

That’s what playing and having fun is all about and learning little by little. There is a lot of information in the forum that will be useful to you.


And welcome Jonny


Thank you Gus, that’s very kind of you.

I know the sweetener and WS is a little excessive, but I love the sweetness of commercial juice and tried to replicate that somewhat.

Also I think my WS is a little weak, as around 2% gives only a mild cooling effect.

Thanks for your comment!


What are you vaping out or, what’s your equipment?
I do not use those flavors, but everything looks really high to me.

If I were you, I would try to halve everything… looking at just one of your flavors.,I pulled up this:

Wouldn’t hurt to pay around with your amounts by lowering them at different levels :slight_smile:

and I agree with Gus… if you enjoy it… keep it at :slight_smile:


You’re one of the few. My main reason for starting DIY, besides the insane price markups, was the sickly sweetness.


have you seen DYI or DIE on YouTube? informative. i’ve been mixing for 4 months and only now can i say my mixes are tolerable.


Welcome to ELR @toneman2121. @JonnyL1994, that’s the BEST part about DIY, is you can make it the way YOU want it.


Sorry I’m not sure how to reply to everyone individually without creating separate posts.

Thanks SmokyBlue, I actually started with 3% with both pineapples and upped it incrementally and found this is where I enjoy it the most. I will certainly keep those tips in mind for future recipes, thanks a lot! I’m using a VGOD Mech Mod and VGOD RDA. This RDA has converted me into a bottom airflow-only guy, the flavour is just off the charts! I even have a drop RDA and unfortunately haven’t had the same good experience with it most people seem to have had. As soon as I bought the VGOD, it was a massive improvement.

TorturedZen, yeah I totally get that I’m one of the few! For me vaping is actually (probably quite unusual) a way to reduce the amount of sweet stuff I’m eating, I have a love for sweets unfortunately! Of course it also helped me quit smoking a pack a day, but nowadays I continue mainly because I enjoy the flavours from it. It also helped me totally remove all soda’s from my life aswell. I know that probably sounds quite strange but I would drink 2L of diet pepsi a day, and now I just drink water because I’m getting my sweet fix from the vape.

Toneman (fellow guitarist?) Yes I’ve watched a lot of his videos, actually mixed up his root beer float and it was pretty good! Which is your favourite recipe? Honestly I just got really lucky finding this pineapple/cactus combination that I’m absolutely loving. No skill involved on my end at all LOL

Thanks SessionDrummer, if you have any suggestions on some good tropical fruit recipes I’d love to hear them!


As most have mentioned as long as it is good to you that is all that matters. 2% Super Sweet is generally way too sweet for most in DIY, myself 0.50% is the max I will go but that is all preference.

If you love it that is all that matters, the changes I would make is based on my preferences.


Yeah it’s pretty sweet but it’s not sickly sweet for me personally.

Just a few weeks ago before I restarted DIY, I was vaping some ‘Horny flava’ juice, and I would have to re-wick literally 3 times a day because my cotton would just turn black LOL. That was the sweetest juice I’ve ever had and didn’t enjoy it.

I’m finding at 2% SS, I have to re-wick every 2 days so God only knows how much sweetener was in that stuff I was vaping.


As others have said if you like it then its a winner …Since you are trying to recreate a Commercial Liquid i dont think your percenatges are out of line …2 pct of Sweetner is in line with Commercial and the higher amount of WS23 is also in line with Naked 100 cooling effect …I have only used Pineapple TPA once when I first started mixing and the cloudiness scared me so I tossed it lol … Again if you like it vape it and share bc there are many people looking for that super cold feel and those Sugar lips.


That’s the basic truth right there. What happens if someone does end up mixing it exactly as written but doesn’t like it? Would you change it? Or be discouraged? I’d hope the answer would be ‘no’ to both those questions. Have fun creating recipes you dig. If others like them, cool! If others don’t; well, we’re all different.


My nickname in high school!!


Yeps both you and @mjag are right… however, he did ask for opinions, and… as a new vaper, he will be going thru a lot of taste changes thru the next year or so… learning how to mix, some take to it super fast, and others do need help. Learning to do solos and finding out if you like the flavors or not, matters.

Solos count :slight_smile: Putting in the work for what you feel and the taste is right for you, counts!

I do not work with tfa, haven’t in years!

The main point is if it works for you and you are not smoking, and it is a common flavor most use, generally safe… have at it :slight_smile: I know mixers that are still stuck in that 20-30% total flavor range, where what flavors I use, some are under 1% and can slap you across the room being as potent as they are… I only gave my advice… my next bit… Mix more :slight_smile:


He asked for people to actually mix and try it then opine, but either way I guess.


You can have at it to mix those up, Phil… I dont have the flavors. I know from past experience.
Up to you… :slight_smile:


You possess a gift I do not, which is quite cool. Knowing what a recipe tastes like based on past experience. Or I guess you’ve mixed that exact concoction at some point. Either way, you win, my little coil killer.


Thanks to all for the advice I really appreciate it.

I guess I’m just quite happy to finally make something I genuinely enjoy, and would buy from a shop if it was for sale from someone else. The post was as much asking if anyone could mix it, as it was just general advice on % or other potential ingredients I could add!

Not a new vaper, been at it for 4 years or so but definitely new at DIY and really enjoying it even when it doesn’t go to plan :slight_smile:

SmokyBlue I need to work on doing single flavour testing, I’m often too impatient and just throw things together I think would taste good, but usually doesn’t work. I was amazed at how potent INW cactus was, open the cap and you could smell it across the room lol


This will go a long way for you …