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Recipe Post/Release Times


I’m curious about how long do you take to Post or Release a mix and it be considered a success. I’ve noticed some mixers post mixes on the recipe side on the same day it’s mixed (or a day or two later). I know from experience that some mixes change over time and not always for the better. Should a SnV mix be considered a success without knowing what’s going to happen to it in the next few days/weeks/months?

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To be honest, I think most users on the recipe side do not know about the “Private” function. They just make something willy nilly and it stays there.


Considering “Private” is the default and you have to un-check the box to make it “Public”… They may just know what they are doing. I also notice some that’s been here for while also do this.


Ahhhh…didn’t realize that. When I joined back then I had to set everything to private manually. Guess it changed.


Perhaps its younger generations need to be rewarded or whatever and gotta get their “like” count up. Where it may be unknowing how to share private mixes for wips, help or advice in forum, discord or FB, I like to explain how first whenever i see an example.


Usually 4 weeks to 1.5 months, but if it’s really good early, i might release it early with a note that it still needs more testing. If i do release early, i try make sure to come back and edit the notes after a decent steep.

Here’s an example:

I’ve noticed the quick-release trend, too. Some (many) with no notes. I usually disregard those if I happen to be browsing the new recipe feed. Most of them are full of flavors I’ll never use anyway, but if one is thoughtfully annotated, I’ll see if I can find something inspiring about it. Pairings, usually.

Edit: not sure why that came up as url only


I mix my recipes and then let them steep up to a month, except tobacco or some custards that I am not familiar with, these can stay up to 4 months in my cabinet. As always I test a lot of times during this time period, when I feel it’s done steeping, I will give it to my husband or/and friend and ask for feedback. If they think it’s good, I will release it, if they think it sucks then it goes back into my “lets redo” book, even if I think they are great recipes. Hence I don’t share often, But

Recipes that I do share here, in WiP at times are ones that I know won’t be as great as the most popular recipes, but I do enjoy them and they will have been steeped at least 2 weeks before even ending up in WiP and will be most likely already in version 2/3 instead of just first try, since I do agree just because it tastes great at SnV, might turn into a complete nightmare at the end.


I post when I am damn well ready to post and be judged. All jokes aside I just can’t get into the habit of posting recipies on the recipie side.

I love the banter on this side of the house. I’ve posted plenty of recpies on this side of the house…they just don’t make it to the orther side.

As for the work involved I write a book on my why’s of what I did. Hell, posting on oranges I posted a 300 page essay of my thoughts. So for me to post a mix takes a lot of work mentally.

And now I am rambling. lol.


But damnit @Pro_Vapes, post away…your good at it.


I only post WIPs here on the forum … I release recipes that i enjoy and that usually take a few versions and months to be sure…


I’ve seen this quite often also. You reach a point where you can pretty much tell the younger users, as @worm1 mentioned, from the more seasoned veterans. Younger (but not necessarily newer) users tend to be less patient and readily embrace the S&V concept. How many times do you see a recipe with creams and custards being touted as ‘S&V Certified’?

My own mixes don’t go public until the time has been put in for testing and aging. At the very least…3-4 days depending on the profile.
To answer the question “Should a SnV mix be considered a success without knowing what’s going to happen to it in the next few days…?” NO.
And…Will you be successful extolling the virtues of testing and steeping to these users? NO.


For me, I very, very seldom vape a new mix on the 1st day. I will do a finger taste and if it taste exceptional I will give it vape. Usually I’ll keep finger tasting looking for how it’s developing. Somewhere around the 2 week mark I’ll start vape testing up to the 1 month mark. If it taste good at 1 month I will release it. My thoughts are if the mix don’t hold up for 30 days then that mix is a failure. Just my approach to mixing.


Imo, a snv could most certainly be considered a success if that’s what you’re going for. Sometimes you need something that tastes good right away without worrying about steeping. Either because you’re bored with what you already have steeped, or you are busy and can’t mix and run out of everything else. I’ve found myself searching many times for “snv” or “shake and vape” to try to find something that I could mix and vape immediately. In my experience, usually the mixes that are good right away get better with time. So I don’t see a problem with making them public immediately IF you have actually tasted it and like it, and IF you at least write in the comments or title that you’re posting it as a shake and vape recipe.

I’ll touch on this, there are a lot of people on the recipe side of the site that don’t utilize the forum (or discord, or Facebook, etc.). There are also people who don’t even have an elr profile who might be looking for recipes to use with a different calculator like all the flavors or an app. So posting a private link here is of absolute zero use to them because they’ll never see it.


Agreed to the point where ya took my statement out of context. I was referring to ones who publicized for the sake of sharing for help. No, that isnt catering to those seeking help outside of ELR and tho there are ways to copy text to share it as well with so many helpful and knowledgeable mixers here, i wouldnt feel the need to.


Sorry, I didn’t mean to quote you out of context. I don’t know if there’s a language barrier or what, but I guess I’m not really understanding what you’re trying to say. I took it as–
People are posting works in progress publicly because they don’t know how to ask for help in the forum or in discord or on FB

Am i way off there?


Interesting thread, Only had about 16 or so recipes public, but thinking about it I went thru those and now only 2 are public, for the amount of time here that aint bad. The ones I left were a bit unusual so they stayed for now. Didn’t realize publishing was a concern but see the point.


Being that I only work with flv in public, and my choice for flavors are ultra, it does not take long to steep, if flavors are used on the light scale… meaning anything with a total flavor percentage of under 5% total flavoring… it really doesn’t take long to steep at all. I can have a full blown lemon curd recipe done in 5 days and under… it wont change at all for months on end and never fades…

however I will say experience is a damn good teacher… once you get a mix that is overloaded, you just know… (especially with ultras) but it does depend on what you work with, and how your experience is with solos and recipe creation.

I can not say much at all for the standards other than have fun waiting on them to steep while I blow gorgeous clouds of tasty creamy goodness in less time… :wink:


Do you consider all of FLV concentrates to be ultras. I noticed in your early test of their latest release you said that those are not as concentrated. I also noticed that you’re pretty much the only one that call FLV ultras. And also can define what a ultra flavor is.


At this point in time… no… not all… some will just be easier for others to mix :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::kissing_heart:

I will say quality has a lot to do with it too, @Pro_Vapes… and even tho these new ones are different… I expect the same short steep time with them. They have already proved to be short sitters (steepers). I also know that that will effect pricing, and pricing will be just! I hope to see a lot of newer to flavorah mixers soon! These flavors are still excellent… I will not knock this last batch, and I have more flavoring on the way. I am out of my 10ml sizes as of tonight.

I also know for a fact, all of these are wrapped up in commercial production now, in some sort of stage… they are doing excellent and that says a lot to me too… So it is something to think on. a lot of somethings :slight_smile: