Canned Air Bitterent issues. Your solution to this?

I had an old can (pre-bitterent type) of “canned air” that I used to blow out the water from atomizers after cleaning them with distilled water as part of my coil rebuilds.

I bought a replacement can from currently sold items of this type but find the bitterent that is now added to these is contaminating the atomizers and is not useable.

Does anyone have a solution to this problem? I thought of buying a small high pressure bottle of dry nitrogen and fitting it with a regulator, hose and blow gun assembly but the cost for a setup like that is pretty high.

Here is a quote from the Wikipedia page describing the problem:

Gas dusters often use a bitterant to discourage inhalant abuse, although this can cause problems for legitimate users. The bitterant not only leaves a bitter flavor in the air, but also leaves a bitter residue on objects, like screens and keyboards, that may transfer to hands and cause problems (such as when eating).


I know it might sound stupid, but to prevent rusting after cleaning, I hit it with a blow dryer after, or to quickly dry several pieces, bag them with maybe 1 or 2 small outlet holes, then blow dry into the bag. I know it’s not a solution, but it works for me quickly, with no issues to the metals involved.


i just use it right away. If u concerned about polluting the juice w/ very little that may be left, dont be, peps use DW in there mixes where flavors appear dry or chalky.

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Oh I’m not, I don’t mind distilled at all, in the days of Subtank and before, I used to add some or smidgen of vodka to thin juice for those awful pre-made coils. I only started because I feared rusting, even with distilled water.

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opps didnt mean to reply to u, my bad


I should have made clear why the DW is an issue. I am just a NET type and the remaining water that get trapped in the channels of the MTL Kayfuns and similar atomizers that I use MUST be blown out or it causes spitting, dilution, and other issues


Not trying to be a smart-ass… and I can appreciate wanting to “get back up and running” quickly, but what about good old fashioned air drying? 12-24 hours in a disassembled state usually does it for me.
Possibly think about getting a second (or even third) duplicate atty, so you have a go-to while the one is drying.

The only other things I’ve done in a "gotta have it now situation are: using a clean washrag to dry the inner chamber, and/or Q-tips (for the harder to reach places.

Sorry I can’t help on the canned air front. First I’m hearing of the bitterant additive. But then again, it’s so rare I actually need canned air…

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I saw one awhile ago that was a little device you recharge with a bike pump called reair or something similar it may fit your needs - i doubt it would have the same pressure though.

I use a distilled water final rinse and give it a good shake and dry it in front of a small fan, its ready in 20 minutes. Have you considered a small compresor ? Here is an option but not cheap


Top customer reviews

5.0 out of 5 starsGreat for computer case cleaning
ByRobert Beemanon August 11, 2012
Verified Purchase
Like the other reviews, I purchased this item to clean computer components due to it’s lack of bitterant. It is a relatively large size bottle which is very nice. I am very pleased with my purchase. I think this will aid my regular computer case cleanings dramatically.

5.0 out of 5 starsexcellent. no bitterant added
ByBiff44on November 1, 2017
Verified Purchase
this is my 2nd case of these i ordered. use them in my business for blowing off dust/shavings. these are the ONLY ones that do not have a bitterant added. The bitterant of other manufacturers makes you woozy if you are using this all day long.

5.0 out of 5 starsMost Excellent
ByBonon July 24, 2012
Verified Purchase
Finally found a LARGE can of “air” that does Not contain bitterant…which leaves a residue behind on EVERYTHING: keyboard, internal tower parts…very happy with this bitterant free product - will reorder!


For the cost of canned air over time, why not get a small compressor setup? Cleaner air, no chemicals being shot into your atomizer…all that good jazz.


Thanks @SessionDrummer for the tip on the Canned air intended for firearms ! I guess I did not search the existing canned air market enough.

[There is also this one that claims](Link: to be bitterent free. I have ordered a can and we will see if the product is as they claim. I am a little suspicious that it is not, I think the bitterant is a required legal thing now, either CPSC, or various State Laws.

So however this test can works out, good or bad, I will report back here and let you know. Plan “B” is to buy a small oil-less air compressor intended for air brush work. A reasonable quality one can be had in the $75 range.


I was just about go recommend a small air compressor! They have dust blow gun attatchments if needed. That would fix all of the contamination issues, and you can get one that will inflate your car tires, too!

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@50YearsOfCigars I think because it’s “gun” cleaner" related-ish, it appears as if they have dodged the bitterent wrath


Oh yeah, I have a small compressor that I keep in my car. Pretty sure it was under $35, with an assortment of attachments, the small slender nozzle meant for inflatable thingies would work quite well. That’s a good idea :wink:.